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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering



David W. Fredriksson, Ph.D.

Professor and Director of Ocean Engineering

Phone: 410-293-6434
Fax: 410-293-2219
339A Rickover Hall


Professional Experience

  • Dept of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy
    • Professor and Director of Ocean Engineering, 2016 - present
    • Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering, 2010 – 2016
    • Assistant Professor of Ocean Engineering, 2005 – 2010
  • Marine Science, University of New England
    • Research Associate Faculty, 2015 - Present
  • Ocean Engineering Program, University of New Hampshire
    • Research Assistant Professor, 2001 - 2005
  • Battelle Memorial Institute, Duxbury, MA,
    • Ocean Engineering and Oceanographer, 1994-1998.
  • U.S Merchant Marine, NOAA Ship Mt. Mitchell
    • Third Asst. Engineer,  1991.

Noteworthy Details

  • Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Research Excellence Award: AY16
  • Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Research Excellence Award: NAOE Department nominee in AY10, AY11, AY12, AY13, AY14, AY15, AY16.
  • Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Teaching Excellence Award: NAOE Department nominee in AY16, AY17 and AY18.\
  • Raouf A. Raouf Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineering: NAOE Department nominee in AY16.
  • APGAR Teaching Award: NAOE Department nominee in AY08 and AY10
  • Kevin Stark Memorial Award for Excellence in Coastal and Ocean Engineering (Engineers Australia, National Committee on Coastal and Ocean Engineering): 10/3/2005.
  • United States Patent (Fredriksson et al.) No. 6,948,881: Remediation Injection Vessel for Marshes, Tidal Flats and Wetlands, 9/27/2005.
  • Letter of Commendation from CAPT Theberge Jr., Commanding Officer of the NOAA Ship MT. MITCHELL S-222: 8/27/1991.
  • U.S. Coast Guard License, U.S. Merchant Marine Officer: Third Assistant Engineer of Steam and Motor Vessels of any Horsepower: 6/15/1991.

Peer Reviewed Publications (See Google Scholar for full listing)

