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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering
The Vision Integration in Polymanual Robotics (VIPER) Lab is a 1,100 square foot facility integrating industrial robotics, commercial motion capture, and commercial off-the-shelf camera systems used to explore co-calibration and uncertainty in robotic and sensor systems. The VIPER lab houses three industrial robotic manipulators (Universal Robot UR5 and UR10, and Yaskawa SIA20F), an OptiTrack Prime 41x motion capture system, and numerous visual and infrared machine vision cameras. By the close of FY22, the VIPER lab will also integrate two MACRON MSA RTU actuated industrial motion stages to provide 18' of linear translation for the UR10, and 14' of linear translation for the UR5.
Currently, the VIPER lab is supporting several active research projects including tracking uncertainty in asynchronous swarm robotics, advanced additive manufacturing, and autonomous aerial refueling. The VIPER lab has received generous support from the Office of Naval Research (ONR), National Security Agency (NSA), Bastian Solutions, and the Volgenau Foundation. 



Contact Information

Location: HP026
For questions, please contact Dr. Kutzer

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