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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN247: Principles of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Catalog Description

EN247: Principles of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (2-2-3)

This course will introduce the basic principles, terminology, techniques, skills, and computer applications that naval architects use. The ultimate goal of the course is to provide the basic skills necessary to design, build, and test a simple unpowered craft and perform a conceptual design of a recreational craft.


  • Practical Naval Architecture (Johnson, Compton, White, and Miller)


  1. Describe the ship design process.
  2. Convey ideas through engineering calculations, diagrams, and drawings, including a ship lines drawing, table of offsets, weights table, and general arrangements drawings.
  3. Express familiarity with the naval architecture industry, including ship types, major US shipyards, graduate programs, and career opportunities within and outside of the United States Navy.
  4. Use Archimedes’ Principle to determine at which waterline a ship will float, and describe the effects of the vertical position of the center-of-gravity on the initial transverse stability of a ship. Possess the familiarity to do these calculations by hand, using an Excel spreadsheet, or using an automated hydrostatics program.
  5. Estimate ship resistance from scale model tests and understand the main considerations in selection of a marine propulsion system.


ENM Major or Approval of NAOE Department Chair

Class Topics

  1. Preliminary Ship Design
  2. Flotation
  3. Stability
  4. Resistance and Model Testing
  5. Numerical methods
  6. Ship Design and Construction
  7. Structural Design
  8. Marine Engineering

Computer Usage

The students are required to make extensive use of spreadsheets, including self-programmed and built-in functions. Additional programs such as symbolic math and data acquisition are used to demonstrate specific topics.

Laboratory Projects

  1. Creating a Table of Offsets from a Model
  2. Archimedes' Principle Lab (Calculation of Buoyant Force Using Weight of Displaced Water)
  3. Inclining Experiment
  4. Performance Testing Using a Gravity-Tow System
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