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Midshipmen Trophies

John Paul Jones Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded to the midshipman of the graduating class who has done the most for Intercollegiate Sailing at the Naval Academy.  Qualities of leadership, character, spirit, sportsmanship, sailing skills, and effort are determining factors.

The john paul jones TrophyHistory: This trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by Mr. Carleton Mitchell, former Rear Commodore of the Cruising Club of America, and by Mr. Decoursey Fales, former Commodore of the New York Yacht Club.  The trophy is awarded annually to the midshipman of the graduating class on the Intercollegiate team and is the team's highest honor.

Winners of the John Paul Jones Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1952 J. William Sherar 1987 Edward Eckert
1953 Robert A. Schaller 1988 Alexander Cutler
1954 Ferdinand I. Collins, Jr. 1989 Per J. Lovfald
1955 George T. Atkins, Jr. 1990 Keith B. Davis
1956 Nicholas Brown 1991 Tim Wachendorfer
1957 James P. Googe, Jr. 1992 Susan Minton
1958 Gene H. Porter 1993 Brad Rodi
1959 John J. King 1994 David G. Fagen
1960 Frederick B. Johnson 1995 Ryan Cox
1961 Alfred A. Maybach, Jr. 1996 R.D. Burley
1962 Edwards S. Little 1997 Erica Museler
1963 Julian M. Wright, Jr. 1998 William Stout
1964 Henry H. Clark 1999 Eugene Schmitt
1965 Mark S. Davis 2000 Wade Tornyos
1966 Robert L. Hamilton 2001 L. Parker Garrett
1967 Frederick Cazenave, Jr. 2002 Travis Weber
1968 Joseph M. Solymossy 2003 Emily B. duPont
1969 Royal D. Joslin 2004 Alexa Bestoso
1970 Daniel H. Rugg 2005 Stephen Gay
1971 James J. Sheppard 2006 John Applebaum
1972 Colin C. Huddleston 2007 Gary Grimes
1973 Patrick E. Young 2008 Charlotte Hill
1974 Christopher MacMurray 2009 Andrew Vann
1975 William S. Wolff 2010 Martin Sterling
1976 Douglas W. Hart 2011 Rober Vann
1977 Peter Hyers 2012 Jason Carminati
1978 Paul K. Lynch 2013 Taylor Vann
1979 Douglas W. Keiler 2014 Michael Grove
1980 Gerard T. Coleman 2015 Mary Hall
1981 Gerald N. Madigan 2016 Michael Popp
1982 John J. Doherty 2017 Patrick Snow
1983 Dixon R. Smith 2018 Gary Prieto
1984 Cheryl Lee Karr 2019 Ana Mier
1985 Richard Merriman
1986 George H. Slook
Albert (Rusty) Cavileer Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Won annually by the midshipman who contributed the most to varsity double handed sailing during the year through leadership, sailing skills, and dedication to the team.

The Caileer TrophyHistory: Mr. Albert C. Cavileer, a chartered member of the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron from 1947 to 1962, served as a sailing coach and advisor to the midshipmen on the yawls and ocean racers.  The midshipmen and members of NASS presented this bowl in honor of their friend for his devotion to the midshipman sailing program.

Winners of Albert (Rusty) Cavileer Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1963 Midn 2/c M.S. Davis 1993 Midn 1/c Brad Rodi
1964 Midn 1/c M. S. Davis 1994 Midn 2/c Ryan Cox
1965 Midn 2/c R.L. Hamilton 1995 Midn 2/c R.D. Burley
1966 Midn 1/c R.L. Hamilton 1996 Midn 2/c Walter Allman
1967 Midn 1/c A.H. Higgs 1997 Midn 2/c William Stout
1968 Midn 1/c R.H. Stoll 1998 Midn 1/c Dean Balcirak III
1969 Midn 1/c D.R. Frieden 1999 Midn 1/c Wade Tornyos
1970 Midn 1/c R.L. McKay 2000 Midn 1/c Grant Garcia
1971 Midn 1/c G.A. Harvey 2001 Midn 2/c Travis Weber
1972 Midn 2/c C.C. MacMurray 2002 Midn 2/c Tory Treaccer
1973 Midn 1/c R.S. Brown 2003 Midn 1/c Richard Lang
1974 Midn 2/c C.A. Chenault 2004 Midn 1/c Robert Anderson
1976 Midn 1/c D.W. Hart 2005 Midn 2/c John Keith
1977 Midn 1/c P. Labossiere 2006 Midn 2/c Gary Grimes
1978 Midn 1/c Timothy McGee 2007 Midn 1/c Gary Grimes
1979 Midn 2/c Milton T. Craig 2008 Midn 1/c Andrew Vann
1980 Midn 1/c Milton T. Craig 2009 Midn 3/c Robert Vann
1981 Midn 2/c Mark E. Converse 2010 Midn 2/c Robert Vann
1982 Midn 1/c Mark E. Converse 2011 Midn 1/c Clark Hayes
1983 Midn 2/c Harold Gilreath 2012 Midn 3/c Michael Grove
1984 Midn 2/c Richard Merriman 2013 Midn 2/c Michael Grove
1985 Midn 1/c Althea Coetzee 2014 Midn 2/c Mary Hall
1986 Midn 2/c Robert E. Hallawell 2015 Midn 2/c Michael Popp
1987 Midn 1/c Robert E. Hallawell 2016 Midn 2/c Patrick Snow
1988 Midn 1/c Julienne Almonte 2017 Midn 2/c Patrick Snow
1989 Midn 2/c Keith B. Davis 2018 Midn 1/c Peter Hogan
1990 Midn 1/c Keith B. Davis 2019 MIDN 2/c Parker Loftus
1991 Midn 3/c Brad Rodi
1992 Midn 2/c Brad Rodi
Julia Babineau Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the midshipman who has contributed the most to the intercollegiate team as a crew member through leadership, sailing skills, and dedication to the team.

The juliaTrophyHistory: This trophy is dedicated in memory of Coast Guard Cadet Julia Babineau, who was an exchange student to the Naval Academy in 1980.  Julia sailed for the Naval Academy and became a valued and special member of the dinghy team as a varsity crew.  The following spring, she was tragically killed in a sailing accident at the Coast Guard Academy.

Winners of the Julia Babineau Trophy

Year Recipient
1989 Midn 1/c Sally Chamberlain
1990 Midn 2/c Shane Baldino
1991 Midn 1/c Jeri Lea Smalley
1992 Midn 1/c Reid McLaughlin
1993 Midn 1/c Paul Kenney
1994 Midn 1/c Heather Keane
1995 Midn 1/c Blanca Funes
1996 Midn 2/c Erica Museler
1997 Midn 1/c Jessica Danluck
1998 Midn 1/c Susan Olivier
1999 Midn 1/c Maria V. Alsina
2000 Midn 2/c Maura McGovern
2001 Midn 2/c Emily Spencer
2002 Midn 2/c Sarah Atwater
2003 Midn 2/c Robert Anderson
2004 Midn 2/c Monica Meese
2005 Midn 2/c John Applebaum
2006 Midn 2/c Andrea White
2007 Midn 2/c Maggre Reynolds
2008 Midn 1/c Kristen Sproat
2009 Midn 2/c Christina Chance
2010 Midn 1/c Christina Chance
2011 Midn 2/c Saverio Maldari
2012 Midn 1/c Saverio Maldari
2013 Midn 2/c Glenn McKenna 
2014 Midn 1/c Layne Morrison
2015 Midn 2/c Alex Asuncion
2016 Midn 1/c Megan Hough
2017 Midn 1/c Molly Robertson
2018 Midn 2/c Ana Mier
2019 Midn 1/c Ana Mier
Class of 1916 Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

This award honors the outstanding single handed sailor on the intercollegiate sailing team.

The class of 1916History: The Class of 1916 Trophy was presented to the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron by the late Harris K. Lyle in 1976.  It honors six fellow students from the Class of 1916 lost in enemy action.  Those remembered with this trophy include RADM Henry M. Mullinix, RADM Charles P. Cecil, CAPT Casain Young, CAPT Frank Marston, CAPT Edward C. Fuller, USMC, and LTJG Stanton F. Kalk.

