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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN476: Ship Design II

Catalog Description

EN476: Ship Design II (0-6-3)

The second course in a two semester sequence covering the theory and application of the principles of ship design for naval architecture students.


  • Ship Design and Construction, Volume I/II (Lamb)


  1. To complete the preliminary design of a complex engineering system, namely a ship or small craft.
  2. To successfully manage a limited amount of time and effort toward the solution of an open-ended design problem.
  3. To work successfully as part of a design team.
  4. To judiciously use information from sources other than standard textbooks.
  5. To successfully present in front of an industry panel the solution to a technical problem.
  6. To produce a design solution which shows good engineering judgment, is technically sound, fiscally feasible, and aesthetically pleasing.


  • EN471, Ship Design I

Class Topics

This capstone course focuses on formulating a ship design problem, solving it as a complete but preliminary design, and then presenting the results to a panel of professional naval architects.  Included in the analysis is the fabrication and tank testing of their preliminary hull lines. The midshipmen choose their design topic and team.

Laboratory Projects

All laboratory time is spent by the students working on their design under the instructor’s and mentor’s supervision.

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