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USNA Phone Directory


Name Location Phone Number
Sailing Center 410-293-5615
Safety Office, USNA Halligan Hall 410-293-2693
  Schedules Officer ComdtMidn - Bancroft Hall 410-293-7128
  Scheduling Officer Academic - Nimitz Library 410-293-6386
  Scheduling Classes Phys Ed 410-293-5589
  Scheduling Fields Phys Ed - Lejeune Hall 410-293-5249
Seamanship & Navigation Department   410-293-6096
Security Naval Support Activity Annapolis 410-293-5760
Security Dispatcher Bldg 257  
  Emergency Fire   410-293-3333 or 911
  Emergency Security   410-293-4444
  Non Emergency Fire Operations   410-293-3401
  Non Emergency Security   410-293-3634
Security Police Bldg 257 410-293-5768
Sexual Assault 24/7 Response Help Line 443-336-2637
Small Craft Repair Department Bldg 66 410-293-9130
Sponsor Program 410-293-7031
Steerage Restaurant   410-293-2950
Swimming Pools    
  Lejeune Hall (Men's Coach)   410-293-3012
  Lejeune Hall (Women's Coach)   410-293-3081
  Macdonough Hall   410-293-5558
  Button holder Information Ricketts Hall 410-293-2205
  South Severn Pool - MWR   410-293-3033
  North Severn Pool - MWR   410-293-2082
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