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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering



David W. Fredriksson, Ph.D.


  •  Phone: 410-293-6434
  •  Fax: 410-293-2219
  •  E-mail:
  •  339A Rickover Hall


Professional Experience

  • Dept of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy
    • Professor, 2016 - present
    • Associate Professor, 2010 – 2016
    • Assistant Professor, 2005 – 201
  • Dept of Ocean Engineering, University of New Hampshire
    • Research Assistant Professor, 2001 - 2005
    • Affiliate Faculty, 2009 - present
  • Battelle Memorial Institute, oceanographer/engineer, seagoing scientist, oceanographic instrument platform design, 1994-1998.
  • University of New Hampshire, research diver, eel grass mitigation planting in the Piscataqua River, NH, 1994.
  • U.S Merchant Marine, 3rd Asst. Engineer, ship power plant operator on the NOAA Ship Mt. Mitchell, 1991.

Professional Memberships & Registration

  • U.S. Coast Guard License - U.S. Merchant Marine Officer, Third Assistant Engineer of Steam and Motor Vessels of any Horsepower from 1991 to 1996


  • Department nominee for the class of 1951 civilian faculty research excellence award in 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  • Department nominee for the Apgar Teaching Award presented for excellence in teaching for a tenure-track professor in 2008 and 2011.
  • United States Patent (Fredriksson et al.) No. 6,948,881 – Remediation Injection Vessel for Marshes, Tidal Flats and Wetlands - 9/27/2005.
  • Awarded the Kevin Stark Memorial Award for Excellence in Coastal and Ocean Engineering (Engineers Australia, National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering) - 10/3/2005.
  • Letter of Commendation from CAPT Theberge Jr., Commanding Officer of the NOAA Ship MT. MITCHELL S-222 - 8/27/1991.

Professional & Community Service

  • Several Master and Ph.D. Thesis Committee Member assignments , University of New Hampshire
  • First Opponent, Ph.D. Thesis, Norwegian Technical University of Science and Technology
  • Reviewer for ~10 journals in the fields of ocean and aquaculture engineering
  • Faculty Senate, 2009 – present
  • Faculty Senate Subcommittees – Chair of Personnel Committee (2010-present), Division representative of Personnel Committee (2009-2010)
  • Naval Academy Summer Seminar Coordinator (2008-2010)

Recent Publications

Fredriksson, D.W., Steppe, C.N., Wallendorf, L., Kriebel, D.L. (2010). “Biological and hydrodynamic design criteria for vertically orientated oyster grow out structures.” Aquacul. Eng42: 57-69.

Patursson, O., Swift, M.R., Tsukrov, I., Simonsen, K., Baldwin, K., Fredriksson, D.W., Celikkol, B. (2010). “Investigation of flow characteristics through and around a net panel using measurements and computational fluid dynamics.” Ocean Eng37: 314-324.

Fredriksson, D.W., Tsukrov I., and Hudson, P. (2008). “ Engineering investigation of design procedures for closed containment marine aquaculture systems.” Aquacult. Eng39: No. 2-3, pp 91-102.

Stevens, C., Plew, D., Hartstein, N. And Fredriksson, D.W. (2008). “The physics of open-water shellfish aquaculture.” Aquacult. Eng.38: No. 3, 145-160.

Stevens, C., Plew, D., Smith, M.R., and Fredriksson, D.W. (2007). “Hydrodynamic forcing of long-line mussel farms.” J. of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Eng.133: No. 3, 192-199.

Lader, P., Jensen, A., Sveen, J.K., Fredheim, A., Enerhaug, B., and Fredriksson, D . (2007). “Experimental investigation of wave forces on net structures.” App. Ocean Res . 29: 112-127.

Fredriksson, D.W ., DeCew, J.C., Tsukrov, I., Swift, M.R., and Irish, J.D. (2007). “Development of large fish farm numerical modeling techniques with in-situ mooring tension comparisons.”Aquacult. Eng.36: 137-148.

Fredriksson, D.W. , DeCew, J.C. and Tsukrov, I. (2007). “Development of structural modeling techniques for evaluating HDPE plastic net pens used in marine aquaculture.” Ocean Eng.34: 2124-2137.

Swift, M.R., Fredriksson, D.W., Unrein, A., Fullerton, B., Patursson, O., and Baldwin, B. (2006). “Drag force acting on biofouled net panels.” Aquacult. Eng. 35 : 3, 292-299.

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