  • Fredriksson, D.W., Dewhurst, T., Drach, A., Beaver, W.M., St. Gelais, A.T., Johndrow, K., and B.A. Costa-Pierce. (2020). Hydrodynamic characteristics of a full-scale kelp model for aquaculture applications. Aquacult. Eng. 90:
  • Zhu, L., Huguenard, K., Zou, Q.P., Fredriksson, D.W., and D. Xie. (2020). Aquaculture farms as nature-based coastal protection: Frequency dependent analytical solutions for random wave attenuation by suspened and submerged canopies. (2020). Coast. Eng. 160:
  • Zhu, L., Zou, Q.P., Huguenard, K., and D.W. Fredriksson. (2020). Mechanisms for the asymmetric motion of submerged aquatic vegetation in waves: a consistent-mass model. J. of Geo. Res: Oceans. 125 (2):
  • Fredriksson, D.W. and J. Beck-Stimpert. (2019). Basis-of-design technical guidance for offshore aquaculture installations in the Gulf of Mexico. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA. NOAA Technical Memorandum. 29p.
  • Kim, T-H, Fredriksson, D.W., DeCew, J., Drach, A. and S-C Yim. (2018). Design approach of an aquaculture cage system for deployment in the constructed channel flow environments of a power plant. PloS one 13 (6):
  • Fredriksson, D.W., Steppe, C.N., Luznik, L., Wallendorf, L., and R. Mayer. (2016). A containment barrier structure of in-situ setting of Crassostrea virginica for aquaculture and restoration applications. Aquacul. Eng. 70:42-55.
  • Steppe, C.N., Fredriksson, D.W., Wallendorf, L., and R. Mayer. (2016). Direct setting of Crassostrea virginica larvae in a tidal tributary: Applications for shellfish restoration and aquaculture. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Series.
  • Lader, P., Fredriksson, D.W., Volent, Z., DeCew, J., Rosten and I.M. Strand (2015). Drag Forces on, and Deformation of, Closed Flexible Bags. J. of Offshore Mech. and Arctic Eng. (0892-7219), 137 (4).
  • Fredriksson, D.W., DeCew, J., Lader, P.F., Volent, Z., Jensen, Ø., and F.V. Willumsen (2014). An aquaculture net finite element modeling technique with laboratory bench-top measurement validation. Ocean Eng. 83:99-110.
  • Grizzle, R.E., Ward, L.G., Fredriksson, D.W., Irish, J.D., Langan, R., Heinig, C.S., Greene, J.K., Abeels, H.A., Peter, C.R., and Eberhardt, A.L. (2014). Long-term seafloor monitoring at an open ocean aquaculture site in the western Gulf of Maine, USA: development of an adaptive protocol. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 88 (1-2):129-137.
  • DeCew., Fredriksson, D.W., Lader, P.F., Chambers, M., Howell, W.H., Osienki, M., Celikkol, B., Frank, K., and Høy, E. (2013). Field Measurements of Cage Deformation using Acoustic Sensors. Aquacult.Eng. 57: 114-125.
  • Fredriksson, D.W., Steppe, C.N., Wallendorf, L., Sweeney, S., and Kriebel, D.L. (2010). Biological and hydrodynamic design considerations for vertically oriented oyster grow out structures. Aquacult. Eng. (42): 57-69.
  • Fredriksson, D.W., Tsukrov I., and Hudson, P. (2008). Engineering investigation of design procedures for closed containment marine aquaculture systems. Aquacult. Eng. 39 (2-3): 91-102.
  • Stevens, C., Plew, D., Hartstein, N. and Fredriksson, D.W. (2008). The physics of open-water shellfish aquaculture. Aquacult. Eng. 38(3): 145-160.
  • Stevens, C., Plew, D., Smith, M.R., and Fredriksson, D.W. (2007). Hydrodynamic forcing of long-line mussel farms. J.of Waterway, Port, Coastal and Ocean Eng.133 (3): 192-199.
  • Fredriksson, D.W., DeCew, J.C., Tsukrov, I., Swift, M.R., and Irish, J.D. (2007). Development of large fish farm numerical modeling techniques with in-situ mooring tension comparisons. Aquacult. Eng. 36: 137-148.
  • Fredriksson, D.W., DeCew, J.C. and Tsukrov, I. (2007). Development of structural modeling techniques for evaluating HDPE plastic net pens used in marine aquaculture. Ocean Eng. 34: 2124-2137.
    Swift, M.R., Fredriksson, D.W., Unrein, A., Fullerton, B., Patursson, O., and Baldwin, B. (2006). Drag force acting on biofouled net panels. Aquacult. Eng. 35 (3): 292-299.
  • Fredriksson, D.W., M.R. Swift, O. Eroshkin, I. Tsukrov, J.D. Irish, and Celikkol, B. (2005). Moored fish cage dynamics in waves and currents. Special Issue on Open Ocean Aquaculture Engineering. IEEE J.Oceanic Eng. 30 (1): 28-36.
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  • Fredriksson, D.W., J. DeCew, M.R. Swift, I. Tsukrov, M.D. Chambers, and Celikkol, B. (2004). The design and analysis of a four-cage grid mooring for open ocean aquaculture. Aquacult. Eng. 32: 95-111.
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  • Swift, M.R., Fredriksson, D.W. and Celikkol, B. (1996). Structure of an Axial Convergence Zone from Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Measurements. Est. Coast. Shelf. Sci. 43(1):109-122.

U.S. Naval Academy, Undergraduate Research Activities by Academic Year (AY)

  1. AY20 – Spring: Adviser for Midn. A. Wang on the project: Using scale model tests to investigate whale impact on horizontal aquaculture systems.
  2. AY19 – Bowman Scholar: Co-adviser with Prof. V. Johnson for Midn. C. Haller on the project: Techno-economic analysis of kelp farms.
  3. AY18 – Fall: Advisor for Midn. A. Hoiles on the project: Inline hydrodynamic drag loads on oyster farming components.
  4. AY-18 – Fall: Advisor for Midn. P. Rice: Understanding the whale impact loads on longline aquaculture.
  5. AY-17 – Honors: Advisor for Midn. C. Pixa on the project: An experimental study of the flow rate and flushing characteristics of Biddeford Pool.
  6. AY-17 – Fall: Advisor for Midn. A. Crans on the project: Longline kelp farming as a mechanism for wave energy dissipation (kelp density comparison).
  7. AY16 – Honors Thesis: Adviser for Midn. S. Reidel on the project: Wave energy dissipation effects of a kelp farm structure.
  8. AY13 – Trident Scholar: Co-advised with Prof. Schultz Midn. G. Genzman on the project: Analysis of the loads on and dynamic response of a floating flexible tube in waves and currents.
  9. AY13 – Fall: Adviser for Midn. S. Finney on the project, Aquaponics System Development.
  10. AY11 – Fall: Co-adviser with Professor Patrick Hudson project with Midn. Justin Motenko called: A Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Deepwater Oil Blowout

