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Administrative Department

USNA Frequently Used Systems of Records

System ID #
System Name
Types of USNA Records in the System
Program Managers
Defense Travel System (DTS)
Records on DoD civilian
personnel; active, former, and retired military members; Reserve and National Guard personnel;
academy nominees, applicants, and cadets; dependents of military personnel; foreign nationals;
and all other individuals in receipt of DoD travel orders/authorizations.
Travel Office
DoD 0005 Defense Training Records This system of records describes the DoD's collection, use, and maintenance of records about training delivered to DoD Service Members, civilian personnel, and other DoD-affiliated individuals. Replacing NTMPS MILPERS
Travel Charge Card Program 
Records on those who apply for and/or use Government-assigned travel charge cards and all other Federal employees and authorized individuals who use a Federal account number for travel purposes. Travel Office
GSA SmartPay Purchase Charge Card Program
Federal employees, contractors, and other individuals who apply for and/or use Government-assigned purchase charge cards. Government Purchase Card Office
Navy Military Personnel Records System All Navy military personnel officers, enlisted, active, inactive, reserve, fleet reserve, retired, midshipmen, officer candidates, and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps personnel.


Enlisted Master File Automated Systems Records on Navy enlisted personnel. Enlisted Personnel Office
N01080-2 Officer Master File Automated Systems Records on naval officers commissioned, warrant, active, inactive; officer candidates, and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps personnel. Officer Personnel Office
N01131-1 Officer Selection and Appointment System Records on individuals who have made application for direct appointment to commissioned grade in the Regular Navy or Naval Reserve, applied for officer candidate program leading to commissioned status in the U.S. Naval Reserve, applied for a Navy/Marine Corps sponsored NROTC scholarship program or preparatory school program, applied for interservice transfer to Regular Navy or Naval Reserve. Officer Personnel Office
N01420-1 Enlisted to Officer Commissioning Programs Records of enlisted members who apply  for Officer Commissionning Programs in the Navy. Admissions Office (USNA Sponsored)
N01531-1 USNA Applicants, Candidates, and Midshipmen Records Records on applicants and candidates for admission to the Naval Academy, Naval Academy, and graduates of the Naval Academy. Information Management Control Office (USNA Sponsored)
N01531-X USNA Voluntary and Gratuitous Service Records Records on individuals who perform or apply to perform voluntary or gratuitous services for the U.S. Naval Academy and the Naval Academy preparatory school. OGC (USNA Sponsored)
NM01543-1 Explosives Handling Qualification Certification Program Records on Navy, Marine Corps, civilian and contractor personnel involved in the process or evolution of explosives operations ESO
N01740-1 Family Dependent Care Program       Records on faculty personnel (active duty, reserve, and civilian) employed by the United States Naval Academy or Naval Academy Preparatory School and individuals applying for Faculty positions. MILPERS
N01754-4 Navy Family Accountability and Assessment System (NFAAS) Records on DoD affiliated personnel that includes Military service members (active duty, Guard/Reserve and the Coast guard personnel when operating as a military service with the Navy), civilian employees, family members of the above and contractors working at DoD facilities. MILPERS
N01770-3 Naval Academy Cemetery and Columbarium Records  Records on those eligible to reserve a lot for future burial in the Naval Academy Cemetery. Deceased individuals interred/inured in the Naval Academy Cemetery/Columbarium Memorial Affairs (USNA Sponsored)
N05041-1 Inspector General Records Records on any person who has been the subject of, witness for, or referenced in an investigation, as well as any individual who submits a request for assistance or complaint to an Inspector General. USNA IG
N05230-1 Total Workforce Management Services (TWMS) Records on active duty and Reservists, appropriated and nonappropriated civilian personnel, Navy contract personnel, other DoD and federal personnel assigned to Navy commands. HR
N05354-1 Military Equal Opportunity Network Records on military personnel who are involved in formal or informal complaints or investigations involving aspects of equal opportunity or hazing and/or who have initiated or were the subject of correspondence concerning aspects of equal opportunity or hazing Diversity Office
N05520-5 Personnel Security Program Management Records System Records o all Department of the Navy military personnel and civilian employees and certain 'affiliated employees' whose duties require or may in the future require a DON security clearance or assignment to sensitive positions and aliens being processed for access to National Security information. Personnel Security Office
N06110-1 Physical Readiness Information Management System (PRIMS) Records on all Navy active duty and reserve personnel. CFL
N07220-1 Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Records on all Navy military members and their dependents. MILPERS
N12000-X Faculty Professional Files Records on Faculty personnel (active duty, reserve, and civilian) employed by the United States Naval Academy or Naval Academy Preparatory School and applying for Faculty positions. Provost (USNA Sponsored)
N12293-1 Human Resources Civilian Portfolio Records on civilian employees and job applicants for civilian appropriated/non-appropriated fund (NAF) positions in the Department of Navy (DON). HR
NM01500-2 Departmentof the Navy (DON) Education and Training Records Student records cover present, former, and prospective students at the Department of Navy and USMC schools, and training activities or associated educational institutions of Navy sponsored programs...(SMART, VLS, MCTIMS, DHART, and CeTARS). MILPERS
NM01650-1 DON Military Awards System Records on recipients of Navy and Marine Corps personal awards, to include the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps military personnel who receive personal awards from other U.S. Armed Forces; and approved unit awards from 1941 to present. MILPERS
NM01700-1 DON General Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Records  Records on individuals authorized to use MWR/MWF programs, facilities, or services. NABSD/MWF
