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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN222: Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications I

Catalog Description

EN222 Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications II (3-2-4).

The second course in a two semester sequence covering the principles of engineering mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies for naval architecture students. Topics in the second course include: generalized Hooke's Law and states of stress, structural failure theories, motion of a point, energy methods, impact loadings, momentum methods, planar kinematics of rigid bodies, energy and momentum in rigid body dynamics and single DOF vibration analysis.


Statics and Mechanics of Materials, by Beer, Johnston, DeWolf, and Mazurek, published by McGraw-Hill, 2011.


Class notes and laboratory handouts


  1. Understand and be able to use elastic beam analysis methods to find the stresses and deflections in a beam under a variety of loading conditions.
  2. Understand and be able to use column theory to determine loading capacity of column with different geometries and end conditions.
  3. Be able to construct free body force diagrams and kinetic diagrams for particle or rigid body motion, understand the relationship between them and use them to formulate equations of motion.
  4. Be able to formulate work-energy relationships and use them to solve problems involving particles and rigid bodies.
  5. Be able to find the equation of motion for single DOF oscillators and solve for motion amplitude, velocity, acceleration and phase.
  6. Be able to develop a spreadsheet program to solve typical problems in engineering mechanics and to clearly present the solution.


EN221 Engineering Mechanics with Naval Applications I, NAOE Department

Class Topics

  1. Beam Bending
  2. Column Buckling
  3. Straight-line, Curvilinear, and Angular Motion
  4. Work and Energy
  5. Impulse and Momentum
  6. Energy Methods
  7. Rigid Body Kinematics
  8. Harmonic motion and oscillation

Laboratory Projects

  1. Problem Solving Using Excel – Beam Bending
  2. Problem Solving Using Excel – Column Buckling
  3. Problem Solving Using Excel – Equations of Motion (SOLVER)
  4. Impacts of Structures
  5. Dynamic Ballasting
  6. Rolling Motion in Waves
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