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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering



Victoria (Tori) Johnson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

  •  Phone:  410-293-6458
  •  Fax:  410-293-2219
  •  E-mail:
  •  337 Rickover Hall

Research Interests

Natural and nature-based features/Engineering with Nature; Coastal resilience; Natural hazards; Wave-structure interaction; Field-based damage assessments; Physical modeling; Coastal Engineering

Education & Training

Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, USNA, 2022 - Present
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, USNA, 2017 - 2022
  • Postdoctoral Research Scholar, School of Civil and Construction Engineering, Oregon State University, 2016 - 2017
  • Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, University of Notre Dame, 2011 - 2016
  • Geotechnical Engineering Intern, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc., May 2011 - July 2011

Professional Memberships & Registration


  • Experimental Investigation of Wave, Surge, and Tsunami Transformation over Natural Shorelines, National Science Foundation (NSF) Award No. 1825080, 2018
  • Shoreline Wave Attenuation by Mangroves and Marshes, US Army Corps of Engineers, 2018 - 2021
  • Graduate Research Opportunities Worldwide (GROW) Fellowship, National Science Foundation (NSF), 2014
  • Outstanding Graduate Student Teacher Award, University of Notre Dame, 2014
  • Graduate Research Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 2013
  • David P. Simpson Coastal Engineering Scholarship, Coast & Harbor Engineering, Inc., 2013
  • Notebaert Fellowship Recipient, University of Notre Dame, 2011

Professional & Community Service

  • Volunteer Leader, St. Mary's Catholic Church, Annapolis, MD, 2017 - Present
  • Volunteer Teacher, Little Flower Catholic Church, South Bend, IN, 2012 - 2016
  • Volunteer Teacher, Swing Dancing Club, University of Notre Dame, 2012 - 2016

