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Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

Carolyn Judge's Planing Vessels

To many elements of the Navy, a small boat slamming into each successive wave is a routine hazard for safety and operations.  Rough rides at high speeds can result in damaged knees and backs.  They can also impact the mission, such as reducing the accuracy of a gunner in harbor defense or the safe speed of approach for a tactical operation.

Small Boat

Professor Judge is conducting research on the hydrodynamics of planing hull wave slams, such as is about to happen to the small boat in the picture.  This ongoing research is funded by the Office of Naval Research, beginning in 2012 with the Young Investigator Program (YIP).  The research is aided by the Hydromechanics Lab staff and several midshipmen completing independent research courses.  The main focus of the work is experimental testing for seakeeping of high-speed craft operating in waves.  The primary motivation is the Navy's desire to reduce hull weight and increase safety of personnel and equipment.  The goal is to provide a better understanding of the fundamental physics of planing craft and wave impacts. This will allow predictive models to be developed for use as tools in future boat designs.

Model 1          Model 2

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