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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

Student Course Projects

Our courses strive to reach a balance between theory and practice. We understand that theory is better understood when it is put into practice. Therefore, the vast majority of our EW courses integrate hands-on lab experience into the curriculum. From the very first semester, students enrolled in Robotics and Control Engineering (ERC major) have the opportunity to design, build, and experiment with control systems and robots. The following is a list of examples of projects from required and major elective courses. 

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EW200 Introduction to Programming and Design exposes students for the first time to robotics and control engineering systems. It is the first course in the ERC major; taken by students during their first semester as 3/C midshipmen. Examples of projects are included below. 

(Bill the Goat)
(Dancing Man)  (Beer Pong) 

EW202 Principles of Mechatronics is the follow up course to EW200.  This course provides a basic toolset for
mathematical analysis (linear algebra, transfer functions) as well as hardware skills needed for
prototyping electromechanical control systems. Examples of projects are included below. 

  (Final Project) 

EW281C/282C Introduction to Drone Technology (also known as the “School of Drones”) is the introductory sequence of two courses in the USNA Unmanned Aerial System program. The Fall semester (EW281C) focuses on multi-rotor drone
technology, whereas the Spring semester (EW282C) highlights fixed-wing UAS technology. Below are some student videos and photos. 

EW417 Control of Multi-agent Networks is an elective course that focuses. The course focuses on
control and coordination of cooperative multi-agent systems with special emphasis in networks of mobile robots. Examples of simulation lab exercises are presented below. 


EW450 Introduction to Robotics is a major elective course taken by about 70% of the students in the ERC major. Among other things, the course introduces students to the control and applications of robotic manipulators. The videos and photos below correspond to student projects. 



EW451 Mobile Robot Design is a major elective within the robotics track. It is an experimentation-based course in the design, analysis, construction, control and programming of autonomous mobile robots. Examples of student projects are shown below. 

(Convoy)  (Mobile Robot) 

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