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Updated PROSAIL Instruction

Proficiency Sailing (PROSAIL) a Navy 26.

  • Please see updated Proficiency Sailing Instruction and SOP posted below!

All Midshipmen are eligible to participate in the N26 Proficiency Sailing Program. Additionally, active volunteers supporting Naval Academy Sailing, with a current Volunteer Service Agreement (VSA), may participate in the N26 Proficiency Sailing Program.

The program begins with personalized on the water training sessions designed to teach the basics of sailing and to familiarize patrons with the N26s and our local operating procedures. Advanced sailors still must complete a training session before attempting to qualify.

Once a baseline talent level is achieved through the training sessions a sailor will enter the qualification process which consists of a written quiz and an N26 sailing check ride. If both stages are passed the sailor is qualified and may check out a boat for proficiency sailing free of charge.

For more information or to schedule training sessions please contact LT Brendan Fay, or (410) 293-5616.

For complete instructions, rules, and procedures associated with N26 Proficiency Sailing please review the links below. 

PROSAIL a Navy 44

Navy 44s can be signed out for proficiency sailing by midshipmen and volunteers.   The Navy 44 must have a minimum of one D-qualified personnel on board, and the request must be approved by DNAS on an individual basis.   Crew who are not active duty are required to fill out a Marine Event Liability Waiver.

Below are the forms to submit to the Operations Officer of either the VOST or OSTS program:

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