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USNA Sailing Center

Intercollegiate Intersectional Trophies

Blue Water Bowl - Offshore Trophies

Awarded to the boat in the biennial Annapolis to Newport Race with the best corrected time.

The Blue Water Bowl TrophyHistory:  The Blue Water Bowl was presented to the U.S. Naval Academy in 1947.  It is awarded by the U.S. Navy to the winning skipper at the end of the race.

Winners of the Blue Water Bowl

Year Yacht Recipient
1947 Alar D.Z. Bailey
1949 Alar D.Z. Bailey
1951 Baruna H.C. Taylor
1953 Bolero J.N. Brown
1955 Actea Henry Sears
1957 Harrier J.M. Bontecou
1959 Caper H.I. Pratt
1961 Reindeer E.N. Smith
1963 Dyna C. Ewing
1965 Dyna C. Ewing
1967 Lancetilla J.M. Cameron
1969 American Eagle R.E. Turner, III
1971 Sorcery J.F. Baldwin
1973 Equation John Potter
1975 Salte Goose R.E. Derecktor
1977 Jack Knife J. Greenberg
1979 Tenacious R.E. Turner
1981 IOR: Impasse William Tacker
  MHS: Mandate Morgan Barker
1983 IOR: Espirt Peter H. Van Arsdale
  MHS: Gaylark Kaign Smith
1985 IOR: Invictus Bernard & Spener
  MHS: Silver Start Clarke & Decker
1987 IOR: Starlight Express B.A. Eissner
  IMS: Bravo James Dolan
  PHRF: Morpheus R.J. Kitz
1989 IOR: Congere Bevin Koeppel
  IMS: Bravo James Dolan
1991 PHRF: Snow White Ned Shuman
  IMS: Bully Rich Heffering
1993 PHRF: Swift Ara Barton
  IMS: Doundation Masato Fujimaki
1995 PHRF: Javelin Larry Bulman
  IMS: Blue Yankee Robert Towse
1997 PHRF: Adventurer Arthur Birney
  IMS: Bingo! Charles Lea
1999 PHRF: Dear Friend Bill Kardash
  IMS: Veritas Philip Hutchinson
2001 PHRF: Chessie Racing George Collins
  IMS: Carrera J. Dockey
2003 PHRF: Y2K Charles Engh
  IMS: Dawn Treader L. Cohen
2005 PHRF: Euro Trash Girl Nicole Weaver
  IRC: Sjambok Michael Hobbs
2007 PHRF: Dolphin  Henry Morgan
  IRC: Sjambok  Michael Brennan
2009 PHRF: Heron Greg Leonard
  IRC: Rambler George David
2011 PHRF: Sjambok Michael Brennan
  IRC: Beau Geste Karl Kwok
2013 PHRF: Actaea Michael Cone
IRC: Rambler George David
2015 PHRF: Swift Kyle Briggs
IRC: Carina Rives Potts
2017 PHRF:  Jeroboam Laurent Givry
IRC:  Black Pearl Stefan Jentzsch
The Aloha Cup - Offshore Trophies

Awarded annually to the yacht with the best corrected time in the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron annual regatta.

The Aloha CupHistory:  The Aloha Cup is awarded to the yacht with the best corrected time in the Naval Academy Sailing Squadron’s annual race to Oxford.  The Aloha Cup is one of four trophies belonging to Lloyd Phoenix that came into the possession of the Naval Academy.  Lloyd Phoenix graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1861 and served in the Civil War.  He resigned his commission in 1865, went into business, and became a yachting enthusiast.  He won the Aloha Cup in an annual cruise of the New York Yacht Club in 1910, sailing his most famous yacht, Intrepid.

Winners of the Aloha Cup

Year Yacht Year Yacht
1960 Swift 1994 Success
1961 Falcon 1995 Varmint Cong
1962 Babe 1996 Expectation
1963 White Shadow, III 1997 Snake Bite
1964 Traveller 1998 Wahoo
1965 Proton II 1999 Varshek
1966 Bonnie D 2000 Sjambok
1967 Rumpus 2001 Varshek2
1968 Maredea 2002 Sjambok
1969 Jubilee III 2003 Not contested
1970 Outrage 2004 Big Time
1971 Outrage 2005 Donnybrook
1972 Running Tide 2006 Odyssey
1973 Running Tide 2007 Chao
1974 Running Tide 2008 Javelin
1975 Running Tide 2009 Restless
1976 Syren 2010 Maltose Falcon
1977 Wild Flower 2011 Odyssey
1978 Diamond in the Rough 2012  Karen S.
1979 Sugar Magnolia 2013  Stray Dog
1980 Cayenne 2014   Incommunicado
1981 Bodacious 2015   Smoky
1982 Wunder Bear 2016   Velocity
1983 Streaker 2017   Restless
1984 Diamond in the Rough    
1985 Nightshift    
1986 Pussycat    
1987 Euroclass    
1988 Smoke Screen    
1989 Hurricane Hugo    
1990 Intuition    
1991 Sugar    
1992 Infringer    
1993 Cinnabar    
Lloyd Phoenix Trophy - Offshore Trophies

Awarded annually to the Yacht Club and skipper winning the Lloyd Phoenix Regatta. Originally, ten Naval Academy yawls manned by members of nine invited yacht clubs and NASS, sailed a series of races over a two period.  Recently, this trophy has been designated as the award for US SAILING's large yacht championship.

