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Administrative Department

USNA Instructions 7000 - 7999

Inst # Date Subject Originator
7000.4A Aug 15, 2013 Guidelines on the Use of Gift Funds for Entertainment Expenses in the Furtherance of the United States Naval Academy Mission Dep Finance
7010.1 Apr 19, 2019 Religious Offering Fund Command Chapel
7010.2C Jun 29, 2011 United States Naval Academy Nonappropriated Fund Procurement Policy NABSD
7010.3B Mar 15, 2017 U.S. Naval Academy Nonappropriated Fund Policy NABSD
7040 Feb 14, 2017 Command Coins SJA
7200.2A Apr 15, 2010 Payment of Honoraria and Travel Expenses for Invited Non-Government Guests Dep Finance
7200.3B Dec 21, 2021 Miscellaneous Charges to Midshipmen Pay Accounts Dep Finance
7320.10 Aug 06, 2014 USNA Management of Personal Property Comptroller
7420.10A Aug 11, 2014 Policies and Procedures for Reporting Time and Attendance Dep Finance
7500.1 Nov 05, 2020 Relations with External Audit Organizations Command Evaluation
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