Winners of the Class of 1916 Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1977 Midn 3/c Paul Van Cleve 2000 Midn 3/c Travis Weber
1978 Midn 2/c Paul Van Cleve 2001 Midn 4/c Justin B. Smith
1979 Midn 1/c Paul Van Cleve 2002 Midn 4/c Spencer Weber
1980 Midn 2/c Robert K. Anoll 2003 Midn 3/c Spencer Weber
1981 Midn 1/c Robert K. Anoll 2004 Midn 1/c Alexa Bestoso
1982 Midn 4/c Richard Merriman 2005 Midn 3/c Chuck Fulmer
1983 Midn 3/c Brian Ledbetter 2006 Midn 3/c Charlotte Hill
1984 Midn 2/c Brian Ledbetter 2007 Midn 3/c William Fletcher
1985 Midn 1/c Brian Ledbetter 2008 Midn 3/c Martin Sterling
1986 Midn 3/c Alexander Cutler 2009 Midn 3/c Alejandro Ravelo
1987 Midn 2/c Alexander Cutler 2010 Midn 1/c Martin Sterling
1988 Midn 1/c Alexander Cutler 2011 Midn 1/c Alejandro Ravelo
1989 Midn 1/c Charles Pucciaariello 2012 Midn 3/c Marissa Lihan
1990 Midn 1/c Keith B. Davids 2013 Midn 2/c Marissa Lihan
1991 Midn 1/c Tim Wachendorfer 2014 Midn 1/c Marissa Lihan
1992 Midn 2/c Brad Rodi 2015 Midn 1/c Phil Youngberg
1993 Midn 2/c Eric Naranjo 2016 Midn 3/c Gary Prieto
1994 Midn 1/c Eric Naranjo  2017  Midn 2/c Gary Prieto
1995 Midn 1/c Manning Montagnet 2018   Midn 1/c Gary Prieto
1996  Midn 1/c Robert Robinson 2019 MIDN 2/c Jessica McJones
1997  Midn 4/c Dalton Bergan
1998  Midn 2/c Eugene Schmitt
1999 Midn 1/c Eugene Schmitt
Cornelius Shields Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Won annually by the midshipman of the intercollegiate team who contributed the most to Varsity sloop sailing through leadership, dedication to the team, and sailing skills.

The Cornelius Shields Sr. TrophyHistory: Established by NASS in honor of Mr. Cornelius Shields, Sr., this trophy recognizes his support of the Naval Academy Sailing program.  Mr. Shields donated five Shields sloops to the Academy and served a number of years on the Fales Committee as an advisor.  It also honors his long and exciting career as a yachtsman.  He has the rare distinction of twice winning the Seawanhaka Cup, was the first winner of the Mallory Trophy and skippered Columbia during the final part of its successful 1958 campaign for the America's Cup.

Winners of the Cornelius Shields Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1976 Midn 1/c Stephen Stroebel 1999 Midn 1/c Briton Bischoff
1977 Midn 1/c Garland Wright 2000 Midn 1/c Wade A. Tornyos
1978 Midn 3/c Gerard T. Coleman 2001 Midn 1/c L. Parker Garrett
1979 Midn 2/c Gerard T. Coleman 2002 Midn 1/c Travis Weber
1980 Midn 2/c Gerald N. Madigan 2003 Midn 3/c Spencer Weber
1981 Midn 2/c T.H. Mortonson 2004 Midn 1/c Justin Smith
1982 Midn 1/c Steven R. Lowery 2005 Midn 2/c John Keith
1983 Midn 2/c Robert B. Brown 2006 Midn 3/c Kevin McGill
1984 Midn 1/c Hal Gilreath 2007 Midn 2/c Ian Gill
1985 Midn 1/c Scott F. Harrison 2008 Midn 1/c Rob Ramirez 
1986 Midn 2/c Edward A. Eckert 2009 Midn 3/c James Allsop
1987 Midn 1/c Robert E. Hallawell 2010 Midn 3/c Jason Carminati 
1988 Midn 1/c Alexander Cutler 2011 Midn 1/c Robert Vann
1989 Midn 2/c Keith B. Davids 2012 Midn 1/c Jason Carminati
1990 Midn 1/c James White III 2013 Midn 1/c Taylor Vann
1991 Midn 3/c Brad Rodi 2014 Midn 4/c Michael Madigan
1992 Midn 1/c Willie Graves 2015 Midn 3/c Michael Madigan
1993 Midn 3/c Brad Rodi 2016 Midn 2/c Michael Madigan
1994 Midn 1/c Greg Hryniewicz 2017 Midn 1/c Michael Madigan
1995 Midn 1/c Ryan Cox 2018 Midn 1/c James Madigan
1996 Midn 1/c R.D. Burley 2019 Midn 2/c Nicholas Gartner
1997 Midn 1/c Walter Allman
1998 Midn 1/c Dean Balcirak III
Fair American - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded to the outstanding female sailor on the intercollegiate sailing team.  In selecting the winner, the qualities of leadership, character, spirit, sportsmanship, sailing skills, and individual effort are the determining factors.

The Fair americanTrophyHistory: The Fair American Trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by the late Harris K. Lyle. Mr. Lyle was a friend and great supporter of the midshipman sailing program.

Winners of the Fair American Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1980 Midn 1/c Kathryn Karlson 2001 Midn 2/c Emily duPont
1981 Midn 1/c Mary A. Brigden 2002 Midn 1/c Emily Spencer
1982 Midn 1/c Deborah M. Dunbar 2003 Midn 1/c Sarah Atwater
1983 Midn 1/c Pamela A. Corwin 2004 Midn 1/c Alexa Bestoso
1984 Midn 2/c Margaret Menzies 2005 Midn 4/c Charlotte Hill
1985 Midn 1/c Margaret Menzies 2006 Midn 3/c Charlotte Hill
1986 Midn 2/c Susan L. Mitchell 2007 Midn 3/c Trisha Kutkieicz
1987 Midn 2/c Gretchen Stage 2008 Midn 1/c Kristen Sproat
1988 Midn 1/c Gretchen Stage 2009 Midn 1/c Trisha Kutkieicz
1989 Midn 3/c Cynthia Williams 2010 Midn 1/c Tina Pryne
1990 Midn 3/c Susan Minton 2011 Midn 4/c Marissa Lihan
1991 Midn 2/c Susan Minton 2012  Midn 4/c Mary Hall
1992 Midn 1/c Susan Minton 2013 Midn 3/c Mary Hall
1993 Midn 1/c Angela Luzier 2014 Midn 1/c Marissa Lihan
1994 Midn 3/c Jenny Greenough 2015 Midn 1/c Mary Hall
1995 Midn 1/c Nancy Delavan 2016 Midn 2/c Hannah Hughes
1996 Midn 2/c Mallory Mestayer 2017 Midn 1/c Hannah Hughes 
1997 Midn 2/c Julia Younger 2018 Midn 3/c Jessica McJones
1998 Midn 1/c Julia Younger 2019 Midn 4/c  Olivia de Olazarra
1999 Midn 1/c Frances Clemens
2000 Midn 1/c Melissa Carter
Mrs. Campbell Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Each year, the intercollegiate sailing team holds the Mrs. Campbell intrasquad regatta.  The trophy is presented to the winning crew of this event

The mrs. campbell TrophyHistory:  The Mrs. Campbell Regatta was initiated by the midshipmen of the intercollegiate sailing team to honor Mrs. Ann Campbell, a devoted and loyal friend of the Navy Sailing Team.  She has also spent a lifetime in support of intercollegiate sailing.  The trophy was designed and made by the members of the dinghy team and is presented annually by Mrs. Campbell.

Winners of the Mrs. Campbell Trophy

Season Recipient Season Recipient
Spring 1974 D. Hart & J. Mark Fall 1993 D. Fagen & M. Jackson
Fall 1974 P. Hyers & T. Nelson Fall 1994 R.D. Burley & J. Danluck
Spring 1975 R. Balaconis & C. Anderson Fall 1995 D. Balcirak & J. Younger
Fall 1975 P. Hyers & M. McVay Spring 1997 W. Allman & G. Garcia
Spring 1976 M. Miller & P. Gallatti Spring 1998 D. Meade & K. Wong
Fall 1976 P. Labossiere & J. Craig Spring 1999 B. Bischoff & C. Phillips
Spring 1977 T. McGee & B. Morris Spring 2000 W. Tornyos & M. Carter
Fall 1977 P. Hyers & M. Crowley Spring 2001 P. Garrett & D. Fassel
Spring 1978 M. Minot & K. Holt Spring 2002 T. Weber & E. Spencer
Fall 1978 W. Darinzo & E. Jacobs Spring 2003 T. Treaccar & M. Meese
Spring 1979 B. Morris & M. Craig Spring 2004 C. Fulmer & M. Hess
Spring 1980 B. Morris & M. Craig Spring 2005 C. Shaughnessy & K. Anthony
Fall 1980 D. Bergin & J. Howland Spring 2006 G. Grimes & K. Anthony
Spring 1981 W. Lyon & H. Atienza Spring 2007 B. Rigby & C. Pryne
Fall 1981 S. Lowery & M. Kirby Spring 2008 T. Murphy & M. Boyle
Spring 1982 S. Lowery & K. Mulvaney Spring 2009 A. Vann & C. Chance
Fall 1982 W. Lyon & T. Johnson Spring 2010 M. Sterling & C. Chance
Spring 1983 H. Gilreath & C. Kerr Spring 2011 R. Vann & A. Hong
Fall 1983 H. Gilreath & C. Kerr Spring 2012 A. Ramos & S. Maldari
Fall 1984 R. Merriman & J. Almonte Spring 2013 M. Grove & J. Knudsen
Fall 1985 A. Lennon & J. Chalfant Spring 2014 M. Hall & L. Morrison
Fall 1986 P. Lovfald & S. Karasick Spring 2015 A. Hackstaff & M. Katz
Fall 1987 G. Cavalier & B. Sousa Spring 2016 M. Popp & A. Hull
Fall 1988 P. Lovfald & S. Baldino Spring 2017 G. Prieto & A. Mier
Fall 1989 M. Varney & J. Smalley Spring 2018 G. Prieto & A. Mier
Fall 1990 S. Minton & S. Baldino Spring 2019 M. Brill & E. Remis
Fall 1991 B. Rodi & L. Nelson
Fall 1992 M. O'Bryan & A. Saunders
Seelig-Ulmer Memorial Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Won annually by the skipper and crew of the intercollegiate team who place first in the intrasquad regatta held during Commissioning Week.

