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ICYRA Trophies

Leonard M. Fowle Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the college with the greatest number of Fowle Trophy points, compiled from the results of the six ICYRA Championships: Dinghy, Team Racing, Women's, Singlehanded (men's and women's), and Sloop.

The Leonard M. Fowle TrophyHistory: The Fowle Trophy honors the late Graduate Secretary of the New England District and Executive Vice President of the ICYRA/NA. Len served in both posts from their creation until his death in 1973 and his devotion to college sailing is without peer. College sailing today had its very beginnings in the organizational ability and personal drive of this one man.

Winners of the Leonard M. Fowle Trophy

1972New York Maritime1992Navy
Year College Year College
1973 New York Maritime 1993 Tufts
1974 Tulane 1994 Tufts
1975 Tufts 1995 Tufts
1976 Tufts 1996 Tufts
1977 Navy 1997 Navy
1978 Navy 1998 College of Charleston
1979 Navy 1999 Tufts
1980 Navy 2000 St Mary's
1981 Navy 2001 Harvard University
1982 Navy 2002 Harvard University
1983 Navy 2003 Harvard University
1984 Tufts 2004 Harvard University
1985 Boston University 2005 Harvard University
1986 College of Charleston 2006 Georgetown University
1987 Navy 2007 College of Charleston
1988 College of Charleston 2008 Boston College
1989 Old Dominion 2009 Yale University
1990 Old Dominion 2010 Boston College
1991 Brown 2011 Boston College
Henry A. Morss Memorial Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded to the school with the best combined scores for the two divisions. This regatta must be sailed in two person dinghies not less than 11 feet, nor more than 15 feet. The regatta is run in the two division fleet racing format that has been most commonly used in the ICYRA's 50 year history.

The Henry A. Morss Memorial TrophyHistory: The North American Dinghy Championship Trophy is a memorial to the late Henry Morss, Boston Yachtsman and 1907 Bermuda Race winner, who was an MIT alumnus and benefactor. The Morss Trophy was presented in 1937 by Charles Francis Adams, Edwin A. Beardman, Charles P. Curtis, Chandler Hovey, and Gerald B. Lambert, nationally known yachtsman. The early competitions were sailed at MIT on the Charles River, but since 1946 the site has been rotated throughout the member districts of the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association.

Winners of Henry A. Morss Memorial Trophy

Year College Year College Year College
1937 MIT 1963 Princeton 1989 Old Dominion
1938 MIT 1964 British Col. 1990 UC-Irvine
1939 MIT 1965 URI 1991 USNA
1940 Princeton 1966 Coast Guard 1992 Dartmouth
1941 Princeton 1967 URI 1993 USNA
1942 Brown 1968 San Diego St 1994 USNA
1943 MIT 1969 San Diego St 1995 USNA
1944 Coast Guard 1970 USC 1996 USMMA
1945 MIT 1971 USC 1997 Tufts
1946 MIT 1972 UC-Irvine 1998 Old Dominion
1947 Yale 1973 Tulane 1999 Boston U
1948 Brown 1974 Harvard 2000 St. Mary's
1949 Yale 1975 Yale 2001 Tufts
1950 Yale 1976 Tufts 2002 St. Mary's
1951 MIT 1977 URI 2003 Harvard
1952 Harvard 1978 USC 2004 University of Hawaii
1953 Harvard 1979 USMMA 2005 Hobart William Smith
1954 MIT 1980 Tufts 2006 College of Charleston
1955 MIT 1981 Tufts 2007 College of Charleston
1956 USNA 1982 Boston U 2008 Georgetown University
1957 USNA 1983 USMMA 2009 St. Mary's
1958 MIT 1984 USMMA    
1959 Harvard 1985 Boston U    
1960 Coast Guard 1986 Charleston    
1961 MIT 1987 USMMA    
1962 Coast Guard 1988 UCI    
Walter Cromwell Wood Bowl - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the college who wins the North American Team Racing Championship.

The Walter Cromwell Wood TrophyHistory: A full round-robin series is sailed with each college racing all opposing colleges once. The Walter C. Wood Trophy was donated by MIT graduates and friends in honor of Walter C. "Jack" Wood of MIT for his outstanding contributions to intercollegiate sailing. Jack was MIT first sailing director and, in conjunction with Len Fowle, was founder of college racing.

