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Public Affairs Office
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USNA Phone Directory


Name Location Phone Number
Halsey Field House   410-293-2831
Help Desk (ITSC) Ward Hall 410-293-3500
History Department   410-293-6250
History Symposium Coordinator   410-293-6375
Hobby Shop Bldg 299 Naval Station 410-293-3410/3859
Hospital Appointments Naval Health Clinic 410-293-2273
Household Goods   410-293-2286
Housing Welcome Center NSA Annapolis 410-293-9731
Hubbard Hall 410-293-3658
Human Resources Department Halligan Hall  
  Benefits Information 1-888-320-2917
Humanities and Social Sciences Division Sampson Hall 410-293-6300
Hydromechanics Lab   410-293-5100
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