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Administrative Department

Form Design Standards

All USNA official forms will conform to the following design standards with the exception of completely web based forms and forms built into the USNA AEEE network that are completely filled out and submitted electronically and forms that only require a signature and date such as a waiver.  The USNA Forms Manager will approve all exceptions to the design standards.  All USNA Forms regardless of format shall adhere to all other provisions of USNAINST 5213.2G .

The following design standards will be followed in the preparation of Naval Academy forms using the design software promulgated by the Navy Forms Manager, except when precluded by special requirements or the functional use of the form as mentioned above.


  • Size:   8-1/2" x 11".
  • Typography:  Text fonts are Arial 8 point (pt.) and all fill fonts are 10 pt. 
  •  Ink:  Black.
  •  Margins:  1/2" page margins.
  •  Image size:  7-15/16" x 10-1/4".
  •  Format/Style:  1.5 pt. or 1/48" solid border on all sides. 

Location of format elements and reproduction size of type:

  •  Form title:  Top left, bold capitals (caps), inside the border. 
  •  Supporting directive:   Top right, all caps, outside the border.
  •  OMB Control Number (when required):  Top right corner immediately below the supporting directive, all caps outside the border.  This number, assigned by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is assigned after posting in the Federal Register, when requesting personal private information (PPI) on an individual.
  •  Form prefix, number and date:  Bottom left, all caps, outside the border.  
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