Administrative Department

USNA Instructions 5000 - 5999

Inst # Date Subject Originator
5050.3A Jul 30, 1993 Policy and Procedures Concerning Scheduling of Conference Involving Expenditure of Navy TAD Funds Admin Officer
5060.5G Apr 06, 2015 Honorary Title of Emeritus Ac Dean & Provost
5060.7B Dec 19, 2016 Distinguished Graduate Award Medal Ceremony Committee Admin Officer
5060.8D Jun 13, 2014 Memorials and Commemorative Works COS
5060.9 Jan 09, 2014 Commissioning Week Planning Committee Duties and Responsibilities Special Events
5100.13C Apr 17, 2003 Laser Safety Program Safety
5104.1A Jun 20, 2016 Radiation Health Program Dir, Engr & Wpns
5104.2 Mar 30, 2014 Radiation Safety Program NHC
5141.1 May 12, 2015 U.S. Naval Academy Musical Activities Dir, MSC
5200.4C Nov 19, 2013 Management Controls CEO
5200.5C May 03, 2016 Command Evaluation Program Command Evaluation
5200.7A Dec 22, 2014 The Office of Special Events Special Events
5210 Nov 22, 2016 U.S. Naval Academy Records Management Program COS
5211.3C Oct 26, 2015 United States Naval Academy Privacy Program Admin Officer
5213.2G Aug 26, 2016 USNA Forms and Information Requirements Management Programs Admin Officer
5215.2J Oct 16, 2013 Management and Control of United States Naval Academy Directives System Admin Officer
5216.1P Sep 17, 2015 Local Supplement to Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual Supe COS
5218.3E Jul 22, 2004 Naval Academy Official Mail Management Admin Officer/OMM
5230.1B May 24, 2016 Information Technology and Cybersecurity Policy and Standards ITSD
5231.1C Jul 25, 2014 Information Technology Life Cycle Management Policy ITSD
5290.1B Jun 19, 2001 Audiovisual (AV) Support Services Dir, MSC
5290.2D Apr 30, 2013 Photographic Services PAO
5310.3 Nov 29, 1990 Efficiency Review Policy and Procedures Dep, Mgmt
5350.2C Dec 02, 2013 Urinalysis Testing Program OfcrPers
5350.3 Dec 14, 1993 Navy Drug and Alcohol Advisory Council Base Ops
5350.5A Aug 09, 2011 Standards and Policy for Responsible Use of Alcohol Ofcr Development
5350.6 Jan 15, 2014 Use of Hand-Held Alcohol Detection Devices SJA
5350.6A Oct 07, 2015 Alcohol Detection Device Program CMC
5354.1A Feb 09, 2009 Command Managed Equal Opportunity (CMEO) Program CMEO
5354.5C Jun 23, 2011 Prevention and Deterrence of Sexual Harassment, Misconduct & Assault SAPR
5360.2E May 17, 2010 U. S. Naval Academy (USNA) Funerals and Conduct of Full Honors Funerals Command Chapel
5370.5D May 03, 2016 HOTLINE PROGRAM Command Evaluation
5370.6A Jan 09, 2014 Mandatory Ethics Training SJA
5370.7 Oct 01, 2007 Fraternization Policy SARC
5400.6 Jun 05, 2007 Physical Mission Policies and Procedures Manual NAAA
5420.23E Sep 29, 2014 Naval Academy Program in Creative and Fine Arts
5420.24G Jan 05, 2010 Policy and Procedures Governing the Academic Board Dean of Admissions
5420.33B Jul 07, 2014 Faculty-Senate AcDean
5420.36A Aug 24, 2015 Responsibilities and Duties of the Academy Effectiveness Board Supt
5420.38 Aug 21, 2012 United States Naval Academy Leadership Excellence Council Dep Dir
5450.14A Dec 04, 1997 Policy Concerning NE203 Instructors Pro Dev
5450.3F CH-2 Mar 22, 1996 Naval Academy Organization and Management Manual Dep Mgmt
5450.6E Sep 20, 2004 Duties and Responsibilities of the Naval Academy Archivist Archivist
5500.4C Sep 21, 2011 Security Procedures and Protection of Public Funds, Disbursing Records and Other Disbursing Material Midn Supply
5500.6A Jun 09, 2003 Carrying of Firearms by United States Naval Academy/Annapolis Area Complex Law Enforcement Personnel Sec Ofcr
5500.7A Jun 09, 2003 Use of Force by U. S. Naval Academy/Annapolis Area Complex Personnel Engaged in Law Enforcement and Security Duties Sec Ofcr
5510.1G Aug 21, 2008 Security Measures for Safeguarding Subcritical Reactor Dir, Engr & Wpns
5510.8B Jun 10, 2013 Information and Personnel Security Program Asst Sec Mgr
5512.5D Feb 11, 2004 Name Tags OfcrPers
5530.1A Mar 06, 1992 Establishment of Physical Security Review Committee (PSRC)/Physical Security Review Board (PSRB) Physical Sec Review Board (PSRB)
5530.3 Apr 22, 1992 Key & Lock Control Plan Sec Ofcr
5600.6D Nov 06, 1997 Naval Academy Reprographics Management Program Admin Officer
5600.7A Jul 15, 2016 Photocopy Equipment ITSD
5600.8 Apr 23, 2010 Naval Academy Printing and Publications Instruction PAO
5605.1Q Mar 04, 2003 Standard Distribution Lists Admin Officer
5710.1 Jan 04, 2011 Oversight and Coordination of Four-Year International Students at the United States Naval Academy IPO
5720.16 CH-2 Dec 22, 1988 Use of Naval Academy Facilities and Equipment by Non-Naval Academy Groups, Organizations and Agencies (Federal and Non-Federal) SJA
5720.1N Oct 05, 2009 Operation Information(OPINFO) Dir, CGO
5720.3F Oct 24, 2011 Public Affairs Instruction PAO
5720.5C Apr 13, 2015 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program Admin Officer
5721.1C Jul 21, 2015 Forrestal Lecture Series Supt
5721.2A Feb 17, 1987 Policy Concerning Visiting Speakers Supt/EA
5750.1D Sep 09, 2004 Command History of the U. S. Naval Academy (USNA) Archivist
5800.2B Sep 06, 2011 Inspections, Searches, and Seizures SJA
5800.3A Jun 09, 2003 Random Gate Inspections Sec Ofcr
5812.1A Nov 16, 2012 Nonjudicial Punishment Procedures SJA
5820.2B Apr 26, 2011 Authorization for Circulation of Petitions SJA
5821.2C May 16, 1983 Instructions Regarding the Entrance of Civil Police Officers into the Areas Under the Jurisdiction of the Superintendent, U. S. Naval Academy SJA
5870.1 Jan 03, 1984 Use of Copyrighted Material SJA
5890.2B Jun 08, 1988 Procedures of Submission of Claims Sec Ofcr
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