The Lloyd Phoenix TrophyHistory:  Lloyd Phoenix graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1861 and served in until the Civil War.  He resigned his commission in 1865, went into business, and became a yachting enthusiast.  He won the Aloha Cup in an annual cruise of the New York Yacht Club in 1910, sailing his most famous yacht, Intrepid.

Winners of the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy

Year Club Recipient
1960 Tred Avon Yacht Club W.H. Myers
1961 Gibson Island Yacht Club C.F. Stein III
1962 Sailing Club of Chesapeake Norton Gibbons-Neff
1963 Potapskut Sailing Association E.L. Dinning, III
1964 Potapskut Sailing Association E.L. Dinning, III
1965 Gibson Island Yacht Squadron J.R. Wolfe, Jr.
1966 Gibson Island Yacht Squadron J.R. Wolfe, Jr.
1967 Sailing Club of Chesapeake J.W. Martin
1968 Gibson Island Yacht Squadron C.F. Stein, III
1969 U.S. Naval Station BM3 Fred Bremen, USN
1970 Corinthian Club of Philadelphia Gardner Cox
1971 Severn Sailing Association Robert Donald
1972 Tred Avon Yacht Club :Mark Ewing
1973 Annapolis Naval Sailing Association CWO William Abbot, USN
1974 Fishing Bay Yacht Club John Hawksworth
1975 Annapolis Yacht Club Scott Allan
1976 Annapolis Yacht Club Charlie Scott
1977 Naval Academy Sailing Squadron A.G.B. Grosvenor
1978 Gibson Island Yacht Club John Sherwood, III
1979 Gibson Island Yacht Club John Sherwood, III
1980 Sailing Club of Chesapeake Robert Donald
1981 Naval Academy Sailing Squadron Edwin A. Shuman, III
1982 Annapolis Yacht Club James Scott
1983 Naval Academy Sailing Squadron George Dewhurst
1984 Larchmont Yacht Club Charles R. Ulmer
1985 Tred Avon Yacht Club Richard Lippincott
1986 Area F Houston Yacht Club Lee Demarest
1987 Area D Southern Yacht Club Buddy Friedrichs
1988 Area D Charleston Yacht Club Mason Chrisman
1989 Area C Annapolis Yacht Club Charlie Scott
1990 Area C Annapolis Yacht Club Charlie Scott
1991 Area A Hingham Yacht Club Steve Garland
1992 Area J Los Angles Yacht Club Roy Disney
1993 Area C Hampton Yacht Club Sledd Shelhorse
1994 Area K Macatawa Bay Yacht Club Mark Nobel
1995 Area C Annapolis Yacht Club John R. White
1996 Area J Alamitos Yacht Club Keith Ives
1997 Area D New Orleans Yacht Club Scott Sonnier
1998 Area G Santa Barbara Yacht Club Mark Nobel
1999 Area H Tacoma Yacht Club John Leitzinger
2000 Area A Massachusetts Bay YC Gordon Hall
2001 Area H Corinthian YC of Seattle Joan Hoag
2002 Area D Southern Yacht Club Scott Sonnier
2003 Area E Rochester Yacht Club Hank Stuart
2004 Area D Southern Yacht Club Marc Eagan
2005 NASS MIDN 1/c Greg Storer
2006 Area D Tampa Yacht Club Robert Hobbs
2007 San Diego Yacht Club Chuck Nichols
2008 Chicago Yacht Club Rick Strilky
2009 New York/Milford Yacht Club Bruce Kuryla
2010 Not Contested  
2011 NY/Milford/Scuttlebutt Yacht Club Bruce Kuryla
2013 Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle Steve Travis
2015 New York/Milford Yacht Club Bruce Kuryla
2017 Chicago Corinthian Yacht Club Brian Kennalley
Ocean Racing Trophy - Offshore Trophies

Awarded annually to the service yacht having the best corrected time in the Annapolis to Newport Yacht Race and the Newport to Bermuda Yacht Race.

The Ocean Racing TrophyHistory:  This trophy was given to the Naval Academy by the Commander of the US Atlantic Destroyer Forces.  It is awarded annually by the Commander of the Cruiser Destroyer Force.

