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Leadership Conference

2021 Conference Schedule

Visit our Live Website for links to livestreams and personal breakout groups. 

*Thursday Update: Due to the impending snow storm, we are unable to host Mr. Castro in person as he, and we, had hoped. For his safety, he has flown home and will be livestreaming from his home at 1300 on Thursday. Thank you for your flexibility.



The attire for all events will be business casual for online attendees and service dress for military unless otherwise indicated.

Tuesday, February 16

0800-0900 Opening Coffee Bar Mahan Hall Lobby

Opening Remarks

          VADM Sean S. Buck , USN; Superintendent, United States Naval Academy

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream

Keynote S peaker 1:  Mr. Milledge A. Hart III, USNA Class of 1956 and Mrs. Linda Hart Keynote Address

          CAPT Charlie Plumb , USN (Ret.)

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream
1025-1045 Coffee Break Mahan Hall Lobby

Keynote Speaker 2

         LT Jonny Kim , USN; Astronaut, National Aeronautics and Space Agency

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream
1135-1300 Lunch Break Drydock/O-Club

Panel Session 1: Organizational Culture: Constantly Adapting


        MIDN 2/C Andie Martinez , USN; Assistant Speakers Officer, Naval Academy Leadership Conference


         Ms. Ryan Manion ; President, Travis Manion Foundation

          Mr. Mike Smith; Founder, The Bay and Skate for Change; Co-founder, Rabble Mill and Find Your Grind

          Coach Yancy McKnight;  Former Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Texas Football

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream
1420-1520 Breakout Session 1 Online
1530-1600 Rerun: Superintendent’s Remarks Online
1600-1650 Rerun: Keynote Speaker 1 Online
1650 LT Kim's Speech will not be Rerun or Distributed  Online
1650-1740 Rerun: Panel Session 1 Online


Forrestal Lecture

        ADM Michael G. Mullen, USN (Ret.)17th Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, 28th Chief of Naval Operations & USNA Distinguished Graduate

Alumni Hall/ Live Stream

Wednesday, February 17

0800-0900 Opening Coffee Bar Mahan Hall Lobby

Welcoming Remarks

         CAPT Thomas R. Buchanan , USN; Commandant of Midshipmen, United States Naval Academy

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream

Keynote Speaker 3: Margaret Chase Smith Foundation Keynote Address

         Lt Col Jannell MacAulay , USAF (Ret.); Co-founder, Warrior’s Edge

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream

Panel Session 2: Culture in High-Performing Environments


         Lt Col Jannell MacAulay , USAF (Ret.); Co-founder, Warrior’s Edge


           CDR Jon Macaskill , USN (Ret.), Owner, Macaskill Consulting

          Ms. Courtney Thompson ; Olympian, Team USA

          Ms. Tanji Johnson , Champion, International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream
1130-1215 Breakout Session 2 Online
1215-1310 Lunch Break Drydock/O-Club

Panel Session 3: Who Owns and Leads the Culture of a Unit?


         MIDN 1/C Dino Zaharakis , USN; Speakers Officer, Naval Academy  Leadership Conference


          SgtMaj Juan "Carlos" Alvarado , USMC (Ret.); Program Manager, Special Program for Embassy Augmentation and Response (SPEAR)

         FORCM Steven Bosco , USN; Force Master Chief, Submarine Force Atlantic

         HTCS Bill Sisk , USN; 20th Company SEL, United States Naval Academy

Mahan Hall/ Live Stream
1430-1530 Breakout Session 3 Online
1530-1545 Rerun: Commandant’s Remarks Online
1545-1635 Rerun: Keynote Speaker 3 Online
1635-1735 Rerun: Panel Session 2 Online
1735-1835 Rerun: Panel Session 3 Online

Thursday, February 18


Keynote Speaker 4 (Closing Speaker)

         Mr. Dave Castro ; Director, CrossFit Games and Crossfit Training

Live Stream
1350-1400 Post-Conference Feedback Live Stream
1400-1410 Closing Remarks - NALC Staff Live Stream
1410-1500 Rerun: Keynote Speaker 4 Online
1500-1520 Rerun: Closing Remarks Online
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