The Seeling-ulmer TrophyHistory: The Seelig-Ulmer Memorial Trophy was established in 1972 to promote the coeducational aspects of Intercollegiate Dinghy Racing.  It is presented in the memory of MIlton C. Seelig, Charlotte K. Ulmer, and Charles Ulmer, Sr., by their sons, Martin Seelig, Class of 1962, and Charles Ulmer, Class of 1961.  The participants are members of the intercollegiate team and/or their family members, friends, or drags.

Winners of the Seelig-Ulmer Memorial Trophy

Year Skipper Crew
1972 Lynn Campbell Pat Henry
  Skip Anderson Linda Bauer
1973 Steve Endacott Terri Rhode
1974 Skip Anderson Abby Hastings
1975 Paul LaBossiere Daphne Bell-Davies
1976 Doug Hart Susan Hart
1977 Marty Minot Barbara Morris
1978 Tim McGee Barbara Morris
1979 Jasper Craig Becky Olds
1980 Kathy Karlson Jeff Craig
1981 Dave Schoene Sue Broen
1982 Karen Mulvaney Carl M. Lee
1983 Carl M. Lee Julie J. Krepsz
1984 Sue Mitchell Andy Lennon
1985 Brian Ledbetter Kelly Clark
1986 George Slook Yvette Gonzalez
1987 Ted Williams Yvette Gonzalez
1990 Willie Graves Tara Nelson
1991 Susan Minton Shane Baldino
1992 Brad Rodi Heather Keane
1993 Brad Rodi Heather Keane
1994 David Fagen Melissa Jackson
1995 Ryan Cox Erica Museler
1996 Brit Bischoff Cesar Morales
1997 Will Stout Maria Alsina
1999 Julia Lillis Jeffrey Cornes
2000 Wade Tornyos Karla Ann Tornyos
2001 Travis Weber Jessie Lefler
2002 Doug Morea Royce Weber
2003 Troy Treaccar Maura McGovern
2004 Nick VanWagoner Helen VanWagoner
2005 Gary Grimes John Applebaum
2006 John Keith Ms. Galen
2007 Katie Whitman Trisha Kutkiewicz
2008 Not contested Not contested
2009 Mike Curran Emily Taynor
2010 Not contested Not contested
2011 Robert Vann & Family  
2012 Taylor Vann & Family  
2013 Taylor Vann & Family (Robert and Andrew)
2014 Mary Hall, Phil Youngberg, Alex Asuncion, Conner Hendi
2015 Patrick Snow, Hannah Hughes, Spencer Nora, Manuel Inseri-Pagan, Molly Robertson
2016 Addison Hackstaff, Gary Prieto, Peter Hogan, Will Hawley
2017 Not Contested
2018 Gary Preito and Family
2019 Tyler Fleig
RADM John Russell Young Blakely Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

This award was originally presented to the plebe battalion which won the summer Knockabout Championship Race.  In 2000, the award was given to the Fall Intramural Sailing Battalion Champions.

The blakely TrophyHistory: Admiral Blakely, class of 1892, was awarded the Navy cross, rose to rank of Rear Admiral in 1926, and was commanding officer of the USS Arizona during World War I. Commodore Decoursey Fales, former Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, presented this trophy in honor of Rear Admiral Blakely, under whom he served on the Arizona.

Winners of the Blakely Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1957 First Battalion 1988 Alpha Company
1958 Second Battalion 1989 Bravo Company
1959 First Battalion 1990 Lima Company
1960 Second Battalion 1991 Lima Company
1961 Second Battalion 1992 Lima Company
1962 Second Battalion 1993 Foxtrot Company
1963 Fourth Battalion 1994 Foxtrot Company
1964 First Battalion 1995 (Summer) Mike Company
1965 Second Battalion 1995 (Fall) Bravo Company
1966 Fourth Battalion 1996 Charley & Golf Company
1967 Fourth Battalion 1997 Echo Company
1968 Sixth Battalion 1998 Bravo Company
1969 Golf Company 1999 India Company
1970 Echo Company 2000 Second Battalion
1971 Bravo Company 2001 Fifth Battalion
1972 Kilo Company 2002 Fifth Battalion
1973 First Platoon 2003 Fourth Battalion
1974 30th Platoon 2004 Not contested
1975 35th Platoon 2005 Not contested
1976 21st Platoon 2006 Third Battalion
1977 19th Platoon 2007-'11 Not contested
1978 Quebec Company 2012 Echo Company
1979 Delta Company 2013 Alpha Company
1980 Delta Company 2014 November Company
1981 Alpha Company 2015 Papa Company
1983 Mike Company 2016 India Company
1984 Kilo Company 2017 Foxtrot Company
1985 Hotel Company 2018 Mike Company
1986 Bravo Company 2019 Golf Company
1987 Delta Company
Russ Gittings Memorial Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

This trophy is presented to the midshipman helmsman who has the best combined score in the J/24 intersquad regattas held annually during the fall season.  The winner counts scores from both a fleet and match racing intrasquad event.

The Russ Trophy

Winners of the Russ Gittings Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1987 Charles Pucciariello 2004 not awarded
1988 Charles Pucciariello 2005 Adam Watters
1989 Jay Cavalieri 2006 Thomas Oberdorf
1990 Peter Young 2007 Evan Trant
1991 Matthew Arny  2008 Rob Macedo
1992 Susan Minton 2009 James Chesson
1993 Chris Cornett 2010 Stephen Jaenke
1994 John Kuntz 2011 Sam Snipe
1995 Scott Roberts 2012 Chris Masters
1996 Todd Greene 2013 James Reynolds
1997 Matthew Severson 2014 Matt Robbins
1998 Constantine Panayiotou 2015 Matt Hundt
1999 Chris Fisher 2016 Ben Vanduyne
2000 Jeffrey Whitmer 2017 Don Poirier
2001 Conrad Cascadden 2018 Matt Malone
2002 Kenneth (Chad) Ingle 2019 Meade Tolen
2003 John Creegan
Admiral Harry W. Hill Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

From 1962-2000, the Hill Trophy was awarded to the midshipman of the graduating class who had written the best paper on sailing at the Naval Academy.  In 2001, the award was rededicated to the best trimmer on the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team.

The Admiral Harry W. Hill TrophyHistory: This trophy was presented to the US Naval Academy by Mr. Decoursey Fales, former Commodore of the New York Yacht Club, in honor of Admiral Harry W. Hill, USN (RET), former superintendent of the Naval Academy.  The trophy is awarded annually during May Week to the graduating  midshipman who has shown outstanding achievement in the area of sail trim through leadership, skill, and dedication to the team.

Winners of the Admiral Harry W. Hill Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1962 David C. Brown 1996 Jared Hannum
1963 Willard L. Umphrey 1997 Natalie Caruso
1965 Theodore A. Krauss 1998 not awarded
1968 Lawrence G. McConnel 1999 Robert Almeida
1969 Roayl D. Joslin Duffy Cully
1970 Dennis G. Murphy Eugene Schmitt
1972 John E. Chalker 2000 Aaron Demeyer
1973 James L. Buchanan 2001 Brian S. Solomon
1974 Ross E. Anderson 2002 Jeffrey A. Smith
1976 Edward Kilbourn 2003 Bjorn Anderson
1977 Skip McVay 2004 Chris Carson
1978 Timothy McGee 2005 John Coombs
1980 Daniel J. Archer 2006 Colin Chandler
1981 Katherine P. Hire 2007 Monica Mondloch
1982 T.H. Mortonson 2008 Josh McMinn 
1983 Michael A. Crosby 2009 Josh McMinn
1985 Edwin T. Strong 2010 Corey Sheeron
1986 John McInerney 2011 James Chesson
1988 C. Gill 2012 Ben Rowe
1989 Charles Pucciariello 2013 David Medina
1990 Kelly Dobson 2014 Alexa Ciarolla
1991 Rick Arthur 2015 Duncan Mamer
1992 Gavin O'Hare 2016 Ryan Jaenke
1993 Ken Dehan 2017 Trenton Tibbetts
1994 Joe Emmert 2018 Patrick Francis
1995 not awarded 2019 Matthew Signorelli
Tony Bilotti Memorial Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Recognizes captains of both the Varsity Offshore and Intercollegiate Sailing Teams.

