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Public Affairs Office
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USNA Phone Directory


Name Location Phone Number
Tennis Center Brigade Sports Complex 410-293-9700
Tennis Center (NAAA)   410-293-3436
Textbook Issue   410-293-4056
Telecommunications Department   410-293-1705
Ticket Office - Athletics   1-800-US4-NAVY/34955
Ticket Office - Concert (MWF)   410-293-8497
Thrift Shop   410-293-4402
Tour Guide Service (Armel-Leftwich Visitor Center)   410-293-3363/8687
Tow Tank Rickover Hall 410-293-5100
Transportation Department   410-293-5751
Travel Claims   410-293-1642
TRICARE   410-293-2273
TRIDENT Newspaper   410-293-1534
TRIDENT Scholar Office Carter Hall 410-293-2501
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