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Navy 44 Information

The Navy 44 Mark II Sail Training Craft (N 44) is the latest of four generations of one-design offshore cruiser/racers to be authorized and funded by Congress for training midshipmen. The end of World War II brought the first fleet of 12 matched 44' wooden yawls designed by Naval Architect Bill Luders to the Naval Academy. After 25 years of hard service they were replaced by 12 fiberglass Luders 44' yawls, designed with the same exterior lines as the original boats, but with an interior that accommodated an auxiliary engine and navigation space with a chart table. After 25 years of offshore and Chesapeake Bay sailing, these boats were ready for replacement. The competition for the Navy 44 Mark I design was won by the firm of McCurdy & Rhodes, Inc. of Cold Spring Harbor, New York. The construction contract was awarded to Tillotson-Pearson, Inc. of Warren, Rhode Island. The first boat was delivered in 1987 and the 20th and last boat was delivered in 1991. The Mark Is were sailed for 20 years of near daily use. The current N 44 was designed by David Pedrick Designs with construction awarded to Pearson Composites, Inc of Warren, Rhode Island. The first hull (NA-21) was delivered in September 2007 and the 16th (NA-36) was delivered in January 2011. 

You will find the links below very helpful if you are first learning to sail the Navy 44 (MKII or MKI) or have been sailing one for years.

Navy 44 MK II Information (NA21-36) *Only type of Navy 44 in our current fleet*

Navy 44 MK I Information (NA1-20) *For historical reference*

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