The Madeline CupHistory: This award, established in 1981 by the Naval Academy Parents Club of Northern California, is in memory of LTJG Tony Bilotti, Class of 1977, who lost his life in a tragic accident at sea. Tony was an active and enthusiastic member of the Yawl Team while attending the Naval Academy. Championship. Ms. Madeline was the graduate secretary of MAAWS and helped initiate the first women's nationals.

Winners of the Tony Bilotti Memorial Trophy

Year VOST Captain Intercollegiate
1981 Mark D. Pallin  
1982 David G. Simpson  
1983 Evan R. Edwards  
1984 Christian F. Kramer  
1985 Michael Christman  
1986 Richard Wharton  
1987 Sean Carroll  
1988 Daniel Whitney  
1989 Stephen Verner  
1990 Daniel Gordillo  
1991 Tom Fuglestad  
1992 John Ahrens Peter Martenson
1993 Ara Barton Mike O'Bryan
1994 Paul Trudell Robert Gentry
1995 Britton Wanick Carl Smit
1996 Nick Good Nick Cromwell
1997 Mark Franko Joseph Buczkowski
1998 Ryan McCrillis Dean Balcirak III
1999 Todd Greene Eugene Schmitt
2000 Ted Dyckman Wade Tornyos
2001 Peter Firenze David Fassel
2002 Rob Aho Travis Weber
2003 David (Max) Desrochers Sarah Atwater
2004 Kenneth (Chad) Ingle Justin Smith
2005 Tom Bock Stephen Gay
2006 Gregory Storer Charles Fulmer
2007 Joe Campbell Gary Grimes
2008 Matt Recker  Ian Gill 
2009 Thomas Oberdorf Trisha Kutkiewicz 
2010 Josh Hinshaw Tina Pryne
2011 Ralph Grossman Nathaniel Sabatt
2012 Colin Nevins Jason Carminati
2013 Andrew Shea Taylor Vann
2014 Andrew Beeler Michael Grove
2015 Tyler Martenstein Mary Hall
2016 Andrew Bonn Michael Popp
2017 Matt Robins Hannah Hughes
2018 Chris Cantillo Gary Prieto
2019 Viktor Turner Tyler Fleig
Stephen W. Gerber Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Won by the skipper of the Naval Academy vessel with the best corrected time in either the Annapolis to Newport race, in odd years, or the Newport to Bermuda race, in even years.

The gerber Trophy

Winners of the Stephen W. Gerber Trophy

Year Annapolis-Newport Year  Newport-Bermuda
1953 Vamarie 1954 Lively
1955 Highland Light 1956 Swift
1957 Alert 1958 Alert
1959 Highland Light 1960 Intrepid
1961  Alert 1962 Flirt
1963 Frolic 1964 Fearless
1965 Fearless 1966 Dandy
1967 Maredea 1968 Severn Star
1969 Maredea 1970 Rage
1971 Jubilee III 1972 Jubilee III
1973  Rage 1974 Miss Wick
1975 Insurgente 1976 Syren
1977 Patriot 1978 Lively
1979 Insurgente 1980 Intrepid
1981 Avenger 1982 Cinnabar
1983 Constellation Brandywine 1984 Vengeance
1985 Shenandoah Cinnabar 1986 IOR: Fury IMS: Morning Light
1987 IOR: Vengeance  IMS: Morning Light 1988 IOR: Corsair IMS: Cinnabar
1989 Dauntless 1990 Insurgente
1991 Cinnabar 1992 Constellation
1993 Swift 1994 Swift
1995 Bang 1996 Constellation
1997 Bulldog 1998 Swift
1999 Swift 2000 Swift
2001 Flirt 2002 Flirt
2003 Vigilant 2004 Lively
2005 American Promise 2006 Swift
2007 Swift 2008 Swift
2009 Tomcat 2010 Swift
2011 Swift 2012  Defiance
2013 Flirt 2014 Swift
2015 Swift 2016 Did Not compete
2017 Hooligan
Scarritt Adams Shield - Midshipmen Trophies

This trophy is awarded biannually to the Naval Academy Yacht with the second best corrected time in the Newport Bermuda Race.

The Scarritt TrophyHistory:  The Scarritt Adams Shield was presented to the USNA in June of 1980 by Mrs. Scarritt Adams of Paget, Bermuda. This shield is given in memory of her late husband Captain Scarritt, USN, class of '30, who was the first midshipman from Bermuda to graduate from the USNA. The wood of this plaque is Bermuda cedar and came from a tree which was on the Adams's property in Paget. Capt. Adams was always keenly interested in sailing and was a member of the New York Yacht Club as well as the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

Winners of the Scarritt Adams Shield

Year Yacht Recipient
1980 Insurgente ENS Michael Serafin
1982 Constellation ENS John Doherty
1984 Elusive ENS Mattavola
1986 Hunter ENS Louis Partida
1988 Corsair ENS Scott McClure
1990 Insurgente Andrew Burden
1992 Morning Light ENS Joseph Hornbuckle
1994 Flirt ENS Michael Oldman
1996 Cinnabar ENS Nick Good
1998 Flirt ENS Andrew Kellogg
2000 Lively ENS Jonathan Cerrito
2002 Swift ENS George Roland
2004 Flirt Midn 1/c Tom Bock
2006 Vigilant Midn 1/c Joe Campbell
2008 Defiance Midn 1/c Will Arnest
2010 Glory Jack Neades, USCGA
2012 Swift Midn 1/c Stephen Jaenke
2014 Constellation Midn 1/c Forgacs
2016 Did Not Compete
The Dan A. Kimball Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the navigator of the Naval Academy yacht which finishes first on corrected time in the biannual Newport-Bermuda race.

The Kimball TrophyHistory: The Naval Base of Bermuda presents the Dan A. Kimball Trophy biannually.  Prior to 1966, the trophy remained on display in the Administration Building of the Base.  After the 1966 race, the trophy was donated for permanent display at the Naval Academy.  Each year, NASS provides a suitable keeper trophy for presentation at the awards ceremony in Bermuda.

Winner of The Dan A. Kimball Trophy

<tablesummary="Winner of The Dan A. Kimball Trophy" class="trophiesTable" id="kimb">YearYachtRecipient1988EnterpriseLT Paul Martel1990CinnabarENS Alan Minnich1992ConstellationENS Mark Vannoy & Oliver Vietor1994SwiftWilliam Sena1996ConstellationMidn 1/c Rob Coulter1998SwiftMidn 2/c Andrew Notbohm2000SwiftMidn 1/c George Roland2002FlirtENS Brian Ray2004LivelyMidn 1/c John Coombs2006SwiftMidn 2/c Mark McClure2008Swift 2010SwiftMidn 3/c Mike Reindl2012DefianceMidn 3/c Nick Tucker2014SwiftMidn 3/c Ethan Doherty
The Carey Arthur Memorial Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded biannually to the midshipman navigator of the Naval Academy yacht with the best corrected time within its division in the Annapolis-Newport race.

Carey Arthur TrophyHistory:   The Carey Arthur Memorial Trophy is presented in the memory of LTJG Carey Arthur, Class of 1979.  The name of the biannual winners are engraved on the trophy, which is on display in the Hall of Fame.

Winners of the Carey Arthur Memorial Trophy

Year Yacht Recipient
1983 Constellation ENS Peter P. Hunt
1985 Cinnabar Midn 1/C B. Flachsbart
  Shenandoah ENS W. Harrington
1987 Phantom Midn 1/C Frederick Dau
  Morning Light Midn 2/C Matthew Rose
1989 Dauntless ENS Harry Brandicourt
1991 Cinnabar ENS Steven Boyd
1993 Swift Midn 2/C DeCaro
1995 Success Midn 1/C Timothy Phillips
1997 Bulldog ENS Jason Yauman
1999 Swift Midn 1/C John Turl
2001 Flirt ENS Russ Meier
2003 Vigilant Midn 1/c Greg Woelfel
2005 American Promise Midn 2/c Chris Morales
2007 Swift Midn 2/c Nick Jackson
2009 Tomcat Midn 2/c Emily Frost
2011 Swift Midn 3/c Neil McMillan
2013 Flirt Midn 2/c Nick Tucker
2015 Swift Midn 2/c Ethan Doherty
2017 Hooligan Midn 2/c Justus Grammer
The Avanti Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded annually to the midshipman skipper of a Naval Academy Navy 44 Yacht with the best corrected time in the NASS Spring Regatta.

The avanti TrophyHistory: In 1957, Mr. Walter N. Rothchild donated his yacht Avanti to the midshipmen of the Naval Academy.  However, before the yacht could be delivered, Hurricane Carole lashed the New England Coast and destroyed her.  Mr. Rothchild recovered Avanti's wheel and forwarded it to the Naval Academy.  It is now a perpetual trophy on display in the Hall of Fame.