Winners of the Walter Cromwell Wood Bowl

Year College Year College
1970 New England I.S.A 1978 U.S. Naval Academy
  URI 1979 U.S. Naval Academy
  Yale 1980 Boston University
  Harvard 1981 Long Beach State
1971 Pacific Coast I.Y.R.A. 1982 Boston University
  San Diego State 1983 USMMA
  USC 1984 Tufts University
1972 Midwest C.S.A. 1985 USC
  University of Michigan 1986 Tulane University
  Michigan State 1987 U.S. Naval Academy
  Notre Dame 1988 UC Irvine
  Ohio Wesleyan 1989 U.S. Naval Academy
1973 Southeastern I.S.A 1990 Old Dominion
  Texas 1991 U.S. Naval Academy
  Tulane University 1992 U.S. Naval Academy
1974 New England I.S.A. 1993 Tufts University
  USCGA 1994 Tufts University
  Harvard 1995 Tufts University
1975 Midwest C.S.A 1996 Tufts University
  University of Michigan 1997 Stanford
  Michigan State 1998 Old Dominion
1976 New England I.S.A 1999 St. Mary's
  Tufts University 2000 St. Mary's
  Yale 2001 Georgetown University
1977 URI    
Gerald C. Miller Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the first place team in women's nationals.

The Gerald C. Miller TrophyHistory: In 1961, the New England Women's Intercollegiate Sailing Association (NEWISA) was formed when New England no longer permitted women to sail in varsity regattas. Eventually NEWISA, and her sister organization, the Middle Atlantic Association of Women Sailors (MAAWS), organized the first women's nationals in 1967. Policies and procedures for the event were set at the ICYRA annual meeting in 1970, and in 1978 the results of the Women's Nationals were first included in the scoring for the Leonard Fowle Trophy. Gerald Miller was the coach at Boston University in the late 1960's and was one of the originators of the first women's nationals.

Winners of the Gerald C. Miller Trophy

Year College Year College
1967 Wilson 1988 Brown
1968 Radcliffe 1989 Brown
1969 Radcliffe 1990 Tufts
1970 Radcliffe 1991 Navy
1971 M.I.T 1992 Dartmouth
1972 Radcliffe 1993 Tufts
1973 M.I.T. 1994 Tufts
1974 Princeton 1995 St. Mary's College
1975 Princeton 1996 Tufts
1976 Princeton 1997 Navy
1977 Princeton 1998 Brown
1978 U.C. Berkeley 1999 Tufts
1979 Navy 2000 Dartmouth
1980 Navy 2001 University of Hawaii
1981 Navy 2002 Old Dominion
1982 Old Dominion 2003 Tufts
1983 Navy 2004 Yale
1984 Tufts 2005 Harvard
1985 Brown 2006 Charleston
1986 Tufts 2007 St. Mary's
1987 Old Dominion 2008 Boston College
    2009 Yale
    2010 College of Charleston
    2011 University of Rhode Island
The Cornelius Shields Sr. Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the North American Intercollegiate Sloop Championships by the ICSA.

The Cornelius Shields Sr. TrophyHistory: The ICYRA/NA Sloop Championship was inaugurated in 1972 with the first championship held at the University of California, Irvine in the Shields class sloops. To commemorate that event, the Pacific Coast I.Y.R.A. donated the Cornelius Shields Trophy. The trophy was named in honor of Mr. Shield of Larchmont, New York, who was one of the most well known sailors of his time, and was one of the largest benefactors of collegiate sailing. He donated more than 80 of the Shields class sloops to colleges throughout the U.S. and was named to the collegiate Hall of Fame in its initial Year.

Winner of the Cornelius Shields Sr. Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1972 University of Michigan 1992 College of Charleston
1973 New York Maritime 1993 Old Dominion
1974 Tulane 1994 St. Mary's College
1975 University of Southern California 1995 U.S. Naval Academy
1976 U. of California, Santa Cruz 1996 U.S. Naval Academy
1977 U.S. Naval Academy 1997 Boston University
1978 U.S. Naval Academy 1998 Kings Point
1979 University of Texas 1999 College of Charleston
1980 U. of California, Irvine 2000 Harvard University
1981 University of Texas 2001 Harvard University
1982 Boston University 2002 Harvard University
1983 U.S. Naval Academy 2003 College of Charleston
1984 U. of California, Santa Barbara 2004 USMMA KP
1985 University of Washington 2005 Texas A&M Galveston
1987 U.S. Naval Academy 2006 College of Charleston
1988 Connecticut College 2007 St. Mary's
1989 Old Dominion 2008 USF
1990 Old Dominion 2009 Boston College
1991 College of Charleston    
Glen S. Foster Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually the winner of the ICYRA North American Singlehanded Championship.

The Glen S. Foster TrophyHistory: This regatta, originated in 1963, is given in appreciation to Mr. Foster for his interest in collegiate sailing and devotion to singlehanded competition, particularly in the Finn class.