Winners of the Ocean Racing Trophy

Year Yacht Year Yacht
1958 Alert, USNA 1991 Cinnabar, USNA
1960 Intrepid, USNA 1992 Constellation, USNA
1961 Alert, USNA 1993 Swift, USNA
1962 Flirt, USNA 1994 Swift, USNA
1963 Frolic, USNA 1995 Rampage, USCGA
1964 Icefire, USMMA 1996 Defiance, USMMA
1965 Petrel, USCGA 1997 Rampage, USCGA
1966 Fortuna, ANA 1998 Rampage, USCGA
1967 Maredea, USNA 1999 Swift, USNA
1968 Severn Star, USNA 2000 Swift, USNA
1969 Maredea, USNA 2001 Flirt, USNA
1970 Rage, USNA 2002 Flirt, USNA
1971 Jubilee III, USNA 2003 Vigilant, USNA
1972 Jubilee III, USNA 2004 Lively, USNA
1973 Rage, USNA 2005 American Promise, USNA
1974 Miss Wick, USNA 2006 Swift, USNA
1975 Insurgente, USNA 2007 Swift, USNA
1976 Syren, USNA 2008 Swift, USNA
1977 Patriot, USNA 2009 Tomcat, USNA
1978 Nike, USCGA 2010 Swift, USNA
1979 Insurgente, USNA 2011 Invictus, USNA
1980 Intrepid, USNA 2012 Defiance, USNA 
1981 Foxfire, USCGA 2013  Flirt, USNA
1982 Cinnabar, USNA 2014   Swift, USNA
1983 Constellation, USNA 2015   Swift, USNA
1984 Mareva, USCGA 2016   Did not compete due to wx
1984 Vengeance, USNA 2017   Hooligan, USNA
1985 Cinnabar, USNA    
1986 Fury, USNA    
1986 Morning Light, USNA    
1987 Morning Light, USNA    
1988 Cinnabar, USNA    
1989 Dauntless, USNA    
1990 Insurgente, USNA    
McMillan Cup (Mac Cup)

Mac CupHistory:  The McMillan Cup Regatta is the oldest collegiate sailing event.  Originally, the McMillan Cup was known as the Oliver Hay Trophy.  The latter, was established in 1928 by Mr. Briggs Cunningham as an event to honor a well-known Yale alumnus sailor and was retired in 1930.  The McMillan Cup was donated by Mr. Willaim McMillan of Baltimore, MD, but with the understanding that his name not appear on the cup.

As the McMillan Cup Regatta was primarily an intercollegiate large yacht racing event for the New England and Middle Atlantic states, it was sailed on the East Coast.  Up until 1950, the regattas were held at various sailing centers in New England.  After World War II, it became apparent that the competing colleges would have difficulty in obtaining sufficient boats to carry the McMillan Cup and in 1950 the Naval Academy offered their 44' Luders Yawls for Intercollegiate competition.  Since that time, the regatta is held annually at the Naval Academy.

Year College Year College Year College
1930 Princeton 1964 Babson 1998 Boston College
1931 Princeton 1965 Princeton 1999 Navy
1932 Harvard 1966 Tufts 2000 St. Mary's
1933 Dartmouth 1967 Tufts 2001 Coast Guard
1934 Harvard 1968 Yale 2002 Coast Guard
1935 Princeton 1969 Brown 2003 Mass Maritime
1936 Princeton 1970 Rhode Island 2004 Navy
1937 Yale 1971 Harvard 2005 Navy
1938 Harvard 1972 Cornell 2006 Navy
1939 Williams 1973 Dartmouth 2007 Navy
1940 Williams 1974 Navy 2008 Coast Guard
1941 Dartmouth 1975 Yale 2009 Coast Guard
1942 Dartmouth 1976 Brown 2010 Navy
1943 M.I.T. 1977 Navy 2011 King's Point
1944 Harvard 1978 Tufts 2012 Navy
1945 Coast Guard 1979 Harvard 2013 Coast Guard
1946 M.I.T. 1980 Navy 2014 Navy
1947 Yale 1981 Navy 2015 Navy
1948 Yale 1982 Princeton 2016 Navy
1949 Princeton 1983 SUNY Maritime 2017 Navy
1950 Brown 1984 Navy
1951 M.I.T. 1985 Navy
1952 Williams 1986 Connecticut College
1953 M.I.T. 1987 Coast Guard
1954 Cornell 1988 Princeton
1955 Navy 1989 Dartmouth
1956 Brown 1990 Brown
1957 Coast Guard 1991 cancelled
1958 Navy 1992 Cornell
1959 Princeton 1993 Mass Maritime
1960 Williams 1994 Mass Maritime
1961 Navy 1995 St. Mary's
1962 Babson 1996 Navy
1963 Yale 1997 Navy
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