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USNA Sailing Center

NASS Trophies

Huntington / Steele Trophy

Awarded to the midshipman skipper who wins the Huntington / Steel regatta

The HuntigtonHistory:  The race for the sterling silver service set held in late November brings together all phases of the midshipman sailing squadron. the race is sailed in offshore boats with crews representing the dinghies, plebes, VOST, faculty, NASS, sail craft department, and coaches staff.  Captain Robert Dache Steele, USN, class of 1945 was the Commodore of NASS and commanding officer of the Naval Station, Annapolis, from 1969 to 1972.  As a tribute to him for his deep concern for the welfare of the midshipman, the sailing center staff and coaches organized this regatta in his honor.  Upon the death of Robert Huntington, Jr. in 1973, Captain Steele graciously rededicated the Robert D. Steele regatta to the memory of his friend.

Winners of the Huntington / Steele Trophy

Year Crew
1971 Coaches Crew
1972 Dinghy Crew
1973 Coaches Crew
1974 Shields Crew
1975 Plebe Crew
1976 Junior Officers Crew
1977 Dinghy Crew
1978 Offshore IOR Crew
1979 Ensigns
1980 NASS Team #4
1981 Small Craft Team #1
1982 Small Craft Maintenance Crew
1983 Offshore Yawl Team
1984 Professional Development Team
1985 Offshore IOR Crew
1986 Dinghy Crew
1987 Dinghy Crew
1988 Dinghy Crew
1989 Dinghy Crew
1991 VOST
1992 VOST
1994 Sailing Administration
1996 CSTS - Dan Rugg
1997 CSTS - Dan Rugg
1998 CSTS - Dan Rugg
1999 Small Craft Repair - Elliot Oldak
2000 VOST - Garth DeVries
2001 NASS- Juliet Thompson
2002 CSNTS- Dan Rugg
2003 CSNTS- Dan Rugg
2004 Small Craft Repair - Elliot Oldak
2005 CSNTS - Dan Rugg
2006 VOST - Joe Campbell
2007 VOST - Matt Recker
2008 VOST Coaches - Ian Gordon
2009 VOST Coaches - Ian Gordon
2010 IC Team - James Allsop
2011 IC Team - Jason Carminati
2012 VOST - Jon Driesslein
2013 Not Sailed
2014 IC Team - Phil Youngberg
2015 Cutter Shed - Pete Carrico & LT Rob Bowman
2016 VOST Integrity Crew (Sagan) – George Davis
2017 Event Cancelled, bad weather
USS Reina Mercedes Trophy - NASS Trophies

Awarded to the winning skipper of the Reina Mercedes Regatta typically held in Navy Knockabouts.  

The Reina MercedesHistory: The Reina Mercedes regatta is a race held annually in August of each year.  Competitors are employees of the Naval Station Command.  Typically Knockabouts are used for competition in this NASS sponsored event

Winners of the U.S.S Reina Mercedes Trophy

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1944 James Abbott 1985 Not Awarded
1945 CDR Warren C. Boles 1986 CAPT John B. Bonds
1946-1949 Not Awarded 1987 Bill Maclay
1950 Assoc. Prof. J.C. Abbott 1989 Leo Flannagan
1951 CDR E.A. Shuman, Jr. 1990 Dan Rugg
1952 CDR E.A. Shuman, Jr. 1991 Ron Rostorfer
1953 LT T.E. Fortson 1992 Joe Convery
1954 CDR Warren C. Boles 1993 Not Awarded
1955 CAPT Warren C. Boles 1994 Dan Rugg
1956 Prof. Alden R. Hefler 1995 Dan Rugg
1957 LT(jg) Robert Norton 1996 Joel Jacobs
1958 LT William Williams III 1997 CAPT Jerry Farrell
1959 LT William Williams III 1998 Dan Rugg
1960 LCDR John Rusling III 1999 Dan Rugg
1961 ENS. Lawrence R. Glenn 2000 Elliott Oldak
1962 LT(jg) Lawrence R. Glenn 2001 CDR Gerard VandenBerg
1963 LCDR John Rusling III 2002 CDR Gerard VandenBerg
1964 Prof. E.C. Gras 2003 Not Contested
1965 LT B.F. Dunbar 2004 Midn 4/c Cullen Shaughnessy
1966 LT W.E. Tobin III 2005 Jahn Tihansky
1967 ENS S.A. Van Dyck 2013  ENS Taylor Vann
1968 LT(jg) S.A. Van Dyck 2014   Not Contested
1969 LT(jg) J. Deermount, Jr. 2015   Not Contested
1970 LT(jg) S.HAllan 2016   Not Contested
1971 ENS David Coit 2017   Not Contested
1972 LT(jg) Scott Perry    
1973 ENS Lars Forsberg    
1974 LT Fran Wright    
1975 LT Tom O'Brien    
1976 Graham M. Hall    
1977 Charles Kineke    
1978 CAPT Edwin Shuman III    
1979 ENS Tim McGee    
1980 LT Steve Keller    
1981 Elliott Oldak    
1982 Michael Waters    
1983 Russell Snyder    
1984 Flanigan & Shoemaker    
A.G.B. Grosvenor Trophy - NASS Trophies

Awarded annually to the civilian volunteer member of the NASS who has made exemplary contributions to the mission and programs of the sailing squadron. 

The Grosvenor trophyHistory:

The CAPT A.G.B Grosvenor Trophy was established by the Fales Committee in 1978 to honor the late Captain Alexander G. Bell Grosvenor, USNA Class of 1950, Commanding Officer, Naval Station Annapolis, and Commodore, Naval Academy Sailing Squadron. Captain Grosvenor had noted that of all the sailing-oriented trophies awarded at the Naval Academy, none honored the hard working and dedicated volunteers from the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron.

The perpetual trophy on display in the Crown Center Hall of Fame is a fully rigged half-model of the sailing vessel SIREN, a custom-built Sparkman & Stephens 58-foot sloop aboard which Captain Grosvenor served as Head Coach. In the spring of 2003, the Fales Committee re-dedicated the Grosvenor Trophy as the Alex and Marcia Grosvenor Trophy. The renamed trophy recognizes and honors the extraordinary time, effort, and energy that both Captain and Mrs. Grosvenor devoted in supporting all aspects of the Naval Academy sailing programs.

Winners of A.G.B. Grosvenor Trophy

Year Recipient
1978 MR. Me. Lenox
1979 Robert Taber
1980 Robert McWethy
1981 Robert L. Bagey
1982 Marcia Grosvenor
1983 Rodney Tomlinson
1984 Neil Berthier
1985 William Hollow
1986 James Felch
1987 Richard Von Dobhoff
1988 Alva Bowen
1989 CDR Kenneth Holzman
1990 Dave Carvey
1991 Stoddard H. Knowles
1992 Richard F. Emmett
1993 Not Awarded
1994 Gilbert Snow
1995 Dean Balcirak
1996 Thomas I. Richardson
1997 Ted Rogers
1998 Gene Bouslog
1999 Alan Frank
2000 Dan Escalera
2001 Marion Johnson
2002 CAPT Dick Morin, USN(ret) & Mrs. Joan Morin
2003 Not contested
2004 Coach Brad Dellenbaugh
2005 Mike Brownlee
2006 Robert Holmes
2007 Maureen Mills
2008 Richard Lunsford
2009 Paul & Dawn Miller
2010 Bill Muesler
2011 Jan Richardson
2012 Rick Robey
2013 Frieda Wildey
2014 Lynn Ohman
2015 Dan Trammel
2016 John Formisano
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