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Public Affairs Office
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USNA Phone Directory


Name Location Phone Number
Academic Center Nimitz Hall 2nd floor 410-293-2952
Provost 410-293-1587
Academic Divisions
  Engineering and Weapons Rickover Hall 410-293-6310
  Mathematics and Science Michelson Hall 410-293-6330
  Humanities and Social Sciences Sampson Hall 410-293-6300
Professional Development Luce Hall 410-293-6001
Leadership Education and Development Luce Hall 410-293-6008
Character Development and Training 410-293-1926
Admissions Halsey Field House 410-293-1858
Aerospace Engineering Department Rickover Hall 410-293-6400
Administrative Department  
  Provost Administration Nimitz Hall 410-293-1587
  Commandant's Administration Bancroft Hall 410-293-7012
  Midshipman Personnel 410-293-7000
  Officer Personnel Administrative Bldg 410-293-1558
  Superintendent's Flag Secretary Administrative Bldg 410-293-1503
  Superintendent's Flag Aide Administrative Bldg 410-293-1500
Alumni Association 410-295-4000
Ambulance or Fire Department
  Emergency 410-293-3333 or 911
Non-emergency Admin 410-293-3401
American Red Cross 410-624-2000
Annapolis City Police 410-268-9000
Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Conference and
Visitor's Bureau
Anne Arundel County Police (General Information) 410-222-8050
Athletic Association Ticket Offices 1-800-US4-NAVY
Athletic Director, Naval Academy 410-293-2700
Auto Skills Shop 410-293-3859
Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center 410-293-8687 (Tour)
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