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Administrative Department

USNA Instructions 4000 - 4999

Inst # Date Subject Originator
4001.2K Jun 18, 2014 Administration of the Naval Academy Gift and Museum Fund Program Dep Finance
4001.5E Jul 31, 2019 Acceptance of Gifts to the U.S. Naval Academy Dep Finance
4002.2D Dec 07, 2020 Loan of Naval Academy Museum Historic Property Dir, Museum
4050.1B Sep 02, 2011 Shipment of Personal Effects of Midshipmen Pending Separation Supply Personal Property
4061.5 Sep 11, 2008 Food Safety Training Program NHC
4200.1B Aug 08, 2023 USNAINST 4200.1B Accountability For Proper Use of Government Purchase Card Dep Finance
4520.1B Jan 28, 2021 Policy for Activating and Terminating the Charter of Vessels and Sail Training Craft Donated to Naval Academy Sailing Foundation Pro Dev
4600 Apr 10, 2017 Delegation of Authority to Approve Travel COS
4650.1A Nov 05, 2020 Government Travel Charge Card Administration - Individually Billed Accounts Dep Finance
4651.2H Oct 30, 2020 Travel Administration Dep Finance
4780.1D Feb 07, 2022 Responsibilities for Service Craft and Boat Accountability Pro Dev
4780.2 Jun 09, 2021 Policy and Procedures for Use of U.S. Naval Academy Barge SJA
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