NM01730-1 Navy Chaplain Privileged Counseling Files Records on Navy and Marine Corps members, their dependents and other individuals who have received pastoral counseling from Navy chaplains. Command Chaplain
NM05000-1 General Correspondence Files Individuals who have initiated correspondence with the Department of the Navy. Admin Offices
NM05000-2 Program Management and Locator System Records on military, civilian, and contractor personnel attached to the activity; former members; applicants for civilian employment, visitors, volunteers, guests, and invitees; and dependent family members. (Recall rostes and social lists) Protocol/Individual Offices
NM05070-1 Library Patron File Records on authorized users of Navy, Marine Corps, U.S. Joint Forces Command, and U.S. Pacific Command library facilities. Library Director
NM05100-5 Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS) Records on Department of Navy (DON) military and civilian personnel, non-appropriated personnel, foreign national military and civilian personnel, other U.S. Government personnel, or contractors, who work or receive support from the U.S. Navy, ashore and/or afloat. NSA ESAMS Administrator
NM05211-1 Privacy Act Request/Amendment Files and Tracking System Individuals who request information concerning themselves which is in the custody of the Department of the Navy or who request access to or amendment of such records in accordance with the Privacy Act of 1974, as amended. Privacy Coordinator
NM05512-1 Vehicle Parking Permit and License Control System Records on individuals who apply for parking or who have registered their vehicles, boats, or trailers at a Navy, Marine Corps, Pacific Command, or Joint Forces Command installation. Pass and ID
NM05512-2 Badge and Access Control System Records Records on individuals considered or seeking consideration for access to space under the control of the Department of the Navy/combatant command and any visitor (military, civilian, or contractor) requiring access to a controlled facility. Pass and ID
NM05380-1 Combined Federal Campaign/Navy and Marine Corps Relief Society Records on assigned personnel. USNA Chairperson for the Combined Federal Campaign
NM05720-1 FOIA Request/Appeal Files and Tracking System  Records on individuals who request access to information under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or make an appeal under the FOIA. FOIA Office
NM05800-2 DON Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Individuals involved in Department of the Navy (DON) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) activities. HR
NM07010-1 DON Non-Appropriated Funds Standard Payroll System Non-appropriated activities in the Department of the Navy (DON).  Official mailing addresses are published in the Standard Navy Distribution List available as an appendix to the Navy's compilation of system of records notices and may be obtained from the System Manager. NAF HR
NM07320-1 Property Accountability Records Records on individuals who receives and signs for government property. Accountable Property Manager
NM07421-1 Time and Attendance Feeder Records (SLDCADA) Records on civilian, military, non-appropriated, direct, indirect and contractor personnel assigned to the Navy, Marine Corps, and combatant commands under the auspices of the Department of the Navy. Payroll
NM12610-1 Hours of Duty Records Records on military and civilian personnel. HR/MILPERS/MIDPERS
NM12630-1 DON Voluntary Leave Transfer Program Records Records on individuals who have volunteered to participate in the leave transfer program as either a donor or recipient. HR
NM12711-1 Labor Management Relations Records System Records on DON civilian employees paid from appropriated and non-appropriated funds, who are involved in a grievance which has been referred to an arbitrator for resolution, or who are involved in the filing of an Unfair Labor practice complaint which has been referred to the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) for resolution... HR
NM12713-1 Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Complaints Tracking System Records on DON civilians, non-appropriated fund employees, and external applicants for employment. HR
NM12771-1 Discrimination Complaints Records of former and present civilian employees of the Department of the Navy, and civilian applicants for employment with the Department of the Navy. HR
NM12771-2 Administrative Grievance Files Records of Navy and Marine Corps civilian employees paid from appropriated funds serving under career, career-conditional, temporary and excepted service appointments by whom grievances exist. HR
NM12792-7 Drug-Free Workplace Program Records Civilian employees and applicants for employment with the Department of the Navy. HR
OGE/GOVT-1 Executive Branch Personnel Public Financial Disclosure Reports and Other Name-Retrieved Ethics
Program Records
Records of officers and employees including special Government employees, whose positions are classified above GS-15 of the General Schedule or at an equivalent rate of basic pay equal to or greater than 120% of the minimum
rate of basic pay for GS-15; officers or employees in a position determined by the Director of the Office of
Government Ethics to be of equal classification to GS-15 or above
OGE/GOVT-2 Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports. Records on individuals required to file a financial disclosure report. SJA
OPM/GOVT-1 General Personnel Records Records on current and former Federal employees as defined in 5 U.S.C. 2105.  (Volunteers, grantees, and contract employees on whom the agency maintains records may also
be covered by this system).
OPM/GOVT-2 Employee Performance File System Records Records on current and former Federal employees (including SES appointees). HR
OPM/GOVT-3 Records of Adverse Actions, Performance Based Reduction in Grade and Removal Actions, and
Termination of Probationers
Records on current or former Federal employees 
against whom such an action has been proposed or taken in accordance with 5 CFR parts 315
(subparts H and I), 432, 752, or 754 of the Office's regulations.
OPM/GOVT-5 Recruiting, Examining, and Placement Records. Records on persons who have applied to the Office or agencies for Federal employment and current and
former Federal employees submitting applications for other positions in the Federal service.
OPM/GOVT-9 File on Position Classification Appeals, Job Grading Appeals, Retained Grade or Pay Appeals,
Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) Claims and Complaints, Federal Civilian Employee
Compensation and Leave Claims, and Settlement of Accounts for Deceased Civilian Officers
and Employees
Records on employees filing appeals and claims. HR
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