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Administrative Department

USNA Instructions

Inst # Date Subject Originator
1000.1J May 18, 2020 The United States Naval Academy Band Comdt
1020.7B Aug 25, 2020 Standards and Policy for the Proper Wear of the Navy Working Uniform CMC
1050.1B May 03, 2021 Leave and Liberty for Navy Military Personnel OfcrPers
1050.2 Apr 27, 2015 Procedures and Instructions for Victims of Sexual Assault to Request Leave of Absence Comdt
1050.2A CH-1 May 09, 2016 Procedures and Instructions for Victims of Sexual Assault to Request Leaves of Absence Comdt
1100.1 Jun 26, 2006 Policy and Procedures for Candidate Guidance Contingency Fund Dean of Admissions
1301.4A May 08, 2020 USNAINST 1301.4A U.S. Naval Academy Temporary Assigned Duty Personnel Program Comdt
1301.5K Oct 23, 2019 Midshipmen Service Assignment Pro Dev
1301.5L Jul 08, 2021 Midshipmen Service Assignment Pro Dev
1430.1 Jul 15, 2016 Command Guidance for Meritorious Advancement Program OfcrPers
1500.1 Aug 29, 2016 USNA High Risk Training Safety Program Safety
1500.3A Aug 08, 2017 USNAINST 1500.3A Orientation Program for Newly Reported Military and Civilian Personnel OfcrPers
1500.5 Dec 13, 2018 U. S. Naval Academy Sailing Programs Dir, NA Sailing
1520.2AB Apr 27, 2021 Graduate Education Programs for Midshipmen Grad Ed Prog Mgr
1520.5 Jan 07, 2010 Continuation of Permanent Military Professors VAD
1530.1E Jan 08, 2021 U.S. Naval Academy Midshipman Summer Training Program Pro Dev
1531.3 Jul 25, 2014 International Military Semester Exchange Program Comdt
1531.33F Oct 31, 2008 Midshipman Academic Performance Reports (MAPR) Ac Dean & Provost
1531.34C Sep 27, 2011 Service Academy Exchange Program Comdt
1531.46C May 13, 2010 Procedures Governing Assignment to the Reserve Naval Academy Information Program (NAIP) Dir, CGO
1531.47C Aug 21, 2001 Premedical/Predental Advising &, Section for Medical/Dental Corps Ac Dean & Provost
1531.48C Apr 02, 2018 Program of Support Between U.S. Naval Academy Classes that Span 50 Years "A Link in the Chain Comdt
1531.49B May 09, 2008 Graduation and Degree Requirements Ac Dean & Provost
1531.51B Aug 08, 2017 USNAINST 1531.51B Class Standings Ac Dean & Provost
1531.53C Feb 22, 2021 Policies Concerning Graded Academic Work Ac Dean & Provost
1531.56A Jul 21, 2015 Naval Academy Preparatory School Guidance COS
1531.57 Oct 28, 2013 Updating and Maintenance of USNA Viewbook
1531.58 Apr 19, 2021 USNAINST 1531.58 POSTHUMOUS DEGREES Supe COS
1552.3E Jun 05, 2012 Policy and Procedures for Selection and Procurement of Midshipmen Textbooks NABSD
1560.3G Sep 04, 2014 Voluntary Graduate Education Program Grad Ed Prog Mgr
1601.1A Jan 21, 2015 Naval Academy Duty Officers (NADO) DepSupt/COS
1610.3L May 08, 2019 Brigade Honor Program Comdt
1610.5C Apr 16, 2020 Delegation of Reporting Senior Authority for Fitness and Evaluation Reports OfcrPers
1610.6A Mar 25, 2021 U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) Midshipmen Disenrollment Procedures for Cases Involving Unsatisfactory Conduct SJA
1611.7J Sep 05, 2013 Fitness Evaluation and Effectiveness Reports for U. S. Marine Corps, U. S. Army, and U. S. Air Force Officers Attached the Naval Academy OfcrPers
1650.1 Apr 06, 2015 The Class of 1958 Admiral Charles R. Larson Ethical Leadership Excellence Award
1650.4D Aug 23, 2021 Naval Academy Information Program (NAIP) Awards Dir, CGO
1650.5D May 26, 2020 Military Awards Guidance OfcrPers
1650.6A Oct 09, 2013 U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Award Comdt
1650.7A Sep 23, 2015 United States Naval Academy Bancroft Award for Exceptional Leadership Achievement Supt
1700.10 Sep 21, 2006 United States Naval Academy Sailor Of The Year Program CMC
1700.8D Jun 08, 2021 Sailor of the Quarter/Year, Junior Sailor of the Quarter/Year, and Bluejacket of the Quarter/Year Programs CMC
1710.19A Jul 31, 2020 Subject CMC
1720.1A Jun 27, 2018 Suicide Prevention, Intervention, and Response Program Command Chapel
1730.2F Mar 23, 2017 Naval Academy Chapel Advisory Councils Command Chapel
1730.3A Nov 29, 2007 Naval Academy Chapel Weddings Command Chapel
1734.1D Jul 07, 2020 Midshipmen Development Center MDC
1741.2F Sep 21, 2011 Commercial Solicitation Controls MFA
1746.1B CH-1 Jun 17, 2019 Policy for Food Services Provided by the MFSD MFSD
1752.1B Feb 20, 2001 Family Advocacy Program Dir, FFSC
1752.2H Aug 25, 2020 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program SAPR
1752.3 Aug 25, 2020 Midshipman Affairs Team SAPR
1770.2 Dec 11, 2017 USNAINST 1770.2 Casualty Assistance Calls Sub-Area for Anne Arundel County D/COS
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