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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering
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EN478: Submarine and Submersible Design

Catalog Description

EN478: Submarine & Submersible Design (3-0-3)

An introductory course in submarine and submersible design, with topics in undersea vessel development through exploring historical development, buoyancy and stability, resistance and propulsion, mission requirements, auxiliary systems, structural design, construction methods, and modern design approaches.


  • Concepts in Submarine Design (Burcher and Rydill, 1994)
  • Submarine Concept Design Notes (Jackson)
  • Various Course Handouts


  1. Understand and apply principles of hydrostatics and stability in the analysis of a submarine hull. Understand factors driving hull shape and volume.
  2. Have a broad understanding of the major submarine systems/groups and their interrelation with one another, how those systems affect the operator and the designer, and the pros and cons of design parametrics.
  3. Understand submarine design requirements and how those requirements affect cost, weight, and capability.
  4. Understand the general structural arrangement of a submarine, including the choice of materials and the stresses developed by loads encountered in its operating environment.
  5. Understand the different components and arrangements that make up the submarine platform, and understand how those arrangement volumes are determined and what factors drive them.
  6. Understand factors affecting resistance and propulsion of the submarine. Have a qualitative understanding of submarine maneuvering characteristics and understand the factors involving propulsor selection.


  • ENM or EOE Major

Class Topics

  1. Submarine Design History
  2. Parametric Design
  3. Volume Requirements and Arrangements
  4. Submarine Hydrostatics
  5. Weight Estimation
  6. Equilibrium Polygon
  7. Curves of Form Generation for a Body of Revolution
  8. Submarine Resistance
  9. Structural Design
  10. Maneuvering and Dynamics Overview
  11. Propulsors
  12. Submarine Systems
  13. Future Concepts
  14. Pressure Vessels
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