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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN441: Ocean Engineering Structures

Catalog Description

EN441: Ocean Engineering Structures (3-0-3).

Structural design considerations for fixed ocean structures, mooring systems and undersea vehicles are analyzed. Design techniques including matrix methods and finite element analysis are introduced. Boundary conditions, wave effects, foundations, loading and materials considerations are studied. [fall, spring]

Miller, P.H. and Stettler, J.W., EN358 Ship Structures: Notes for an Undergraduate Course, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department, U.S. Naval Academy, 2010


  1. To analyze indeterminate and determinate structural systems using the direct stiffness method (matrix analysis).
  2. To determine environmental (wave, current, and wind) loading on structures in the marine environment
  3. To incorporate computer structural analysis software in the analysis/design of offshore structures.
  4. To incorporate API design guidelines in the analysis/design of offshore structures.


EM217 Strengths of Materials

Class Topics

  1. Introduction to Offshore Structures
  2. Fundamental of Matrix Algebra
  3. Direct Stiffness Method – Springs, Trusses, Beams and Frames
  4. Environmental Loading – Waves, Wind, Current
  5. Introduction to API Design
  6. Introduction to Computer-Based Structural Analysis
  7. Analysis/Design of Fixed Offshore Platforms
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