Winners of the Glen S. Foster Trophy

Year Recipient College
1963 Basil Twist Jr. Stanford University
1964 Steven C. Martin U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1965 Robert H. Purrington Princeton University
1966 Carl S. Van Duyne Princeton University
1967 Henry Sprague III University of Southern California
1968 Frederick V. Minson U.S. Coast Guard Academy
1969 Thomas W. McLaughlin San Diego State University
1970 Robert E. Doyle Harvard University
1971 William L. Campbell U.S. Naval Academy
1972 Gary A. Jobson New York Maritime College
1973 Gary A. Jobson New York Maritime College
1974 Augustin G. Diaz Tulane University
1975 Roger W. Altreuter Tufts University
1976 James B. McCreary Tufts University
1977 William C. Buchan University of Washington
1978 Paul M. Van Cleve U.S. Naval Academy
1979 Alexander Smigelski Jr. U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1980 R. Stuart Johnstone Tufts University
1981 Robert G. Anoll U.S. Naval Academy
1982 Thomas A. Lihan U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1983 Scott J. MacLeod Tulane University
1984 Brian R. Ledbetter U.S. Naval Academy
1985 Scott J. MacLeod Tulane University
1986 Alexander C. Cutler U.S. Naval Academy
1987 Alexander C. Cutler U.S. Naval Academy
1988 Christopher B. Larson College of Charleston
1989 Michael W. Martin Old Dominion University
1990 Morgan W. Larson College of Charleston
1991 Willis A. Lovell College of Charleston
1992 Bradley M. Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1993 Mark Mendelblatt Tufts University
1994 John Torgerson Old Dominion
1995 William A. Hardestry III U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1996 Senet Bischoff Tufts University
1997 John Torgerson Old Dominion
1998 Marty Essig Queens/Canada
1999 Dalton Bergan University of Southern California
2000 Oskar Johansson Queens/Canada
2001 Bruce Mahoney University of Texas
2002 David J. Wright USMMA KP
2003 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2004 Vincent Porter Harvard University
2005 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2006 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2007 Emery Wagner Stanford University
2008 Thomas Barrows Yale University
2009 Cy Thompson Roger Williams University
The Everett Morris Memorial Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the best collegiate sailor as selected by the ICYRA of North America.

The Everett Morris Memorial TrophyHistory: The U.S. Naval Academy and the executive committee of the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association annually present this trophy to the "Best Intercollegiate Sailor." Captain Everett B. Morris was a world renowned yachting journalist and editor and a member of the Naval Academy's FALES Committee.

Winners of the Everett Morris Memorial Trophy

Year Recipient College
1968 Scott H. Allan University of Southern California
1969 Tim P. Hogan University of Southern California
1970 Richard T. Doyle Notre Dome
1971 Johnathon Wright U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1972 Gary Jobson New York Maritime Academy
1973 Gary Jobson New York Maritime Academy
1974 Augie Diaz Tulane University
1975 Roger Altreuter Tufts University
1976 Peter F. Isler Yale University
1977 Carl Buchan University of Washington
1978 Steve Benjamin Yale University
1979 Alexander Smigelski U.S. Merchant Maine Academy
1980 R. Stuart Johnstone Tufts University
1981 Paul Dickey Tufts University
1982 Ken Read Boston University
1983 Morgan Reeser U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1984 Morgan Reeser U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1985 John M. Renehen U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1986 Bradford S. Read Boston University
1987 Robert E. Hallawell U.S. Naval Academy
1988 Chris Larson College of Charleston
1989 Terry Hutchinson Old Dominion University
1990 Terry Hutchinson Old Dominion University
1991 Willis A. Lovell College Charleston
1992 Bradley M. Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1993 Bradley M. Rodi U.S. Naval Academy
1994 Tyler W. Moore College of Charleston
1995 Ryan Cox U.S. Naval Academy
1996 Senet Bischoff Tufts University
1997 Tim Wadlow Boston University
1998 William A. Hardesty U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
1999 Mark Ivey St. Mary's College
2000 Dalton Bergan University of Southern California
2001 Tyler Pruett Boston College
2002 Sean W. Doyle Harvard University
2003 Clay Bishoff Harvard University
2004 Cardwell Potts Harvard University
2005 Mikee Anderson USC
2006 Andrew Campbell Georgetown University
2007 Trevor Moore Hobart William Smith
2008 Chris Behm Georgetown University
2009 Charlie Buckingham Georgetown University
Robert M. Allan Sr. Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winners of the "A" division in the ICYRA Dinghy championship.

The Robert M. Allan Sr. TrophyHistory: The Robert M. Allan Sr. Trophy was donated in memory of Robert M. Allan, Sr, who timeless to collegiate yacht racing is represented in this trophy.

