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Estuarine & Coastal Oceanography Group
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Featured Research Activities:


Mapping Coastal Reef Systems Using an Autonomous Surface Kayak

Validation, Verification, and Improvement of Model Predictions for Waterborne Chemical Releases in Estuarine Systems

Application of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Absorbance and Excitation-Emission Matrix Fluorescence Spectra (EEMS) to Investigate Clay-Organic Matter Flocculation Processes in Riverine-Estuarine Systems


2018 Oceanography Capstone Research Posters:

"Assessment of Coastal Processes Affecting Beach Morphology at Sandy Point State Park, MD" - Midshipman 1/C Garrett L Barrios and Midshipman 1/C Gage A Butler, USN, Class of 2018

"Validation of a Four-Component Nutrient, Phytoplankton, Zooplankton, and Detritus (NPZD) Model for the Mesohaline Chesapeake Bay" - Midshipman 1/C Michael J. Cassano, Midshipman 1/C Jenna Jones, and Midshipman 1/C Shae Timmons, USN, Class of 2018

"Development of High-Resolution Sediment Grain Size and Non-Cohesive Sediment Erodibility Maps for the Lower Severn River" - Midshipman 1/C Kellyanne M. Hurst and Midshipman 1/C Emily G. Ranzau, USN, Class of 2018

"Evaluation of Physiochemical Contours in the Lower Severn River Developed from Measurements by an EcoMapper Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)" - Midshipman 1/C Patrick D. Francis and Midshipman 1/C Jessie E. Sharp, USN, Class of 2018

"Comparison of Relative Water Levels at the U.S. Naval Academy and Annapolis City Dock in Response to Local Meteorological Forcing Conditions" - Midshipman 1/C Hayden P. Spalding and Midshipman 1/C Ben R. McGrath, USN, Class of 2018


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