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Administrative Department

Creating a New USNA Official Form

  1. Ensure the form is needed. Ensure the information requested is essential and is not duplicated on any existing forms by surveying the listings of each level of forms. Initiate a DD 67.

  2. Prepare a USNA approved directive (i.e. instruction, notice, or order) to inform respondents of the existence of the form (include the requiring directive number on the form ). Office forms, i.e. forms remaining within an office, are exempt from this requirement. Obtain a Report Control Symbol if the form is part of an information collection (reporting) requirement.  The form must be prescribed for use in the body of the directive and also be included in the forms paragraph at the end of the directive. The forms paragraph should include:  the form number and title of the form or the report control symbol and title of the information collection requirement, or both, also state where the forms may be obtained and how information should be submitted.  All USNA official forms will be listed on the USNA Official Forms List and Naval Forms Online (completely electronic forms will contain a link for accessibility). Per SECNAV M-5213.1 of December 2005, forms cannot be enclosures to directives unless a completed sample is needed to aid the readers in completing the form; in this case, the word “SAMPLE” must be overlaid via a watermark

  3. Complete DD 67  Forms Processing Action Request to request approval.

  4. Submit SECNAV 5213/1  SSN Reduction Review for all forms which collect full or partial Social Security Numbers.

  5. Submit SECNAV 5214/10  DON Internal INformation Collection Processing Request for all information collections (reports).

  6. Submit OMB 83-I   Paperwork Reduction Act Submission for all public information collections 

  7. Draft a copy of the form, listing the data elements in logical order.  The USNA Forms Assistant will assist in the design of all USNA forms using the official forms software, unless otherwise approved for completely electronic use.  USNA Forms Training provides instructions on how to set up a Navy form using the official design standards.

  8. Provide a copy of the proposed form; instruction, notice, or order; completed DD 67; SECNAV 5213/1 (as needed); SECNAV 5214/10 (as needed); and OMB 83-I (as needed) to the USNA Forms Office for review and approval.  All submissions should be made to
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