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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

ERC Major Courses

The following is a list of required and elective courses within the ERC Major. Courses ending with an "H" are required for the honors program. Designation ''(S/F)'' implies that a course is typically taught during the Spring or Fall semester. Check MIDS for current availability of courses. 

For a description, requirements, and learning objectives, among other information, please visit our WRC Course Catalog page. For information about the matrix (i.e., program schedule), please check the ERC Major Program and the ERC Honors Program pages (under Academics). 

Required Courses

EW200 (F) Introduction to Programming and Design
EW202 (S) Principles of Mechatronics
EW301 (F) System Modeling and Simulation
EW305/305H (F) Linear Control Systems
EW306/306H (S) Advanced Control Systems
EW309 (S) Guided Design Experience
EW401 (F) Engineering Design Methods
EW404 (S) Engineering Systems Design

Elective Courses within the WRC Department

Courses starting with EW2XY are typically geared toward 4/C and 3/C midshipmen and do not count as a major electives. Courses starting with EW4XY are typically geared toward 2/C and 1/C midshipmen. Topics for courses ending in 81-86 may be temporary and can change depending of the academic year. 

EW281C/282C (F,S) Introduction to Drone Technology
EW282 (S) Introduction to Laser Research
EW282E (S) Autonomous Marine Vessels
EW413 (F) Digital Control Engineering
EW417 (F) Control of Multi-Agent Systems
EW418 (S) Optimal Control and Estimation

EW430 (F) Embedded Microcontroller Systems
EW432 (S) Internet of Things
EW450 (F) Introduction to Robotics 
EW451 (S) Mobile Robot Design
EW452 (S) Advanced Topics in Robotics
EW453 (S) Introduction to Computer Vision
EW456 (F) Autonomous Vehicles
EW461 (F) Quantitative Methods for Management
EW462 (S) Emerging Technologies
EW464 (S) Survey of Engineering Economics
EW470 (F) Desktop Manufacturing
EW481A/482A (F,S) Deep Learning
EW485E (F) Comparative Biomechanics
EW486D (S) Conventional Weapons
EW486F (S) Experimental Implementations for Unmanned Systems
EW495/496/497 (F,S) Robotics and Control Engineering Research
EW503 (S) Advanced Technologies

For major electives outside the WRC Department, please check the ERC Major Tracks page. 

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