Research & Publications

  • Kelty, K.,  Tomiczek, T., Cox, D.T., Lomonaco, P., and Mitchell, W. (2022). Prototype-scale physical model of wave attenuation through a mangrove forest of moderate cross-shore thickness: LiDAR-based characterization and Reynolds scaling for engineering with nature.  Front. Mar. Sci. 8:780946. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2021.780946
  • Tomiczek, T. , Wargula, A., O’Donnell, K., LaVeck, V., Castagno, K.A., and Scyphers, S. Vessel-generated wake attenuation by Rhizophora mangle in Key West, FL. (2022).  ASCE Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. 148 (3). doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)WW.1943-5460. 0000704.
  • Castagno, K.,  Tomiczek, T., Shepard, C., Beck, M., Bowden, A., O’Donnell, K., and Scyphers, S. (2021). Resistance, resilience, and recovery of salt marshes in the Florida Panhandle following Hurricane Michael.  Scientific Reports. 2021 (11) 20381. DOI: s41598-021-99779-8 .
  • Tomiczek, T. Wargula, A., Lomonaco, P., Goodwin, S., Cox, D.T., Kennedy, A.B., Lynett, P. (2020). Physical model investigation of mid-scale mangrove effects on flow hydrodynamics and pressures and loads in the built environment.  Coastal Engineering, 162 (2020), DOI: coastaleng.2020.103791
  • Tomiczek, T., O’Donnell, K., Furman, K., Webbmartin, B., and Scyphers, S. (2020). Rapid Damage Assessments of Shorelines and Structures in the Florida Keys after Hurricane Irma.  Nat. Haz. Rev. 21 (1), doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)NH.1527-6996.0000349.
  • Tomiczek, T ., Wyman, A., Park, H., and Cox, D.T. (2019). Modified Goda Equations to Predict Pressure Distribution and Horizontal Forces for Design of Elevated Coastal Structures.  J. Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. DOI: 10.1061/(ASCE)WW.1943-5460. 0000527.
  • N. Elko, C. Dietrich, M. Cialone, H. Stockdon, M. Bilskie, B. Boyd, B. Charbonneau, D. Cox, K. Dresback, S. Elgar, A. Lewis, P. Limber, J. Long, C. Massey, T. Mayo, K. McIntosh, N. Nadal-Caraballo, B. Raubenheimer, T. Tomiczek, and A.  Wargula, “ U.S. Coastal Research Program: Advancing the Understanding of Storm Processes and Impacts,”  Shore and Beach (Volume 87), 2019
  • Sipes, S.N., Tomiczek, T., Mouring, S.E., Professor, Comparison of Experimental and Theoretical Wave Forces on Elevated Structures, International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers Conference and Symposium Honolulu, HI, USA, 2019
  • Huang, M., Kennedy, A.B., Tomiczek, T., Westerink, J., Solitary wave impacts on vertical and overhanging near-coast structuresCoastal Engineering Journal (Volume 60), 2018
  • Van De Lindt, J.W., Peacock, W.G., Mitrani-Reiser, J., Rosenheim, N., Deniz, D., Dillard, M., Tomiczek, T.,  Koliou, M., Graettinger, A., Crawford, S., Harrison, K., Barbosa, A., Tobin, J., Helgeson, J., Peek, L., Memari, M., Sutley, E., Hamideh, S., Gu, D., Cauffman, S., and Fung J.,  Community Resilience-Focused Technical Investigation of the 2016 Lumberton, North Carolina Flood: Multi-Disciplinary ApproachNIST Special Publication 1230, 2018
  • T. Tomiczek, H. Park, A. Wyman, D. Cox, P. Lomonaco, and J. Van De Lindt, "Application and Modifications of Design Formulae for Impulsive Wave Forces on Elevated Coastal Structures," 7th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modeling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science (COASTLAB), Santander, Spain, May 2018
  • H. Park, T. Do, T Tomiczek, D. Cox, J. Van De Lindt, "Numerical Modeling of Non-Breaking, Impulsive Breaking, and Broken Wave Interaction with Elevated Coastal Structures: Laboratory Validation and Inter-Model Comparisons," Ocean Engineering (Volume 158), 2018
  • A. Kennedy, N. Mori, T. Yasude, T. Shimozono, T. Tomiczek, A. Donahue, T. Shimura, and Y. Imai, "Extreme Block and Boulder Transport Along a Cliffed Coastline (Calicoan Island, Philippines) During Super Typhoon Haiyan," Marine Geology (Volume 383), 2017
  • Y. Zhang, A. Kennedy, T. Tomiczek, W. Yang, W. Liu, and J. Westerink, "Assessment of Hydrodynamic Competence in Extreme Marine Events through Application of Boussinesq-Green-Naghdi Models," Applied Ocean Research (Volume 67), 2017
  • H. Park, T. Tomiczek, D. Cox, J. Van De Lindt, and P. Lomonaco, "Experimental Modeling of Horizontal and Vertical Wave Forces on an Elevated Coastal Structure," Coastal Engineering (Volume 128), 2017
  • T. Tomiczek, A. Kennedy, Y. Zhang, M. Owensby, M. Hope, N. Lin, and A. Flory, " Hurricane Damage Classification Methodology and Fragility Functions Derived from Hurricane Sandy's Effects in Coastal New Jersey," Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering (Volume 143), 2017
  • T. Tomiczek, A. Prasetyo, N. Mori, T. Yasuda, and A. Kennedy, " Effects of a Macro-Roughness Element on Tsunami Wave Amplification, Pressures, and Loads: Physical Model and Comparison to Japanese and US Design Equations," Coastal Engineering Journal (Volume 59), 2016
  • T. Tomiczek, A. Prasetyo, N. Mori, T. Yasuda, and A. Kennedy, " Physical Modelling of Tsunami Onshore Propagation, Peak Pressures, and Shielding Effects in an Urban Building Array," Coastal Engineering (Volume 117), 2016
  • Y. Zhang, A. Kennedy, T. Tomiczek, A. Donahue, and J. Westerink, " Validation of Boussinesq-Green-Naghdi Modeling for Surf Zone Hydrodynamics," Ocean Engineering (Volume 111), 2015
  • T. Tomiczek, A. Kennedy, and S. Rogers, " Collapse Limit State Fragilities of Wood-Framed Residences from Storm Surge and Waves During Hurrican Ike," Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering (Volume 140), 2014
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