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Administrative Department
Larson Hall

Administrative Department


To support the Administrative requirements of the US Naval Academy


  • Manages correspondence procedures and quality control to include proofreading correspondence received for signature of the Superintendent.
  • Manages Directives Program to include control and maintaining central directives system.
  • Receives, routes, and distributes incoming official mail; maintains tracking and execution of correspondence.
  • Administers forms, reports, and records management programs.
  • Coordinates Freedom of Information Act and Privacy Act.
  • Distributes directives.

Helpful Information

For information on attending the Naval Academy, visit our Admissions webpage at

To request a copy, visit our Registrar's webpage at

To request a copy, Contact Midshipmen Personnel at 410-293-7133 or 7129 or 7131

Midshipmen Personnel matters
410-293-7133/ 7131/ 7129

Midshipmen Administrative matters

Officer Personnel matters, 410-293-1558 or visit their webpage at

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