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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

Robotics and Control Engineering Program

The following course program is for the class of 2023. A short description of the courses can be found in the USNA Official Course Catalog. A detailed description of all ERC (EWXYZ) courses can be found in WRC Course Catalog. Note that information about a course is subject to change. The 4/C year is not included because it is common to all majors. The major electives listed in the 1/C year are listed below. 

Note: This is provided for informational purposes only. Do not use it to complete your registration. Consult your academic adviser for the most up to date graduation requirements.

Class Of 2023 - Robotics and Control Engineering Major - ERC

3/c Fall 3/c Spring 2/c Fall 2/c Spring 1/c Fall 1/c Spring

NN210  1-2-2 
Basic Navigation 

NE203  3-0-3 Ethics & Moral Reasoning

NN310 1-2-2 Advanced Navigation

NL310  3-0-3

Leadership: Theory and Applications

NS43X  1-2-2

JO Practicum

SP211  3-2-4 

General Physics I

SP212   3-2-4  

General Physics II

EE331  3-2-4

 Electrical Engineering I



HUM/SS Elective

NL400  2-0-2

Law for the Junior Officer

SM221 4-0-4

Calculus III with Vector Fields

SM212   4-0-4

Differential Equations

SM316 3-0-3
Engineering Math with Probs & Stats

EC312   2-2-3

Applications of Cyber Engineering

EW300 3-0-3

Naval Weapons Systems

HH215 3-0-3
A, M, or P Asia, Mid East, or West Modern

HH216 3-0-3
West in Modern World


HUM/SS Elective

EM211  3-0-3


EM232  3-0-3


EM316  3-0-3

Thermo-Fluid Sciences I

EM317  2-2-3

Thermo-Fluid Sciences II

EW401  2-2-3 Engineering Design Methods

EW404  1-4-3

Engineering Systems Design

EW200  3-2-4
Introduction to
Programming and Design

EW202   2-2-3
Principles of Mechatronics 

EW301  2-2-3
System Modeling and Simulation

EW306 2-2-3
Advanced Control Systems


Major Elective II



Major Elective IV

EW305  3-2-4

Linear Control Systems

EW309 0-4-2
Guided Design


Major Elective III


Major Elective I


Major Elective IV

17 20 19 17 18 16
Major Credits: 55   Total Credits: 142      


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