Winners of the Avanti Trophy

Year Yacht Recipient
1957 Royono A.C. Cavileer
1958 Highland Light J.C. Abbott
1959 Highland Light Midn J.A. Copper
1960 Swift Midn A.A. Maybach
1961 Dandy Midn G.C. Vermeff
1962 Restless Midn C.T. Diswanger
1963 Resolute Midn M.A. Gustavson
1964 Fearless Midn C.E. Johnson
1965 Fearless Midn J.L. Grostick
1966 Vigilant Midn T. Ustick
1967 Vigilant Midn T. Ustick
1968 Maredea Midn R.D. Joslin
1969 Alert Midn D. Murphy
1970 Vigilant Midn J. Haizlip
1971 Intrepid Midn J.M. Zortman
1972 Swift Midn D.D. Wagner
1973 Resolute Midn R.S. Brown
1974 Dandy Midn D.T. Thieme
1976 Dandy Midn D. Gearling
1977 Frolic Midn R. O'Sullivan
1978 Intrepid 2/C Bruce Reichert
1979 Alert 1/C Paul T. Wright
1980 Vigilant 2/C Thomas P. O'Brien
1981 Albert 2/C Gavin J. Giddings
1982 Fearless 2/C William F. Traub
1983 Frolic 2/C Gary A. Quist
1984 Constellation 1/C Daniel E. Crisp
1985 Wildcat 2/C John O'Donnell
1986 Vengeance 1/C Thomas Luscher
1987 Sea Hawk 1/C T.J. Clark
1988 Sea Hawk 1/C Daniel Whitney
1989 Sea Hawk 1/C Sean Nolan
1992 Flirt 1/C Charles Cook
1993 Vigilant 1/C Richard Kelly
1994 Swift 1/C Jeff Wissel
1995 Swift 1/C Gary Huss
1996 Lively 1/C David "Wes" McCall
1997 Swift 2/C Jason Ward
1998 Vigilant 2/C Ben Elfert
1999 Flirt 2/C John Benfield
2000 Challenger 1/C Ted Dyckman
2001 Frolic 2/C Rob Aho
2002 Flirt 2/C Conor Latham
2003 Flirt 2/C Travis Wood
2004 Flirt 1/C Chad Ingle
2005 Vigilant 2/C Pat Collins
2006 Merrythought 2/C Joe Campbell
2007 Polaris 2/C James Lawsing
2008 Tomcat 2/C Kellen Browne
2009 Integrity 2/C Jason Mazzoni
2010 Invictus 2/C Peter Gibbons-Neff
2011 Swift 2/C Graham Tyson
2012 Swift 2/C Stephen Jaenke
2013 Dolphin 2/C Neil McMillan
2014 not contested
2015 Integrity  2/C Tom Wester
2016 Swift 2/C Ethan Doherty
2017 Hooligan 2/C Teddy Papenthien
2018 Gallant 2/C Cassidy O'Brien
2019 Defiance 2/C George Hamilton
New York Yacht Club Cruise Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

The trophy is awarded annually to the Naval Academy Navy 44 skipper with the best overall finishing position in the AYC Fall Series

The NYC Yacht TrophyHistory:  On August 5, 1911, the New York Yacht Club Cruise Trophy was won by the Yacht Intrepid, owned and skippered by Lieutenant Lloyd Phoenix, USNA, Class of 1861.  The trophy was subsequently gifted to the Naval Academy to be awarded to the deserving midshipman.

Winners of the New York Yacht Club Cruise Trophy

Year Yacht Recipient
1976 Swift Midn 1/C D.P. Laskoski
1977 Alert Midn 2/C J.O. Storvick
1978 Flirt Midn 2/C Philip Pirozzi
1979  Dandy Midn 1/C David Jackson
1980 Intrepid Midn 1/C William Davidson
1981 Flirt Midn 1/C William Thayer
1982 Flirt Midn 1/C Evan Edwards
1983 Constellation Midn 1/C Kent Koehler
1984 Constellation Midn 2/C John O'Donnelly
1985 Cinnabar Midn 1/C John A. Cook
1986 Morning Light Midn 2/C John McInerney
1987 Corsair Midn 1/C Paul Martel
1988 Cinnabar Midn 1/C Scott Snyder
1989 Cinnabar Midn 2/C Kevin Hawko
1990 Spitfire Midn 1/C Kelly Dobson
1991 Flirt Midn 1/C Robert Glenn
1992 Morning Light Midn 1/C Joseph Hornbuckle
1993 Lively Midn 1/C Alex Delcastillo
1994 Flirt Midn 1/C Michael Oldman
1995 Swift Midn 1/C Gary Huss
1996 Lively Midn 1/C David "Wes" McCall
1997 Dash Midn 2/C Andrew Kellogg
1998 Flirt Midn 1/C Andrew Kellogg
1999 Restless Midn 1/C Stephen Dean
2000 Lively Midn 1/C Jonathan Cerrito
2001 Dash Midn 1/C Nathan K. Moore
2002 Flirt Midn 1/C Brian Ray
2003 Dash Midn 1/C Aaron Tyler
2004 Restless Midn 1/C Kris Von Krueger
2005 Swift Midn 2/C Pat Collins
2006 Columbia Midn 2/C Tim Bruchet
2007 Swift Midn 2/C Kellen Browne
2008 Flirt Midn 1/C Kellen Browne
2009 Seawolf Midn 1/C Austin Van Olst
2010 Defiance Midn 1/C Emily Frost
2011 Integrity Midn 1/C Dillon Rossiter
2012 Allegiance Midn 2/C Jon Driesslein
2013 Guldefaxe (J80) Midn 2/C Andrew Beeler
2014 Gallant Midn 1/C Brandt Clemons
2015 Gallant Midn 1/C Jackson Niketas
2016 Gallant Midn 1/C Matt Robbins
2017 Defiance Midn 1/C Teddy Papenthein
2018 Avenger Midn 2/C George Hamilton
2019  Tenacious  Midn 1/C Jonathan Hitt
Rear Admiral Harold E. Parker Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded annually to the midshipman skipper with the best corrected time in the PHRF division of the Spring Long Distance Race

The RADM Parker TrophyHistory: This perpetual trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by Mr. E. Bates McKee of Annapolis.  It honors Rear Admiral Harold E. Parker, who was a great Naval Officer and ardent sailor.

Winners of the Rear Admiral Harold E. Parker Trophy

Year Yacht Recipient
1961 Resolute D. Brown
1962 Swift D. Brown
1964 Freedom J.R. Martin
1965 Royono T.A. Kruass
1966 Active T.W. Moore
1967 Maredea S.A. Finlay
1968 Maredea J.M. Solymossy
1969 Maredea G.M. Moore
1970 Jubilee III D.G. Murphy
1971 Fury T. Luscher
1972 Rage T.L. Shoemaker
1973 Phantom S. Carroll
1974 Outrage R.S. Brown
1975 Insurgente J.R. Sander
1976 Fair American E. Kilbourn
1977 Syren D.J. Debbink
1978 Patriot P.S. Craig
1979 Patriot R. Saylor
1980 Alliance J. Hampshire
1981 Constellation P.O. Nolan
1982 Insurgente C. Kineke
1983 Spitfire P. Morrison
1984 Morning Light J.P. Stamos
1985 Morning Light T. Luscher
  Vengeance E. Doyle
1986 Constellation T. Maxfield
1987 Morning Light J. McInerney
1988 Cinnabar S. Snyder
  Sea Hawk D. Whitney
1989 Cinnabar C. Owens
1990 Avenger T. Fuglestad
1991 Cinnabar B. Bruce
1992 Morning Light B. Hornbuckle
1993 Swift A. Barton
1994 Lively G. DeVries
1995 Success W. Wright
1996 Cinnabar N. Good
1997 Swift J. Ward
1998 Vigilant B. Elfert
1999 Swift J. Benfield
2000 Challenger T. Dyckman
2001 Vigilant K. Buchina
2002 Valiant Rob Aho
2003-'10 Not Contested  
2011 Swift Graham Tyson
2012 Swift Stephen Jaenke
2013 Defiance Aaron Dougherty
2014 Constellation Josh Forgacs
2015 Swift Kyle Briggs
2016 Gallant Ben Olson
2017 Gallant Robbie Laguardia
2018 Defiance Matthew Signorelli
2019 Defiance  George Hamilton
Highland Light Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the midshipman skipper in the PHRF fleet with the best overall finish position in the Annapolis Yacht Club Fall Race Week.

The Highland Light TrophyHistory: The yacht Highland Light was donated to the Naval Academy by Mr. Dudley Wolfe and served the Academy well for 26 years.  Mr. Wolfe also established a fund which plays a major role in supporting the Naval Academy Sailing Program.  The Highland Light trophy was conceived by the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron as a memorial to Dudley Wolfe.  The trophy was made from the wheel of the yacht and remains on display in the Hall of Fame.

