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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

ERC Major Tracks

Midshipmen in Robotics and Control Engineering (ERC major) are required to complete at least two different tracks (also known as concentrations). To complete a track, the students need to take at least two courses within the concentration. The tracks can be chosen from a list of concentrations taught by our department (Control & Estimation, Cyber-Physical Systems, Engineering Management, Robotics, and Signal Processing) or outside the department (Environmental, Nuclear, and Materials). At least three of the total number of major electives have to be within the ERC major (those with the EW prefix).

Requiments for the Honors program (ERCH) are different. Consult your academic adviser for a comprehensive list of courses and guidelines. 

Below you will find the list of tracks and related courses. Designation ''(S/F)'' implies Spring or Fall semester. Check list of courses in MIDS for current availability. 

Control & Estimation
Cyber-Physical Systems
Engineering Management
Signal Processing
EE432 (F) Digital Signal Processing
EW453 (S) Introduction to Computer Vision
Environmental (Ocean Engineering)
EN411 (F) Ocean Environmental Engineering I 
EN412 (S) Ocean Environmental Engineering II
Nuclear (Mechanical Engineering)
ER301 (F,S) Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering
ER362 (S) Reactor Physics
ER371 (S) Nuclear Plant
Materials (Mechanical Engineering)
EM217 (F,S) Strength of Materials
EM313 (F,S) Materials Science
EM456 (S) Corrosion and Corrosion Control
V Major Elective

ERC Midshipmen are free to take a fifth major elective of their choice, including those courses listed above. They can also take courses not associated with a track taught by our department as well as other departments. 

Robotics and Control Engineering Department Courses

EW470 (F) Desktop Manufacturing
EW485A (F) Lasers in a Maritime Environment      
EW485B (F) Control of Multi-Agent Networks
EW485E (F) Comparative Biomechanics
EW486D (S) Conventional Weapons
EW486E (S) Electronic Warfare and Cyberspace
EW486F (S) Experimental Implementations for Unmanned Systems
EW495/6 (F,S) Systems Engineering Research (with Dept Chair approval)

Other Department Courses*:

SM261 (F) Matrix Theory
SP411 (F) Underwater Acoustics and Sonar
EN401 (S) Engineering in the Littoral Zone
EA413 (F) Stability and Control
EM423 (S) Mechanical Vibrations
EM444 (S) Solar Engineering
EM447 (S) Wind and Tidal Energy
EN430 (F,S) Underwater Work Systems
EE451 (F) Electrical Properties of Semi-Conductors
EA461 (F) Space Environment
EM461 (S) Engines: Principles, Design and Applications
EN470 (S) Life Support Systems
EM485F (F) Energy Analysis, Policy and Security
EA486A (S) Human Spaceflights
EX486B (S) Design of Modern Weapons
EM486H (S) Waste to Energy Conversion
EN486L (S) Historic Shipwrecks

PreMed (Only one of the following courses will count towards a Major Elective)

SC225 (F) Organic Chemistry I
SC226 (S) Organic Chemistry II
SB251 (F,S) General Biology I
SB252 (F,S) General Biology II

*Other Division I or II course with Department Chair approval. Please check respective department and MIDS for current availability and information.

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