Winners of the Robert M. Allan Sr. Trophy

Year Recipient College Year Recipient College
1937 C. Runyon Colie MIT 1982 Morgan Reeser USMMA
1938 Stuart Allbright Dartmouth 1983 F. Nevin Sayr Tufts
1939 Ralph Fletcher Brown 1984 Morgan Reeser USMMA
1940 Roger Wilcox Harvard 1985 Bradford Read Boston U.
1941 Leonard Romagna Brown 1986 Mike Pinckney Charleston
1942 Russell Mattern Boston U. 1987 Peter Reneha USMMA
1943 Samuel Parkinson MIT 1988 John Pinckney UCI
1944 George O'Day Harvard 1989 Terry Hutchinson ODU
1945 Charles Bloomer MIT 1990 Charles Ulmer Tufts
1946 Charles Hunt MIT 1991 Brad Rodi Navy
1947 Robert Monetti Yale 1992 Chris McDowel Dartmouth
1948 Robert Monetti Yale 1993 Brad Rodi Navy
1949 Charles L. III Brown 1994 Tim Healy St. Mary's
1950 Robert Monetti Yale 1995 Mark Mendelblatt Tufts
1951 Robert Nickerso MIT 1996 Bill Hardesty USMMA
1952 Lawrence Shep UC 1997 Graeme Woodworth Tufts
1953 Charles Hoppin Harvard 1998 Steven Hunt Charleston
1954 William Bucha U. Wash 1999 Jon Baker Tufts
1955 Alan DeBrec MIT 2000 Anthony Kotoun St. Mary'
1956 Frederic Hoppin Harvard 2001 Pete Levesque Tufts
1957 James Googe Navy 2002 Brian Lake Hawaii
1958 Bruce Goldsmith U. Michigan 2003 Clay Bisoff Harvard
1959 Harold Brown Boston U. 2004 Brian Lake Hawaii
1960 Ronald Marshall OSU 2005 Brian Lake Hawaii
1961 Peter Gray MIT 2006 Andrew Campbell Georgetown
1962 Jhon Wuestneck USCGA 2007 Russ O'Riely Charleston
1963 Carter Ford Harvard 2008 Andrew Perry Brown
1964 Colin Park Brit Col 2009 Thomas Barrows Yal
1965 Henry Schofield UCLB      
1966 Kim Desenberg Stanford      
1967 Scott Allan USC      
1968 Thomas McLaughlin SD State      
1969 John Dane Tulane      
1970 Argyle Campbell Navy      
1971 Rolin Whyte URI      
1972 Gary Jobson USMMA      
1973 William Campbell Navy      
1974 Terry Neff Harvard      
1975 Mark Laura U. Wash      
1976 Douglas Bergh UC Berk      
1977 Ross Griffith USC      
1978 Mark Rastello UCLA      
1979 Stuart Johnstone Tufts      
1980 Jack Slatter Boston U.      
1981 Paul Dicke Tufts      
Robert M. Allan Jr. Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winners of the "B" division in the ICYRA Dinghy championship.

The Robert M. Allan Jr. Trophy

Winners of the Robert M. Allan Jr. Trophy

Year Recipient College Year Recipient College
1937 John R. Fales Princeton 1982 Kenneth W. Read Boston U.
1938 F. Gardner Cox Princeton 1983 Allen Lindsey USMMA
1939 C. Runyon Colie MIT 1984 Allen Lindsey USMMA
1940 Leonard Romagna Brown 1985 Peter Melvi Boston U.
1941 F. Gardner Cox Princeton 1986 George H. Slook Navy
1942 Leonard Romagna Brown 1987 Robert Hallawell Navy
1943 Harold Boerick MIT 1988 James B. Weber ODU
1944 Arthur Fontaine USCGA 1989 Per J. Lovfald Navy
1945 Leigh A. Brite MIT 1990 Mike Sturman UCI
1946 Davenport Lindsay Holy Cross 1991 Susan S. Minton Navy
1947 John M. Clark USCGA 1992 Dave Mendelblatt Tufts
1948 Frederick Wilso Brown 1993 Morgan Larson U. Hawaii
1949 Robert F. Coulson Yale 1994 Nick Trotman Tufts
1950 Lawrence A. Shep UC 1995 Andy Beeckma UC Irvine
1951 Charles S. Hoppin Harvard 1996 Peter Well UC Irvine
1952 Charles S. Hoppin Harvard 1997 Tim Fallon Tufts
1953 James Nathanson Harvard 1998 Mark Zagol ODU
1954 Alan J. DeBere MIT 1999 Brian Stanford Boston U.
  Lewis J. Bedford UCLA 2000 Dalton Berga USC
1955 Fred A. Brooks MIT 2001 Margaret Gill Harvard
1956 James P. Goege Navy 2002 Brent Jansen St. Mary's
1957 A. Wallace Everest Boston U. 2003 Cardwell Potts Harvard
1958 William Widnall MIT 2004 John Pearce HWS
1959 William Saltonastall Harvard 2005 Trevor Moore HWS
1960 John A. Wuestneck USCGA 2006 Russ O'Riely Charleston
1961 Donald E. Nelson MIT 2007 Thomas Barrows Yale
1962 Colin N. Park Brit Col 2008 Charlie Buckingham Georgetown
1963 Edward Greenberg Princeton 2009 Michael Menninger St. Mary's
1964 George Vandervort SD State      
1965 David S. Miller        
1966 James T. Ingham USCGA      
1967 Harry Schofield CSU, LB      
1968 Edward O. Butler SD State      
1969 Thomas E. Bernard USCGA      
1970 Timothy P. Hoga USC      
1971 Paul Hunrichs USC      
1972 Jeff McDermaid UCI      
1973 Douglas Bull Tulane      
1974 Michael Crowley USMMA      
1975 Peter Isler Yale      
1976 Peter Isler Yale      
1977 Joseph Balaconis USMMA      
1978 Danforth G. Knapp URI      
1979 Kelly Gough Texas      
1980 F. Nevin Sayre Tulane      
1981 Ralph Kinder Tulane      
Oxford University Yacht Club Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the second place team in the ICYRA Dinghy Championships.

