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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN222: Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications II

Catalog Description

EN222: Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications II (3-2-4)

The second course in a two semester sequence covering the principles of engineering mechanics of rigid and deformable bodies for naval architecture students. Topics in the second course include: generalized Hooke's Law and states of stress, structural failure theories, motion of a point, energy methods, impact loadings, momentum methods, planar kinematics of rigid bodies, energy and momentum in rigid body dynamics, and single DOF vibration analysis.


  • Mechanics of Materials (Vable, 2016)
  • Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (Hibbeler, 2016)


  1. Calculate the stresses and deflections in a beam under given loading conditions.
  2. Solve for the loading capacity of columns, given geometry and end conditions.
  3. Construct free-body and kinetic diagrams for particle or rigid-body motions and apply them to solve for the equations of motion.
  4. Solve problems involving particles, rigid bodies, and dynamic impact using work-energy and impulse-momentum principles.
  5. Determine the equation of motion for a single DOF oscillator and solve for motion amplitude, velocity, acceleration, and phase.
  6. Create a computer program to solve typical engineering mechanics problems.


  • EN221, Engineering Mechanics with Marine Applications I

Class Topics

  1. Beam Bending
  2. Column Buckling
  3. Straight-Line, Curvilinear, and Angular Motion
  4. Work and Energy
  5. Impulse and Momentum
  6. Energy Methods
  7. Rigid-Body Motion
  8. Harmonic Motion and Oscillation

Laboratory Projects

  1. Problem Solving Using Excel – Beam Bending
  2. Problem Solving Using Excel – Column Buckling
  3. Problem Solving Using Excel – Equations of Motion (SOLVER)
  4. Impacts of Structures
  5. Dynamic Ballasting
  6. Roll Motion in Waves
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