Graduate Student Activities

  1. Co-Advisor for L. Zhu (2020) for L. Zhu. PhD in Civil Engineering at the University Maine. Title: Wave Attenuation capacity of suspended aquaculture structures with sugar kelp and mussels.
  2. Second Opponent in the PhD Thesis for Heini Winthereig Rasmussen (2016) at the University of the Faroe Islands. Title: Water Quality within a Group of Fish Farming Cages.
  3. First Opponent for M. Shainee (2013). PhD (Engineering) from NTNU, Norway.  Conceptual Design, Numerical and Experimental Investigation of a SPM Cage Concept for Offshore Mariculture.  
  4. Thesis Committee: J. DeCew (2010). Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering, UNH. Title: Development of computer aided engineering tools to analyze and design flexible structures in the open ocean.
  5. First Opponent: H. Moe (2009). D. (Eng) from NTNU, Norway.  Title: Strength analysis of net structures.
  6. Thesis Committee: O. Patursson (2008). Ph.D. in Ocean Engineering, UNH and the University of the Faeroe Islands. Title: Flow through and around fish farming nets.
  7. Thesis Committee Member: K. Leung (2007). Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, UNH. Title: Hydrodynamic modeling and validation of Hampton Harbor, NH.
  8. External Examiner: D. Plew (2005). Ph.D. in Civil Eng. at the University of Canterbury, NZ. Title: The Hydrodynamic effects of long-line mussel farms.
  9. Thesis Director: J. DeCew (2002). Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, UNH. Title: Numerical and physical modeling of the SADCO-Shelf submersible fish cage.
  10. Thesis Director: J. Ahern (2002). Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, UNH. Title: Validation of a wave measurement buoy.
  11. Co-Thesis Director for C. Kurgan (2003). Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, UNH. Title: Fish cage and multiple mooring systems finite element modeling.
  12. Thesis committee member for D. Vandermark (2004). D. in Earth Science.  UNH .Dissertation title: On the role of high frequency waves in ocean altimetry.
  13. Thesis committee member for S. Allen (2001). Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, UNH. Title: Detection and characterization of yellowfin and bluefin tuna using passive acoustic techniques.

Recent Funded Research

  1. Physical modeling testing of a farm for growing giant kelp. (FY2019-2020).  Interagency Agreement with the Dept. of Energy, ARPA-E working with the Marine Bioenergy, Inc.
  2. Development of a load-cell data acquisition system. (FY2019-2022). Interagency Agreement with the Dept. of Energy, ARPA-E working with the Trophic and the University of New Hampshire.
  3. Ocean engineering to mitigate entanglement in aquaculture gear (FY2019-2020). Interagency agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Office of Aquaculture
  4. A Validated finite element-modeling tool for hydrodynamic loading and structural analysis of ocean deployed macroalgae farms. (FY2018-2022). Interagency Agreement with the Dept. of Energy, ARPA-E working with the University of New England.
  5. Technical Permitting Guidelines for Open Ocean Aquaculture in the Gulf of Mexico (FY2018). Interagency agreement with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – Office of Aquaculture
  6. Engineering and Scientific Studies Saco Bay Estuary: (FY2015 – 2017). A CRADA with the University of New England, located in Biddeford, ME.
  7. Closed Containment Aquaculture Systems: (FY2014 – 2016). A CRADA with The Freshwater Institute, Conservation Fund, located in Shepardstown, WV. 
  8. Testing of Closed Flexible Cages. (FY2013-2015).  A CRADA with University of New Hampshire through SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture of Trondheim, Norway. 
  9. In-situ setting of Crassostrea virginica larvae on restorted oyster reefs; a complementary method for restoring oyster populationS. (FY2012-2014). Co-Principal Investigator with Prof. Steppe (Oceanography Dept.).  Sponsor: Maryland Sea Grant. 
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