The Oxford University Yacht Club TrophyHistory: This trophy was presented to the ICYRA by the Oxford University Yacht Club team and its Captain Jeremy Thomas in 1954 on the occasion of the first of a continuing series of British Universities vs. North American Colleges regattas held alternately in the United States and Great Britain every two years. The trophy has become emblematic of the second place team in the ICYRA Dinghy Championships.

Winners of the Oxford University Yacht Club Trophy

Year College Year College
1937 Harvard 1975 San Diego State
1938 Brown 1976 Webb
1939 Princeton 1977 Tufts
1940 MIT 1978 Yale
1941 Harvard 1979 Tufts
1942 MIT 1980 Boston University
1943 Harvard 1981 Yale
1944 Harvard 1982 USMMA
1945 USCGA 1983 Tufts
1946 USCGA 1984 Navy
1947 USCGA 1985 USMMA
1948 Yale 1986 Brown
1949 Brown 1987 Kings Point
1950 California 1988 Old Dominion University
1951 Harvard 1989 Navy
1952 Navy 1990 Old Dominion University
1953 Navy 1991 Brown
1954 Harvard 1992 Navy
1955 Navy 1993 Navy
1956 Brown 1994 Tufts
1957 MIT 1995 UC Berkeley
1958 University of Michigan 1996 UC Irvine
1959 Boston University 1997 Boston University
1960 Princeton 1998 USMMA
1961 Navy 1999 St. Mary's College
1962 Harvard 2000 Hobart & William Smith
1963 Harvard 2001 Harvard
1964 San Diego State 2002 Harvard
1965 San Diego State 2003 Hawaii
1966 Tufts 2004 Georgetown
1967 Princeton 2005 Hawaii
1968 Yale 2006 Georgetown University
1969 USC 2007 Dartmouth College
1970 University of Michigan 2008 Boston College
1971 Harvard 2009 Yale
1972 New York Maritime Academy    
1973 Yale    
1974 Tufts    
Metropolitan Sailing League Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the third place team in the Dinghy Championship.

The Metropolitan Sailing League TrophyHistory: This Trophy was a first presented in 1971 and is awarded to the third place team in the ICYRA Dinghy Championship.

Winners of the Metropolitan Sailing League Trophy

Year College Year College
1937 Princeton 1975 Tufts
1938 Williams 1976 Yale
1939 Brown 1977 University Washington
1940 Brown 1978 University of Rhode Island
1941 Brown 1979 Navy
1942 Harvard 1980 Navy
1943 Brown 1981 Tulane
1944 MIT 1982 C.S.U. Long Beach
1945 Yale 1983 Navy
1946 Holy Cross 1984 University of Washington
1947 Brown 1985 USC
1948 Navy 1986 Tulane
1949 Harvard 1987 Navy
1950 George Washington 1988 Charleston
1951 California 1989 U.C. Irvine
1952 MIT 1990 Tufts
1953 MIT 1991 Old Dominion
1954 UCLA 1992 St. Mary's College
1955 Princeton 1993 University of Hawaii
1956 University of Michigan 1994 College of Charleston
1957 Boston University 1995 U.C. Irvine
1958 Navy 1996 College of Charleston
1959 Princeton 1997 College of Charleston
1960 Navy 1998 Hobart & William Smith
1961 Harvard 1999 Harvard
1962 Brit. College 2000 USC
1963 San Diego State 2001 Dartmouth
1964 MIT 2002 Hawaii
1965 C.S.U. Long Beach 2003 St. Mary's
1966 Ohio State 2004 Hobart & William Smith
1967 C.S.U. Long Beach 2005 Dartmouth College
1968 Tulane 2006 Harvard University
1969 Tulane 2007 Yale
1970 Yale 2008 St. Mary's
1971 University of Rhode Island 2009 Georgetown
1972 Brit. College    
1973 U.C. Irvine    
1974 Tulane    
The Madeline Cup - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the ICYRA women's championship in the "A" division.

The Madeline CupHistory: This trophy, along with the Judy Lawson Trophy, were first given in 1967. The Madeline Cup is awarded to the low point skipper of "A" division in the ICYRA Women's Dinghy Championship. Ms. Madeline was the graduate secretary of MAAWS and helped initiate the first women's nationals.