Winners of the Ann Campbell Trophy

Year Yacht Recipient
1964 Alert Midn 1/C M.S. Davis
1965 Royono Midn 1/C J.P. Emmet
1966 Intrepid Midn 1/C W.M. Elliott
1967 Maredea ENS S.A. Vandyck
1968 Maredea Midn 1/C M.F. Donilon
1969 Rage Midn 1/C R.B. Thompson
1970 Jubilee III Midn W.M. Shepherd
1971 Jubilee III QM3 Richard Tracy
1972 Lively Midn 2/C C. MacMurray
1973 Outrage Midn 1/C F. Murphy
1974 Vigilant Midn 2/C A. Chenault
1975 Syren Midn 1/C A. Chenault
1976 Syren Midn 1/C K. Kinports
1977 Patriot Midn 1/C R. Brauer
1978 Patriot Midn 1/C R.L. Saylor
1979 Patriot Midn 1/C T. O'Keefe
1980 Patriot Midn 1/C P. Hankins
1981 Insurgente Midn 1/C C.R. Kineke
1982 Baybea Midn 1/C F. Henderson
1983 Morning Light Midn 1/C J.P. Stamos
1984 Morning Light Midn 1/C O. Locher
1985 Elusive Midn 1/C D. Grieco
1986 Fury Midn 1/C S. Carroll
1987 Victory Midn 1/C P. Martel
1988 Constellation Midn 1/C K. Hawko
1989 Dauntless Midn 1/C N. Covington
1990 Morning Light Midn 1/C T. Fuglestad
1991 Not Awarded  
1992 Morning Light Midn 1/C J. Hornbuckle
1993 Cinnabar Midn 1/C Matt Arny
1994 Cinnabar Midn 1/C T. Smith
1995 Etoile Midn 1/C E. Paulson
1996 Not Awarded  
1997 Not Awarded  
1998 Challenger Midn 2/C Stephen Dean
1999 Dandy Midn 1/C Derek Duford
2000 Restless Midn 1/C Chris Fisher
2001 Bold Midn 1/C George Roland
2003 Hornet Midn 1/C Mike Stapleton
2004 Blue Angel Midn 1/C Chad Ingle
2005 Javelin Midn 1/C Tom Bock
2006 Flirt Midn 1/C Tim Burchett
2007 Not contested  
2008 Flirt Midn 1/C Kellen Browne
2009 Mameluke Midn 1/C Jason Mazzoni
2010 Defiance Midn 1/C Emily Frost
2011 Gallant Midn 1/C James Chesson
2012 Defiance Midn 1/C Bryan Weisberg
2013 Guldefaxe (J80) Midn 1/C Andrew Beeler
2014 Gallant Midn 1/C Brandt Clemons
2015 Gallant Midn 1/C Jackson Niketas
2016 Integrity Midn 1/C Mike Sagan
2017 Gallant Midn 1/C Robbie Laguardia
2018 Allegiance Midn 2/C Goerge Hamilton
2019 Allegiance Midn 1/C Jonathan Hitt
Royono Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded to the midshipmen skipper of the Naval Academy varsity sailboat with the best combined finishing position among competing sailboats in the NASS race to Oxford and the Tred Avon Yacht Club's Hammond Memorial Race.

The Royono TrophyHistory: This award was established by the members of the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron to honor LCDR Frank Siatkowski, USN (RET).    It hangs on the wall on the first deck of the Robert Crown Sailing Center.

Winners of the Royono Trophy

Year Recipient
1976 Richard Faulkner, Class of 1977
1977 Philip C. Pirozzi, Class of 1979
1978 Kenneth Hall, Class of 1980
1979 Jordan Cassell, Class of 1980
1980 Charles Kineke, Class of 1982
1981 John W. Judge, Class of 1982
1982 Frederick Ressel, Class of 1983
1983 Matthew R. Avila, Class of 1984
1984 IMS - John O'Donnell, Class of 1986
  IOR - Eric Doyle, Class of 1985
1985 IMS - John A. Crook, Class of 1986
  IOR - Thomas Field, Class of 1987
1986 IMS - Daniel Whitney, Class of 1988
  IOR - James Duke, Class of 1987
1987 IMS - Michael Binnix, Class of 1988
  IOR - John McInerney, Class of 1988
1988 IMS - Michael Binnix, Class of 1988
  PHRF - Stephen Cook, Class of 1989
1989 IMS - Peter Lehardy, Class of 1989
1990 IMS - John Grierson, Class of 1991
  PHRF - Robert Bruce, Class of 1992
1991 IMS - Charles Cook, Class of 1992
  PHRF - Kyle Weaver, Class of 1992
1992 IMS - Charles Cook, Class of 1992
  PHRF - Robert Schult, Class of 1992
1993 IMS - Erich Roetz, Class of 1993
  PHRF - Oliver Vietor, Class of 1993
1994 IMS - Vann Walke, Class of 1994
  PHRF - Jeff Wissel, Class of 1994
1995 IMS - Will Wright, Class of 1995
  PHRF - Britt Wanick, Class of 1995
1996 PHRF - Ethan "Dex" Hoag, Class of 1996
1997 PHRF - Charles McGill, Class of 1997
1998 PHRF - Jason Ward, Class of 1998
1999 PHRF - Todd Greene, Class of 1999
2000 PHRF - Brian Solomon, Class of 2001
2001 PHRF - Ryan Hastings, Class of 2001
  PHRF - Mike Smith, Class of 2002
2002 PHRF - Mike Stapleton, Class of 2003
2003 Not Contested
2004 PHRF - Pat Collins, Class of 2006
2005 PHRF - Greg Nannig, Class of 2007
2006 PHRF - Joe Campbell, Class of 2007
2007 PHRF - Kellen Browne, Class of 2009
2008 PHRF - Owen Brooks, Class of 2009
2009 PHRF - Austin Van Olst, Class of 2010
2010 PHRF - Emily Frost, Class of 2011
2011 PHRF - Mary Cox, Class of 2013
2012 PHRF - Bryan Weisberg, Class of 2013
2013 PHRF - Nick Padleckas, Class or 2014
2014 PHRF - Andy Bonn, Class of 2016
2015 PHRF - Charlie Morris, Class of 2016
2016 PHRF - Mike Sagan, Class of 2017
2017 PHRF - Papenthien, Class of 2018
2018 PHRF- Viktor Turner, Class of 2019
Admiral Dubose Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the midshipman who has contributed the most to the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team during the year through leadership, dedication to the team, and sailing skills.

The Dubose TrophyHistory: The Dubose Trophy was presented in 1958 to the Naval Academy by the Intercollegiate Yacht Racing Association, the predecessor to the Intercollegiate Sailing Association.  It honors the outstanding midshipman on the Varsity Offshore team.

Winners of the Admiral Dubose Trophy

Year Batt   Year Batt  
1958 6th L.R. Talbert 1990 4th Kevin Hawko
1959 6th R.R. Buehler 1991 4th John Grierson
1960 6th J.L. Post 1992 1st John Ahrens
1961 5th T.P. Dugan, Jr. 1993 2cd Erich Roetz
1962 4th D.C. Brown 1994 4th Britton Wanick
1963 1st M.A. Gustavson 1995 6th Erik Paulson
1964 1st E.E. Brighton 1996 6th David "Wes" McCall
1965 3rd T.A. Krauss 1997 3rd Mark Franko
1966 5th R.L. Hamilton 1998 6th Ryan McCrillis
1967 3rd T.M. Ustick III 1999 4th Todd Greene
1968 3rd T.M. Ustick III 2000 6th Mike Manicchia
1969 5th M.F. Donilon 2001 3rd John A. Walsh
1970 2cd W.B. Brown 2002 2nd Mike Smith
1971 5th W.A. Leonard, Jr. 2003 5th David (Max) Desrochers
1972 5th J.J. Kelso 2004 5th Kenneth (Chad) Ingle
1973 6th D.D. Wagner 2005 3rd John Coombs
1974 4th R.S. Brown 2006   Greg Storer
1975 3rd P.M. Hyers 2007   Joe Campbell
1976 2cd D. Gearing 2008   Cullen Shaugnessey
1977 1st D. Gates 2009   Timothy Kiely
1978 3rd R.D. Wray 2010   Joshua Hinshaw
1979 4th P.C. Pirozzi 2011   Ralph Grossmann
1980 1st Sandy Daniels 2012   Dillon Rossiter
1981 6th Mark D. Pallin 2013   Steven Jaenke
1982 2cd David G. Simpson 2014   Andrew Beeler
1983 6th Christian Kramer 2015   Joshua Forgacs
1984 4th Matthew R. Avila 2016   Dax Ansley
1985 6th Louis P. Partida 2017 Matthew Robbins
1986 4th Thomas Maxfield 2018   Matthew Hundt
1987 6th John McInerney  2019   George Davis
1988 4th Michael Brinnix      
1989 3rd Christopher Owens      
Knickerbocker Yacht Club Award - Midshipmen Trophies

Beginning in 2001, this award was given to the outstanding foredeck crew on the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team.  Prior to then, it was won annually by the midshipman skipper of the Naval Academy yacht with the best corrected time in the NASS spring series.

