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EN504H: Honors Senior Thesis 2


EN504H: Honors Senior Thesis 2 (0-6-3)

The second part of a two semester sequence for the honors thesis. The majority of the course is independent research conducted by the student on an engineering topic of their choice, under the advisement of a faculty member. During the fall semester, there is a mandatory weekly meeting of all honors students with the course coordinator, to discuss and workshop research methods.

EN504H research projects give honors students within our majors the opportunity to pursue independent research in a particular area in order to develop an honor's thesis report.  With the guidance of a faculty advisor, students prepare analytical research papers based on a technical topic of their choice. Each student makes an oral presentation of their final report before the NAOE Faculty Honors Committee and external readers.


  1. Identify research goals and create a project timeline.
  2. Monitor own productivity by producing weekly progress summaries and regular self-evaluations.
  3. Develop research skills by interaction with faculty mentors and peers.
  4. Conduct meaningful engineering research that includes design and completion of an experiment or simulation, quantifiable results, analysis of results, conclusions, and recommendations for future work.
  5. Produce a professional presentation of research, including a written report submitted to the NAOE Department and a poster presented orally during an open session.


  • 1/C Standing in NAOE Department
  • Major QPR of 3.5 (Or Above)
  • Approved Research Proposal


Review the Course Policy related to independent research on the course page for EN49X.

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