Winners of the The Madeline Cup

Year Recipient College
1967 Ruth McDowell MIT
1968 Nance Lowe Wilson
1969 Jane Chalmers Radcliffe
1970 Priscilla Storer Radcliffe
1971 Kathy Jones MIT
1972 Maria Bouto MIT
1973 Barbie Grant Radcliffe
1974 Nina Nielsen Princeton
1975 Alison Jolly Columbia
1976 Alison Jolly Florida State
1977 Anne Presto Princeton
1978 Nell Taylor Yale
1979 Carol Par Penn State
1980 Joni Palmer Miami Ohio
1981 Mary Brigden Navy
1982 Amy Wardell Yale
1983 Pam Corwin Navy
1984 Liz Morro Tufts
1985 J. J. Fetter Yale
1986 Justine Tomcheck Tufts
1987 Roslyn Rea Northwestern
1988 Kris Farrar Brown
1989 Hannah Swett Brown
1990 Susan Minton Navy
1991 Susan Minton Navy
1992 Susan Minton Navy
1993 Tracy Hayley Connecticut College
1994 Nicole Breault Yale
1995 Danielle Brennan St. Mary's College
1996 Katherine McDowel Tufts
1997 Tracy Hayley Connecticut College
1998 Katy McDowell Brown
1999 Liz Bent Georgetown
2000 Margaret Gill Harvard
2001 Molly O'Bryan University of Hawaii
2002 Sally Barkow Old Dominion
2003 A.J. Crane Tufts
2004 A.J. Crane Tufts
2005 Anna Tunacliffe Old Dominion
2006 Alana O'Riely Charleston
2007 Adrienne Patterson St. Mary's
2008 Jane Mackey Yale
2009 Jane Mackey Yale
The Judy Lawson Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the ICYRA women's championship in the "B" division.

The Judy Lawson TrophyHistory: This trophy, along with the Madeline Cup, was fist give in 1967. The Judy Lawson trophy is given to the low point skipper of the "B" division in the ICYRA Women's Dinghy Championship

Winners of the Judy Lawson Trophy

Year Recipient College
1967 Lucy Thomson Wilson
1968 Jane Chalmers Radcliffe
1969 Anne Buhr Skidmore
1970 Sue Barneson USC
1971 Maria Bolo MIT
1972 Janice Stroud Radcliffe
1973 Shelley Bernstein MIT
1974 Marie Roehm Radcliffe
  Marilee Allan Princeton
1975 Anne Preston Princeton
1976 Anne Preston Princeton
1977 Becky Wood University of Rhode Island
1978 Vicki Call University of California Berkeley
1979 Kathy Karlson Navy
1980 Mary Brigden Navy
1981 Deborah Dunbar Navy
1982 Deborah Dunbar Navy
1983 J. J. Fetter Yale
1984 Heather Gregg Tufts
1985 Joann Norma Old Dominion University
1986 Heather Gregg Tufts
1987 Flurry Norman Old Dominion University
1988 Betsy Healey Boston University
1989 Julie Easom Tufts
1990 Carolyn Ulander Connecticut College
1991 Perry Reeves St. Mary's College
1992 Kristin Doyle Dartmouth
1993 Carisa Harris Tufts7
1994 Madeleine Hughes St. Mary's College
1995 Elizabeth Graves St. Mary's College
1996 Caitlin Macallister Tufts
1997 Julie Younger Navy
1998 Leigh Lucas Dartmouth
1999 Jen Provan Tufts
2000 Jen Provan Tufts
2001 Jamie Smith St. Mary's College
2002 Emma Lichtenstei Brown University
2003 Ali Sharp St. Mary's
2004 Elizabeth Roundtree Stanford
2005 Caroline Young Stanford
2006 Taylor Grimes Stanford
2007 Allie Blecher Charleston
2008 Elizabeth Barry Brown
2009 Anne Haeger Boston College
The Kleckner Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the second place team in the ICYRA Women's Dinghy Championship

The Kleckner TrophyHistory: This trophy along with the Miller Trophy was established in 1967. It is given to the second place team in the ICYRA Women's Dinghy Championships and honors Nancy Kleckner, the first graduate secretary of NEWISA.

Winners of the Kleckner Trophy

Year College Year College
1967 Cornell 1990 Brown
1968 Wilson 1991 Brown
1969 MIT 1992 College of Charleston
1970 MIT 1993 College of Charleston
1971 Boston University 1994 St. Mary's College
1972 MIT 1995 Navy
1973 Radcliffe 1996 Navy
1974 U.C. San Diego 1997 Brown
1975 Tufts 1998 Dartmouth
1976 MIT 1999 Dartmouth
1977 Yale 2000 Tufts
1978 Navy 2001 Dartmouth
1979 Yale 2002 Hawaii
1980 Boston University 2003 St. Mary's
1981 Tufts 2004 Harvard
1982 Tufts 2005 Charleston
1983 Tufts 2006 Georgetown
1984 Yale 2007 Charleston
1985 Boston University 2008 Brown
1986 Brown 2009 Charleston
1987 Brown    
1988 Dartmouth    
1989 Tufts    
The John F. Kennedy Memorial Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the National Collegiate Large Yacht Championship.

