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Tables showing the Masts and Spars, Rigging, and Stores &c...allowed to the...Vessels...of the United States, 1826, (transferred to MS 5)
No description available.
Steam Log of U.S. Steamer Tacony, 1865, MS 559
U.S.S. Tacony (Side-wheel steamer) was a vessel of the United States Navy during and shortly after the Civil War. The Steam Log of U.S. Steamer Tacony spans from the ship's recommissioning on September 16, 1865 until December 15, 1865. The log records the activities of the Tacony's engineering department and the operations and maintenance of the ship's engines and boilers while she was under the command of William G. Temple and operating at Charleston, Port Royal, Fernandina, Savannah, Wilmington, and Cape Fear.
U.S.S. Tallapoosa Financial Records, 1886-1888, MS 257
Tallapoosa was a Civil War era steamer that sank in 1884 and was subsequently raised and recommissioned into the South Atlantic Squadron, protecting U.S. interests and commerce. The financial records, kept by Passed Assistant Paymaster Ambrose K. Michler, include materials such as account vouchers, requisitions, proposals, store returns, receipt books, and pay rolls.
Silas Wright Terry Letterbook, 1893-1895, MS 308
Silas Wright Terry was an Admiral in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1863. The correspondence contained within the letterbook was sent and received by Terry during his command of U.S.S. Newark (Protected cruiser : C-1) while she was attached to the Naval Review Fleet, and later the South Atlantic Squadron.
Frederick W. Teubner Letters, 1917-1919, MS 299
Frederick W. Teubner was a U.S. Navy seaman who served aboard U.S.S. Florida (Battleship: BB-30) during World War I. The letters, vague due to wartime censorship, refer to Teubner's training at the Newport, Rhode Island Naval Training Station, and events witnessed while serving aboard U.S.S. Florida, including the surrender of the German fleet at Scapa Flow.
Leo Hewlett Thebaud Papers, 1880-1951 (bulk 1918-1951), MS 227
Vice Admiral Leo Hewlett Thebaud was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1913, who served tours of duty at the Naval Academy and with several Destroyer Squadrons spanning both World Wars. The papers include letters to and from Thebaud, photographs, news clippings, published histories, and a Navy pennant.
Log of the H.M.S. Theseus, H.M.S. Royal George, H.M.S. Sophie, and H.M.S. Seahorse, 1806-1811, MS 155
The Log of the H.M.S. Theseus, H.M.S. Royal George, H.M.S. Sophie, and H.M.S. Seahorse spans from 1806 to 1811. The logbook covers cruises of H.M.S. Theseus, spanning August 18-27, 1806; H.M.S. Royal George, spanning August 28-November 9, 1806; H.M.S. Sophie, spanning November 10-December 28, 1806; and H.M.S. Seahorse, spanning May 1, 1808-June 22, 1811.
Robert Rowe Thompson Papers, 1907-1991, MS 345
Robert Rowe Thompson was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Class of 1912, and a U.S. Navy officer who served as a submariner, destroyer commander, and division commander. The papers, consisting primarily of letters from Thompson to his family and a typewritten memoir, focus on Thompson's experiences at R.L. Werntz's Naval Academy Preparatory School and as a submariner during World War I.
McLane Tilton Guest Book, 1909-1913, MS 492
McLane Tilton was an officer in the United States Marine Corps and a native of Annapolis, Maryland. The McLane Tilton Guest Book, comprising a single volume, spans from July 1909 through January 1913. The Guest Book, which includes the signatures of visiting family members, Naval Officers, Marine Corps Officers, Annapolitans, and various other guests, was kept by Colonel Tilton during the latter years of his retirement while residing at his home in the Lockerman-Tilton House at 9-11 Maryland Avenue in Annapolis.
Charles Todorich's The Old Naval Academy: Buchanan to Blake, 1845-1861, 1981, MS 196
Charles Martin Todorich is a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1970. The volume comprises Todorich's University of Maryland Master of Arts thesis, tracing the history of the United States Naval Academy from its founding until the outbreak of the Civil War.
O. Kemp Tolley Papers, 1867-2000 (bulk 1924-2000), MS 380
Kemp Tolley was a Rear Admiral in the U.S. Navy, noted primarily for his service in the Yangtze Patrol, as a naval attaché, and as captain of the U.S.S. Lanikai (Yacht). The bulk of the papers, which span 1924 to 2000, focus on Tolley's Navy service in China, Russia, and Japan, and his subsequent publications which chronicle that service, as well as his involvement with the Yangtze River Patrol Association and South China Patrol Association.
Instructions for the exercise of the great guns on board H.M.S. Tonnant, 1817-1821 (approximate), MS 28
H.M.S. Tonnant was a third rate ship-of-the-line of the Royal Navy and was originally the lead ship of her class of 80 gun French warships. Instructions for the exercise of the great guns on board H.M.S. Tonnant, comprising a single volume of 18 leaves of text, were likely written between 1817 and 1821. The volume consists of step by step instructions for the preparation and firing of the cannons aboard the British ship-of-the-line H.M.S. Tonnant.
Earl S. Townsend Papers, 1928-1946 (bulk 1929-1932), MS 534
Earl S. Townsend was an enlisted sailor in the United States Navy. The Earl S. Townsend Papers span from 1928 until 1946, with a bulk of the material spanning from 1929 until 1932. The materials are largely the product of and focus on shipboard life during the cruise of U.S.S. West Virginia (Battleship: BB-48) from 1929 until 1932.
Traité des Évolutions Navales, MS 161
No description available.
Logbook of the U.S.S. Trenton, 1877-1879, MS 78
U.S.S. Trenton was a wooden-hulled screw steamer of the United States Navy. Augustus F. Fechteler was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1877. The Logbook of the U.S.S. Trenton was kept by Augustus F. Fechteler between October 1877 and April 1879, while serving his two years mandatory sea service as a Midshipman aboard U.S.S. Trenton, under the command of John L. Davis.
Helen Tripi Diary, 1937, MS 390
The Helen Tripi Diary spans from January to September 1937, with the bulk of the diary entries beginning in July. The diary focuses on the outbreak of hostilities between China and Japan following the Marco Polo Bridge Incident of July 1937, as well as Tripi's travels throughout China.
Journal of the True American, 1818-1819, (transferred to MS 11)
No description available.


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