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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN350: Marine Engineering Systems

Catalog Description

EN350: Marine Engineering Systems (2-2-3)

This course expands on how major shipboard machinery systems impact the ship design process and the resulting ship. The basic characteristics of common machinery and electrical and piping distributive systems are introduced, along with how specifications and drawings are developed for specific ship designs. Lectures are complemented by hands-on labs and field trips to various vessels.


  • Design of Propulsion and Electric Power Generation Systems (Woud and Stapersma, 2002)


  1. Understand the working principles of steam, diesel, and gas turbine prime movers.
  2. Be able to select a suitable prime mover for a given ship.
  3. Be able to match an engine and propeller to a ship.
  4. Be able to develop a “one-line” electrical diagram and a load analysis for a ship.
  5. Understand piping diagrams and the principles of piping systems


  • EN353, Resistance and Propulsion, AND
  • EM316, Thermo-Fluid Sciences I, OR
  • EM324, Fluid Dynamics, OR
  • Approval of NAOE Department Chair

Class Topics

  1. Principles of Steam Propulsion
  2. Diesel Engines
  3. Gas Turbines
  4. Reduction Gears
  5. Engine-Propeller Matching
  6. Electrical System Components
  7. Electrical Diagrams
  8. Electrical Load Analysis
  9. Piping System Components
  10. Piping Schematics
  11. Design of Piping Systems
  12. Auxiliary Machinery


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