The John F. Kennedy Memorial TrophyHistory: The John F. Kennedy Memorial Trophy was presented to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1965 by Mr. C. Robert Yeager in behalf of the many friends of the late President. President Kennedy's love for sailing is perpetuated in the annual competition for the trophy.

Winner of The John F. Kennedy Memorial Trophy

Year College Recipient
1965 Harvard Edwin Butler
1966 Navy Robert L. Hamilton, Jr.
1967 Stanford Robert M. Allan III
1968 Stanford Thomas McCarthy
1969 Cornell David McFaul
1970 Tulane John Dane III
1971 Tulan John Dane III
1972 USMMA Jere White
1973 University of Michigan Bruce Nelson
1974 Dartmouth Albert G. Tierney
1975 University of Texas-Austin Mark Hulings
1976 Yale Peter Isler
1977 Navy Richard O'Sullivan
1978 University of Tennessee Fred Walters
1979 Tufts Maurice Kurg
1980 Navy Nick Madigan
1981 Navy Nick Madigan
1982 Navy Dixon Smith
1983 New York Maritime William Hough
1984 USC-Santa Barbara Scott Dierdorff
1985 Texas A&M-Galveston Mike Wachter
1986 University of Rhode Island Marc Fischer
1987 University of Rhode Island Marc Fischer
1988 Navy Dan Whitney
1989 Navy Charles Pucciariello
1990 Navy Kevin Hawko
1991 University of Rhode Island Mark Lyons
1992 University of Rhode Island Mark Lyons
1993 Navy Oliver Vietor
1994 USC Shawn Bennett
1995 Navy Stephen Karson
1996 University of Rhode Island Jeff Gladchun
1997 Navy Ryan McCrillis
1998 University of Rhode Island Jeff Gladchun
1999 College of Charleston David Dabney
2000 College of Charleston Alan Uram
2001 Massachusetts Maritime Keith O'Leary
2002 College of Charleston Marcus Eagan
2003 College of Charleston  
2004 University of Rhode Island Michael Campbell
2005 King's Point  
2006 University of Rhode Island  
2007 Navy Matt Recker
2008 University of Rhode Island  
2009 Cal Maritime  
2010 Maine Maritime  


Navy Dillon Rossiter


Navy Andrew Shea
Sir Thomas Lipton Memorial Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

This trophy was given for the purpose of encouraging international and intersectional team racing between bona fide colleges and associations thereof. The challenge of the competition shall be comprised of not less than three or more than six crews

Sir Thomas Lipton Memorial TrophyHistory:  From the estate of Sir Thomas Lipton (1850-1931) this memorial trophy was offered to the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association of North America (ICYRA of NA) by Robert Bartly Smallwood in 1952 for Intercollegiate Yacht Racing to perpetuate the bonds of friendship and sailing forged by the famous British sportsman.

Winners of the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup

Year Team Year Team
1953 NEISA 1979 ICYRA
1954 NEISA 1981 BUSA
1955 NEISA 1983 ICYRA
1956 PCIYRA 1985 ICYRA
1957 Midwest CSA 1987 ICYRA
1958 Midwest CSA 1989 ICYRA
1959 BUSA 1991 BUSA
1960 BUSA 1993 ICYRA
1962 ICYRA of NA 1995 ICYRA
1965 ICYRA of NA 1997 ICYRA
1967 BUSA 1999 BUSA
1969 BUSA    
1971 BUSA    
1973 ICYRA of NA    
1975 BUSA    
1977 BUSA    
The John Lord King Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the match racing series between two teams with three races comprising the series.

The John Lord King TrophyHistory: This trophy, along with the British-America, Lipton, and Performance Sailcraft trophies, was established in 1967. It is usually sailed in larger yawls and more recently in the Navy 44's.

