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The Organization, Administration and Ship's Regulations of the United States Ship Idaho, 1934-1935, MS 87
U.S.S. Idaho was a United States Navy New Mexico Class battleship. The Organization, Administration and Ship's Regulations of the United States Ship Idaho spans from 1934 to 1935. The volume, compiled by Idaho's Executive Officer L. Jordan, Jr., and approved by Commanding Officer Forde A. Todd, consists of the Idaho's mission statement, various procedural bills, and ship's regulations. The volume also includes illustrations for stowage plans, mooring, towing operations, and recovery of planes at sea.
Journal of the U.S.S. Independence, the U.S.S. Fairfield, and the U.S.S. John Adams, 1837-1840, (transferred to MS 5)
No description available.
Index to the Signal Book, [ca. 1790,] MS 191
The volume is an index of Royal Navy signals, divided into two sections: index to signals by day; and index to signals by night. The index to signals by day includes hand-drawn color illustrations of each signal flag, while the index to signals by night notes the number and placement of signal lights for each signal.
Ingersoll Papers, 1864-1968, MS 202
No description available.
H. R. Insley Scrapbook, 1898-1909 (bulk 1908-1909), MS 354
H. R. Insley was a Paymaster in the United States Navy. The scrapbook was compiled by Insley while aboard U.S.S. Wisconsin during that ship's participation in the cruise of the Great White Fleet. The scrapbook includes such items as news clippings, illustrations cut from periodicals, photographs, announcements, invitations, notices, menus, and event programs.
Instructions for Constructing the Several Plans and Draughts of a Ship, MS 62
The instructions are subdivided into sections on sheer plans; body and half breadth; cants by water lines; cants by horizontal ribbands; transoms; beveling; making moulds; building; and launching. The volume also contains a glossary of shipbuilding terms, the costs of various U.S. Navy vessels, and a detailed description of the British steamer Great Western.
Instructions regarding Salutes Established by Her Majesty's Order in Council, 1838, (transferred to MS 1)
No description available.
John Irwin's Log of the cruise of the United States Steamer Thetis, 1896-1897, MS 105
John Irwin, Jr. was a paymaster in the United States Navy and the son of John Irwin, United States Naval Academy Class of 1853. The Log of the cruise of the United States Steamer Thetis spans from September 29, 1896 to April 7, 1897. The log is the personal journal of Thetis' paymaster, John Irwin Jr., recording the daily occurrences aboard Thetis while she was engaged in survey work in the coastal waters of the Baja California peninsula.
John Irwin Notebook, 1854 (approximate), MS 487
John Irwin was an officer in the United States Navy and a member of the United States Naval Academy Class of 1853. The John Irwin Notebook, comprising a single volume, was written by Irwin in approximately 1854. The notebook was kept by Irwin while a Passed Midshipman, possibly while stationed aboard U.S.S. Fulton (Sidewheel steamer).


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