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Public Affairs Office
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USNA Phone Directory


Name Location Phone Number
Languages and Cultures Department 410-293-6350
Laundry/Dry Cleaning 410-293-2301
  5th Wing Laundry Center   410-293-2898
Leadership Education and Development Division Luce Hall 410-293-6008
Legal Defense Office   410-293-2268
  Midshipmen Legal Advisor   410-293-2268
  Superintendent Legal Advisor   410-293-1564
  Commandant Legal Advisor   410-293-7015
Lejeune Hall 410-293-2205
Library 410-293-2420
Liberty Zone (Single E1-E6 Center) 410-293-9214
Logistics Office 410-293-7128
Lost and Found Security Office 410-293-5760
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