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USNA Sailing Center
Robert Crown Center

Naval Academy Sailing Department Instructions

Instructions linked here apply to the Sailing center and program. These documents change frequently, so visitors are encouraged to seek out the department site for any newer instructions that may have been posted.

USNAINST 1500.5 U.S. Naval Academy Sail Training Program DNAS 13DEC18
USNAINST 4001.5D Acceptance Of Gifts To The U.S. Naval Academy FINANCE 06MAR17
USNAINST 4520.1B Policy For Activating At Terminating Donated Vessels PRODEV 28JAN21
USNAINST_4780.1D Responsibilities For Service Craft And Boat Accounting Report (SABAR) PRODEV 21JAN22
CMDTINST 10123.1D Authorization To Wear Craftmaster Insignia PRODEV 23JUN16
DIVPRODEVINST 3120.7C Promulgation Of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) And Regulations Manual For U.S. Naval Academy Sail Training Craft (STC) PRODEV 20AUG20
DIVPRODEVINST 3140.2C Hurricane Sortie And Mooring Procedures For Hazardous Or Destructive Weather  PRODEV 5NOV21

Heavy Weather Early Warning Requirements And Actions

NSDO (443) 871-2330

DIVPRODEVINST 3530.2I STC Navigation Standards  PRODEV 20APR23
DIVPRODEVINST 4780.5D Procedures For Inspection, Acceptance, And Turnover In Support Of STC Maintenance And Repair  PRODEV 30DEC19
DIVPRODEVINST 10340.2D Procedures For Refueling Craft  PRODEV 24MAR22

Director of Navigation and Sailing

The following DNAS Instructions, Notes, and Operating Orders are maintained by this department. You can find the latest versions linked from this page.

DNASINST 9503.1a Procedures for Craft Pump Out in Santee Basin DNAS 14MAR14
DNASISNT 7322 Sail Material Inventory Program DNAS N/A
DNASNOTE 3001 13/003 Parade Backdrop DNAS 27MAR13
DNASNOTE 3120 13/002 Visiting Coaches Small Boat Use Authorization DNAS 22FEB13
DNASNOTE 4520 Utilization of Naval Academy Sailing Foundation Assets DNAS 15OCT20
DNASNOTE 5000 Long-Range Chartered Boat Plan DNAS 15OCT20
DNASNOTE 10470 21/005 COC Reporting in the Even of EPIRB/PLB Activation on Sail Craft DNAS 24NOV21
DNASNOTE 11320 13/004 Emergency Evacuation Plan DNAS 15APR13
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