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USNA Sailing Center

Basic Sail Training (BST)

The Basic Sail Training (BST) mission is to train USNA midshipmen to sail and to introduce them to the maritime environment.

The BST program commences with Plebe Summer and is available to all midshipmen throughout their time at USNA. The program operates in the local waters of the Severn River and Annapolis Harbor and utilizes 30 small keelboats we call Navy 26s.

During Plebe Summer, BST trains over 1,200 incoming freshmen midshipmen (or "plebes") when they report to USNA in late June. The training includes the basics of sailing, knot tying, and seamanship in a safe training environment. The BST program is the first introduction for future Naval Officers to sailing and the nautical environment, and it is the initial building block of professional development at the Naval Academy.  The Plebe Summer sailing program runs through mid-August. Each plebe accumulates over 10 hours of classroom and on-the-water training with a targeted 3:1 student to instructor ratio.

Throughout the academic year the BST program continues to provide sail training for all midshipmen at various skill levels. Sailing the N26s is the foundation block of competency that helps midshipmen progress into more advanced sailing programs such as the Offshore Sail Training Squadron or the Junior Varsity or Varsity Offshore Sailing Team. Midshipmen have the opportunity to also qualify to use the Navy 26s for proficiency sailing (PROSAIL). Additionally during the academic year BST trains and certifies USNA staff and active sailing volunteers in the N26s.

To see additional information on proficiency sailing and qualifications required please visit our Proficiency Sailing page.

For further information, contact the BST Director: Jane Millman, 601 Brownson Rd., USNA, Annapolis, MD 21402, (410) 293-5603 or send e-mail to

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