Winners of the John Lord King Trophy

Year Team Year Team
1967 ICYRA 1987 ICYRA
  David Curtis 1989 ICYRA
  David Coit   Peter Alarie
  David Halberstadt   Zack Leonard
  James Ingham   Jamie Malm
  Charles Lamson   Charlie Ogletree
  Frederick Minson   John Lovell
1969 ICYRA   Per Lovfald
  David Coit 1991 BUSA
  Timothy Hogan   Ian Walker
  Richard Doyle   Roger Morris
  John Meyer   Michael Bayne
  Christopher Seaver   Greg Eaton
  Robert Doyle   Chris Fox
1971 BUSA   Chris McDonald
  Nicholas Martin   Andy Richards
  Peter Claydon   Rob Gorrod
  Peter Cooper 1993 ICYRA
  Alan Curran   Mike Zani
  Robert Martin   Rich Feeney
  John Ross Murphy   Josh Adams
1973 BUSA   Brad Rodi
  Alan Curran   Jeff Olson
  Brian Curran   Bob Merrick
  Philip Crebbin 1995 ICYRA
  Michael Barradell-Smith 1997 ICYRA
  Richard Hyde   Tim Wadlow
  Derek Clark   Graeme Woodworth
1975 BUSA   Jesse Andrews
  Jon Redding   Harcourt Schutz
  Nigel Allso   Mark Ivey
  Peter Barrett   Andy Beeckman
  Patrick Blaney   Will Stout
  Mike Hoyle 1999 No Tour
  Jo Richards 2001 ICSA
  Mark Roskell   Brian Stanford
1971 BUSA   Ryan Costello
  Will Henderson   Sean Doyle
  Nigel Barrow   Patrick Hogan
  Steve Chiverton   Pete Levesque
  Mike Wigmore   Bruce Mahoney
  Cathy Foster   Jen Morgan
  David Giles    
  Richard Russell    
  Richard Stanley    
  Mike Taylor    
1979 Draw    
1981 ICYRA    
1983 Draw    
1985 ICYRA    
  Jay Renehan    
  Al Krueger    
  Jamie Cummisky    
  Zach Orlov    
  Jon Pinkney    
  Rick Merriman    
The British America Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the British and American team racing championship.

The British America TrophyHistory: This trophy, presented in 1954 by Mr. Kenneth H. Preston, Commodore of the Oxford University Yacht Club, is intended to promote the sport of team racing in yachts between the Universities of Great Britain and the United States of America.

Winners of the British America Trophy

Year Team
1975 BUSA
1977 ICYRA
1979 BUSA
1981 ICYRA
1983 ICYRA
1985 ICYRA
1987 ICYRA
1989 Not Held
1991 BUSA
1993 ICYRA
1995 BUSA
1997 BUSA
1999 No Tour
The Janet Lutz Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the winner of the ICYRA North American Singlehanded Women's Championship.

The Janet Lutz TrophyHistory: This regatta, first held in the fall of 1994, was named in appreciation of Janet Lutz. Janet graduated from Bouve, Boston in 1952 and then went on to receive her masters in education from Syracuse in 1958. Janet became a teacher as well as the sailing coach at Pembroke where in 1961 she was one of the founders of NEWISA. She remained at Pembroke, which later merged with Brown University, for 32 years. Janet retired in 1990.

Winners of the Janet Lutz Trophy

Year Recipient College
1995 Danielle Brennan St. Mary's College
1996 Katherine E. McDowell Tufts
1997 Danielle Brennan St. Mary's College
1998 Danielle Brennan St. Mary's College
1999 Margaret Gill Harvard/ Radcliffe
2000 Anika Leerssen Stanford
2001 Margaret Gill Harvard
2002 Amanda Clark Conn College
2003 Anna Tunniclife Old Dominion
2004 Anna Tunniclife Old Dominion
2005 Anna Tunniclife Old Dominion
2006 Molly Carapiet Yale
2007 Shannon Heusler Charleston
2008 Krista Rhode USCGA
2009 Annie Haeger Boston College
2010 Annie Haeger Boston College
The Ann Campbell Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the third pace team in ICSA National Women's Championship.

The Ann Campbell TrophyHistory: Ann Campbell has been a long time graduate secretary for the MAISA Collegiate Sailing District. The award was created to recognize Ann's many years of exceptional service to Collegiate Sailing.

Winners of the Ann Campbell Trophy

Year College
1993 St. Mary's College
1994 Dartmouth College
1995 Dartmouth College
1996 Dartmouth College
1997 Connecticut College
1998 Connecticut College
1999 Connecticut College
2000 Boston College
2001 St. Mary's College
2002 St. Mary's College
2003 Old Dominion
2004 US Naval Academy
2005 Georgetown
2006 St. Mary's College
2007 Stanford
2008 Yale
2009 Boston College
The George Griswold Trophy - ICYRA Trophies

Awarded annually to the second place finisher in the ICSA National Singlehanded Sailing Championship.

The George Griswold TrophyHistory: The award was established in 1995 to recognize George Griswold for his three decades of outstanding service to Collegiate Sailing. George was the graduated secretary for the MCSA District and led many schools in the formation and development of their teams throughout the Midwest and United States.

Winners of the George Griswold Trophy

Year Recipient College
1996 William Stout U.S. Naval Academy
1997 Brett Davis Harvard University
1998 Jonathan Baker Tufts University
1999 Mark Zagol Old Dominion University
2000 Bernard Luttmer Queen's University
2001 Bernard Luttmer Queen's University
2002 Bradley Funk Old Dominion
2003 Clayton Biscoff Harvard
2004 David Wright USMMA
2005 Clay Johnson Harvard
2006 Clay Johnson Harvard
2007 Trevor Moore Hobart William Smith
2008 Reed Johnson Boston College
2009 Kyle Rogachenko Old Dominion
2010 Frederick Strammer Brown University
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