Knickerbocker Yacht Club TrophyHistory: This trophy was established in 1974 and was presented to the Naval Academy by the Knickerbocker Yacht Club in Port Washington, New York.  It is in recognition and commemoration of the club's 100th Anniversary.

Winners of the Knickerbocker Yacht Club Trophy

Year Recipient College
1974 William F. Murphy Rage
1975 Charles M. Messiok Outrage
1976 Alanson Chenault Syren
1977 Daniel Gearing Guerriere
1978 Henry L. Pruitt Mr. Jumpa
1979 David D. Vann Liberty
1980 Philip O. Nolan Constellation
1981 Gavin J. Giddings Alert
1982 Charles R. Kineke Class of 1982
1983 Dixon R. Smith Class of 1983
1984 John P. Stamos Class of 1984
1985 Louis P. Partida Class of 1986
1986 Thomas Maxfield Class of 1987
1987 Louis Zaccardi Class of 1987
1988 Brian Alexander Class of 1988
1989 Matthew Rose Class of 1989
1990 Kelly G. Dobson Spitfire
1991 Robert Bruce Class of 1992
1992 Charles Cook Class of 1992
1993 Richard Kelly Class of 1993
1994 Daniel Emery Class of 1994
1995 Gary Huss Class of 1995
1996 Chris Hurst Class of 1996
1997 Charlie McGill Class of 1997
1998 Matthew Severson Class of 1998
1999 David Picinich Class of 1999
2000 Joel De La Garza Class of 2002
2001 Cecily Taylor Class of 2001
2002 Brett Elko Class of 2002
2003 David Berry Class of 2003
2004 Matt White Class of 2004
2005 Pat Collins Class of 2006
2006 John Casilio Class of 2006
2007 Jamie Moreno Class of 2007
2008 Mark Picinich Class of 2009
2009 Timothy Kiely Class of 2009
2010 Nicholas Bernard Class of 2010
2011 Andy King Class of 2012
2012 Adam Albrecht Class of 2012
2013 Roscoe Thomas Class of 2014
2014 Roscoe Thomas Class of 2014
2015 Barney Schmidtke Class of 2015
2016 Finley Finley Class of 2016
2017 Sean Rundle Class of 2017
2018 Gunnar Hough Class of 2018
2019 Zach Krause Class of 2020
Sailtramid Taber-McWethy Award - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded to both the first class and third class midshipmen in the OSTS summer program who display excellence in seamanship and navigation

Sailtramid Taber-McWethy AwardHistory: The Taber-McWethy Award was established in recognition of exceptional service contributed by LTGEN Robert C. Taber, USA, RET and Captain Robert D. McWethy, USN, RET, in the development of the midshipmen offshore cruise credit sail training program at the Naval Academy.  It honors the hallmarks of unparalleled professional competency, expertise under sail, personal dedication and bench marks excellence in seamanship and navigation.

Winners of the Sailtramid Taber-McWethy Award

Year Taber McWethy
1985 Walter J. Balch Erin Martin
1986 Heidi Moser Christopher Brunnea
1987 Christopher J. Lord Patrick A. Vonzurmuehlen
1988 Christopher J. Lord Patrick A. Vonzurmuehlen
1989 Michael A. Villani Daniel Gabier
1990 Theodore A. Prince Boe A. Svatek
1991 Casey Moton Kenneth Krueger
1992 Amy Delavan Pat Donahue
1993 Ben Ash, John Killacky Gavin Duff
1994 Eric Naranjo Brian Shimcavig
1995 Bradley N. Rosen Scott D. Roberts
1996 Aaron R. Austin Thomas S. McGowan
1997 Jason J. Brianas Derek D. Duford
1998 Christian M. Sewell David Wilcox & Grant Garcia
1999 Casey K. Delcour James Venter
2000 Michael J. Strauss Erin C. Kellog
2001 Thomas Finley Scott Scherer
2002 No Winner John Hill
2003 Wesley Yancey Brandr Beekman-Ellner
2004 Cynthia Sedlak David Faherty
2005 Matthew Seaman Charles Meyer & Eric Marquardt
2006 Kristen Ullman Hannah Ceen & Carlin Shaodong Song
2007 Robert Gensheimer Michael Trombitas & Emma Mattson
2008 Todd Talstein Christian Mineur & Eric Brugler
2009 Alexander Islin Logan Hershman
2010 Michael Simpson Stewart Simpson & Micah Dose
2011 Matthew Barnes Matthew Schaidle & James Sciscoe
2012 Kyle Satterwhite Andrew Garcia & Julie Miller
2013 Zach Rafter Stephen Burke & Nathan Myers
2014 Patrick Dods Andrew Potts & Chuck Webb
2015 Taylor Lindenhayn Matthew Sensenig
2016 Jacob Woolman Eli Voigt
2017 Cori Sullivan Ryan Eilers
2019 Robert Learn Oliver Prinsen-Balu, Andrew Beck, Isabelle Ross
RADM James L. Holloway Jr. Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

The Holloway Trophy honors the midshipman who has contributed the most to Varsity Offshore J/24 sailing through his leadership, dedication to the team, and sailing skills.

RADM James L. Holloway Jr. TrophyHistory: This trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by Mr. Decoursey Fales, past Commodore of the New York Yacht Club.  It was given in honor of RADM James L. Holloway, Jr., USN (RET), a former Superintendent of the Naval Academy.

Winners of the RADM James L. Holloway Jr. Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1950 Paul L. Dion '51 1993 David McCall '96
1951 C.D. McIntosh '51 1994 David Traugott '97
1952 Joseph Sherar '52 1995 Dewey Lopes '98
1953 Arthur Bivens '53 1996 Stephen Dean '99
1954 Anthony Cajka '54 1997 Richard Tom '00
1955 Karl Peterson '56 1998 John A. Walsh '01
1956 P.L. Hathaway '57 1999 Kevin Beatley '02
1957 Gene Porte'58 2000 David Nielsen '03
1958 R.L. Reinarz '58 2001 Gregory Woelfel '04
  D. Shelton '59 2002 Andrew Warner '05
1959 R.T. Connolly '59 2003 Gregory Storer '06
1960 Jerry Lee Post '61 2004 Ryan Field '07
1961 A.A. Maybach '61 2005 Tim Clarke '08
1962 Ian Sargent '62 2006-'09 Not Presented
1963 M.A. Gustavson '64 2010 Andy Beeler '14
1964 H.H. Seibert '64 2011 Padraig O'Brien '15
1965 A.W. Newlon '65 2012 Mark Moeller '13 
1966 Peter Leon '66 2013 Ryan Jaenke '16
1967 Theodore Ustick '67 2014 Mike Sagan '17 
1968 Ludwell Pickett '68 2015 Ted Decker '18
1969 Paul F. Ross '69 2016 Paige Krumwiede '19
1970 Mark A. Thomas '70 2017 Don Poirier 
1971 Richard Blake '71 2018  Nick Walden
1972 Gerald Harvey '72 2019  
1973 Chris MacMurray '74    
1974 Reginald Howard '77    
1975 Reginald Howard '77    
1976 Jeffrey Sanders '76    
1977 Daniel Gearing '77    
1978 Henry Lowe Pruitt '78    
1979 Robert Saylor '79    
1980 Thomas O'Keefe '80    
1981 Thomas O'Brien '81    
1982 John Doherty '82    
1983 Floyd Henderson '83    
1984 John Stamos '84    
1985 Eric Doyle '85    
1986 Louis Partida '86    
1987 Sean Carrol '87    
1988 Daniel Whitney '88    
1989 Peter Lehard'89    
RADM McNitt Award - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the most well  rounded and capable senior midshipmen within the OSTS program.  Navigation, seamanship, and leadership are among the criteria evaluated.

RADM James L. Holloway Jr. TrophyHistory:  Established in 1989, this award is named in honor of RADM Robert W. McNitt, whose accomplishments as a distinguished naval officer and in the sailing community best embody those traits desired in our future leaders.

Winners of the RADM McNitt Award

Year Recipients
1989 Hugh J. Huck
  David J. Makowicz
  Dianna M. Manzonni
1990 John A. Paul
  Thomas A. Weber
1991 David Culpepper
  Chris Eckerle
  David Newcomb
1992 Ken Krueger
  Wendy Phillips
  Rick Radonich
1993 Victor Argobright III
  David Fowler
  Eric Severseike
1994 Dexter Hoag
  Robert McHenry
  Robert Wolf
1995 David Wallace
  Jared Hannum
  Jamie Valdivia
1996 Matthew C. Thomas
  Ian R. Nesbitt
  Joseph M. Buckzkowski
1997 Jeffrey Edmounds
  David Dausen
  Scott W. Kinkele
1998 Deryk Petersen
  Keith Kulow
  Peter Quinn
1999 Andrew J. Beal
  Eric C. Sonnenberg
  Dennis W. Jensen
  John M. Baker
2000 Adam Buckfelder
  Paul Meyer
  Seth Stallings
2001 John Campbell
  Matt Curnen
  Andrew Mckee
2002 Brendan Gotowka
  Peter Pittman
  Christian Ward
2003 Michael Groothousen
  Brenna Montgomery
  Hunter Washburn
2004 Michael Gieseking
  Jarrod Rothman
  Samuel Mills
2006 Kyle Ladwig
  Keith Giacopuzzi
  Jessica Tuia
  Peter Dichett
2007 Mitchell Kusterer
  Patrick Kappel
  Evan Parnell
2008  Thomas Madson
  Christopher Murphy
2009 Thomas Callahan
  Nicholas Danforth
  Solomon Chien-Li Lu
2010 Michael Moberg
  Dan Simpson
2011 Phoenix Geimer
  Zachary Walz
  Matthew Wright
2012 Chris Fron
2013 Kevin Williams
Chris Reynolds
2014 Danielle McKnight
2015 Alex Cinqmars
2016 Cori Sullivan
2017 Aaron Dunn
2018 Robert Leam
2019 Scott McGregor
LT Robert D. Huntington Memorial Trophy - Midshipmen Trophies

Presented to the midshipman navigator whose professional skills and performance have contributed most to the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team.

