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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN452: Structural Reliability

Catalog Description

EN452 Structural Reliability (3-0-3).

This course provides an understanding of how reliability methods are used to account for the random nature of the sea when designing ocean and ship structures. Methods for the reliability assessment of structures are presented. The role of reliability methods in the design of structures and as the basis for design codes is discussed. Case studies on the use of reliability methods provide the student with real world applications to complement theoretical studies.


Ayyub, B.M. and R.H. McCuen, Probability, Statistics & Reliability for Engineers, 2nd Edition, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL., 2001.


Mansour, A.E., "An Introduction to Structural Reliability Theory," Ship Structures Committee Report, SSC-351, Washington, D.C., 1990.


  1. Have a solid understanding of basic probability and statistics and the concepts of reliability analysis.
  2. Be able to use current reliability methods to establish the probability of failure of components and simple systems.
  3. Be able to develop limit-state equations for design situations and determine appropriate Level II partial safety factors for established levels of safety.
  4. Be able to use current reliability-based design methods to design structures with multi-variable design limit-states


EN358 Ship Structures or EN441 Ocean Structures I, NAOE Department

Class Topics

  1. Basic statistics review (5 classes)
  2. Introduction to probability (5 classes)
  3. Probability Distributions (5 classes)
  4. Simulation (4 classes)
  5. Multiple random variables (4 classes)
  6. Statistical parameter estimation (6 classes)
  7. Reliability analysis methods (7 classes)
  8. Reliability-based design of structures (5 classes)
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