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Weapons, Robotics, and Control Engineering

What Is WRC

Introduction to Computer VisionIntroduction to Computer Vision

Dr. Randy Broussard discusses basic concepts and capabilities of computer vision, or CV.

ARTeMis: Self Driving Car using Machine Learning & Computer VisionARTeMis: Self Driving Car using Machine Learning & Computer Vision

LCDR Allan Elsberry discusses basic concepts and capabilities of computer vision combined with machine learning used to train a remote control car to drive itself around a track.

Robotic_Arm_Basic_small.jpgRobotic Arm Introduction

Dr. Michael Kutzer, MIDN 1/C Paul Malatesta, and MIDN 1/C Jay Jordan discuss the basic concepts and capabilities of robotic arm manipulators.

>Robotic Arm Advanced ControlRobotic Arm Advanced Control

Dr. Michael Kutzer discusses advanced concepts and capabilities of robotic arm manipulators.

Industrial_Robotic_Arm_Yaskawa_SIA20_small.jpgIndustrial Robotics

Dr. Levi Devries shows off the latest addition to the industrial robotic manipulation lab.

Gamma LabGamma Lab

Dr. Brad Bishop describes the impressive desktop manufacturing capabilities of the GAMMA Lab, which is a student manufacturing space in the United States Naval Academy's newest building, Hopper Hall.

Feedback_Control_small.jpgFeedback Control

Dr. Matt Feemster discusses the fundamentals of feedback control, as demonstrated using a rotary inverted pendulum.

Automated NERF TurretAutomated NERF Turret

CAPT Tracie Severson discusses feedback control as applied to automating the computer vision targeting, electric motor aligning, and fully automatic firing of a NERF turret.

What Is EngineeringWhat Is Engineering

This video describes the positive impact engineers can have on our world. The video highlights the five engineering departments at the USNA.

Babel_Fish_UUV_small.jpgTechnical Support Department: Babelfish UUV Pitch Test with Internal Telemetry

WRC TSD designed an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV) being put into a stressful maneuver to test its frame and control systems, while also showing internal telemetry data. These tests and development help us to better support future Midshipmen projects.

SURF_UUV_and_USV_small.jpgTechnical Support Department: SURF USV and UUV Demo

WRC TSD designed both an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) and an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV). This is a demo of the vehicles being driven in the Hopper Hall SURF pool. The USV will be used in future WRC courses and projects, while the UUV was developed to give staff further knowledge in order to help Midshipmen on future projects.

SURF_3D_Print_small.jpgTechnical Support Department: SURF USV 3D Print

WRC TSD 3D printing a concept hull for the WRC Departments USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle). This hull will be used to test the feasibility of the design in water. The vehicle is being designed to be used in WRC courses utilizing the SURF pool as well as Faculty/Staff research projects.
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