LT Huntigton TrophyHistory: This memorial trophy was presented to the Naval Academy by friends of the late LT Robert D. Huntington, Jr., USN, an ardent supporter of the Naval Academy Sailing Program.  His leadership and talent as navigator and afterguard on Naval Academy yachts during 17 ocean races earned him the respect and admiration of the midshipmen who sailed with him.


Winners of the LT Robert D. Huntington Memorial Trophy

Year Recipient Yacht
1974 Thaddeus Burr Outrage
1975 Douglas Guthe Syren
1976 J.C. McDonald Syren
1977 Nevin P. Carr Patriot
1978 Lee Rossetti  
1979 William Derr  
1980 William Derr  
1981 Harold Atkins  
1982 Allison Webster  
1983 Thomas Plofchan  
1984 Thoms Furlong  
  James Kresge  
1985 Brian Flachsbart  
1986 Frederick Dau  
1987 Frederick Dau  
1988 H. Brandicourt Cinnabar
1989 Larry M. Cook Jr.  
1990 Burchard Jackson Dauntless
1993 Oliver Vietor  
1994 Daniel M. Emery  
1995 Giovanna Kostrubala  
1996 Robert Hall Flirt
2004 John Coombs Lively
2006 Leigh Loesel
2015 Nick Tucker Swift
2017 Ethan Doherty Swift
2018 Chris Cantillo
Excellence at Sea Award - Midshipmen Trophies

Awarded to the midshipman of the graduating class for excellence in academics and performance in Naval Academy sail or power craft.

Excellence at seaHistory: This trophy was presented in 1995 by the members of the New York Yacht Club to mark the 150th year anniversary of the US Naval Academy.  Performance in seamanship, navigation, leadership skills, and academics will be assessed in determining the winner.

Winners of the Excellence at Sea Award

Year Recipient Team
1996 Chris Bugg VOST
1997 Laura Almdale ProDev/YPs
1998 Kevin Sproge VOST
1999 Stephen Dean VOST
2000 Theodore Dyckman VOST
2001 David Fassel Inter-Collegiate
2002 Michael C. Smith VOST
2003 Jon P. Silverberg VOST
2004 Gregory A. Woelfel VOST
2005 Carole Lee ProDev/YPs
2006 John F. Cailio VOST
2007 Timothy D. Burchett VOST
2008 Kristen A. Sproat Inter-Collegiate
2009 Matthew R. Hamlet VOST
2010 Christina I. Chance Inter-Collegiate
2011 Ralph N. Grossmann VOST
2012 Jason Carminati Inter-Collegiate
2013 Mary Cox VOST
2015 James Brossade YP's
2016 Megan Hough Inter-Collegiate
2017 James Reynolds VOST
2018 JP Morrison OSTS
2019 Ana Mier Inter-Collegiate
Frank (Bing) Simpson Maintenance Award

Awarded to the midshipman from OSTS and VOST who does the best job maintaining his/her vessel.

History: Bing Simpson, Class of 1948, was a lifelong sailor who served on the Fales Committee for ten years and was President of the Naval Academy Sailing Foundation for eight years.  This award was donated by family and friends in his memory.  The award shall be a tool kit which is presented to the midshipman who does the best job maintaining his/her vessel.  One winner will be from the Varsity Offshore Sailing Team and the other from the Offshore Sail Training Squadron.

Year  OSTS Winner VOST Winner
1995 3/C Jacob Harriman None
1996 3/C Mathew Severson 2/C Jason Paulsen
1997 1/C Seth D. Riggins None
1998 3/C Russell P. Meier None
1999 3/C Matthew Jungels 2/C Ryan D. Hastings
2000 3/C Chris O'Conner 4/C David Nielsen
2001 3/C Zackary Butala 3/C William Howey
2002 3/C Travis Wood 4/C Josh Allen
2003 3/C Joseph Huck 2/C Matthew Cole
2004 3/C Michael Carter 3/C Greg Nanning
2005 3/C Zachary Ericson 3/C Charles Broun
2006 3/C Jacomb Weinzall & 3/C Alexander Karacsonyiv 2/C Cullen Shaughnessy
2007 3/C Jacob Lumsden None
2008 3/C Jeremiah Derrick None
2009 2/C Wesley Jackson 2/C Paul Mallory
2010 None 2/C Schyler Widman
2011 1/C Thomas Lasvenes & 1/C Ecole Navale 2/C Sean Brown
2012 3/C Ryan Eilerman 2/C Jon Driesslein
2013 3/C Danielle McKnight 1/C Roscoe Thomas
2014 2/C Alex Cinqmars 2/C Dax Ansley
2015 3/C Kevin Freeman 2/C Dylan Thompson-Sevcik
2016 3/C Nik Freeman 2/C Gunnar Hough
2017 2/C Cori Sorensen 1/C Matthew Hundt
2019 3/C Jon Beauchamp-Moran
LCDR Robert S. Williams Seamanship Award

This award is presented to reward the attempts of novice members on Intercollegiate and Varsity Offshore sailing teams.  The winner will be the 4/C novice sailor who displays the most improvement over the course of the season.  This will take into account not only sailing skills displayed, but sportsmanship, dedication to the team, and enthusiasm for the sport.  The names of the winners will be engraved on the trophy, which will remain on display in the Hall of Fame at the Robert Crown Sailing Center.  The novel, My Old Man and the Sea, will be presented as a keeper award to the winners each year.

History: This award was established in 1997 to honor LCDR Robert S. Williams.   He was a pioneer Navy jet pilot in World War II and later was stationed in Corpus Christi, Texas as a flight instructor.  After he retired from the Navy, he moved to Annapolis, where he became a member of NASS and an active supporter of the midshipmen sailing program.  Locally, he successfully raced his Cal 25 and Call 227 on the Chesapeake Bay.

Year VOST Intercollegiate
1997 Joy Miller None
1998 Mark Arvidson Mara McGovern
1999 Jason Garza Emelia Spencer
2000 Thienchai Punyafong Miranda Fuentes
2001 Shawn Wilkinson Robert W. Anderson
2002 Kellen Mollahan Monica Meese
2003 David E. Faherty III John Kieth
2004 Jason Miller Slava Haywas
2005 Joe Gursky Kristen Sproat
2006 None James Licata
2007 None Emily Taynor
2008 None Margaret Boyle
2009 None Robert Nordland
2010 None Alice Hong
2011 Nick Padleckas Julie Digiovanni
2012 Duncan Mamer Layne Morrison
2013 Dax Ansley Megan Hough
2014 Ethan Doherty Spencer Nora
2015 Spencer Erjavec Brittany Webb-Martin
2016 Matthew Dodds Tyler Fleig
2017 Zack Bauer Kent Mathes
2018 Devin Sauerhoff Bart Winn
2019 Zachary Medieros Fiona Lobon
Cotter Family Navigation Award

The Cotter Family Seamanship and Navigation Award is given annually to the Midshipman who has demonstrated outstanding seafaring and navigation skill as a member of the Offshore Sailing Team. 

Cotter FamilyHistory: The award is named for the Cotter family: Edward Cotter, Sr. (Captain, USCG, Ret); Jeffrey Cotter (LCDR, USCG, Ret) and Edward Cotter, Jr. (CDR, USN, Ret).  Captain Cotter used the sextant mounted on this award in numerous offshore races in the 1960's and 1970's and was one of the most sought after navigators, long before GPS.  He navigated the 1970 Bermuda Race winner Carina and set a course record in the 1972 Annapolis to Newport Race aboard Equation.  Captain Cotter participated in numerous SORC contests and was a member of the 1973 United States Admiral's Cup team.  He authored four books on sailing and many published articles on seamanship and navigation.

Year Winner
2014 3/C Ethan Doherty
2015 2/C Ethan Doherty
2016 2/C Ryan Pinch
2017 2/C Jake Corbitt
2018 2/C Luke Marino
2019 2/C Adam Lance
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