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Administrative Department

Forms Program

USNA forms management ensures that forms created and maintained by the Naval Academy provide needed information effectively, efficiently and economically. Information is vital to the success of the Naval Academy and provides the basis for management decisions. Specific types of data are needed to meet particular requirements and forms are a major means for providing a fast and easy method of collecting information. As information requirements change, effective forms management provides for improved forms and control of the proliferation of authorized forms. In turn, this minimizes the burden of USNA forms and maximizes their effectiveness.

USNAINST 5213.2G, UNITED STATES NAVAL ACADEMY (USNA) FORMS AND INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS (REPORTS) MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS, governs the forms management procedures at the Naval Academy.  Only command forms approved by the USNA Forms Office and listed on the USNA Official Forms List are authorized for use at USNA.

USNA forms will only be approved and added to the USNA Official Forms List if there are no higher echelon forms available to satisfy the information collection requirements (GSA SF or OF, DD, DON, USNA).  Creation of a new form is the last available option for information collections at USNA.  

The USNA Forms Office will maintain custody of all unlocked PDF versions of USNA's official forms.  All revisions and edits will be conducted in conjunction with the Forms Office. 

Forms Program Useful Links:

Naval Forms Online Where to find copies of all Navy forms.

DoD Forms Management Program Where to find copies of the DoD wide forms.

GSA Forms Library Where to find copies of Government wide forms.

Navy Issuances  Where to find a copy of all Navy directives.

DON CIO Office Where to find guidance and policies related to Navy forms, information, and privacy related matters.

Forms Office Contact Information:

Forms Manager: (410) 293-1550

Forms Assistant: (410) 293-1557


mailing address:

United States Naval Academy
Attn: Forms Office
121 Blake Road 
Annapolis, MD 21402-1300
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