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RG 405.6 Boards  

RG 405.6.1 Records of the Board for the Examination of Midshipmen

RG 405.6.2 Records of the Academic Board

Entry 205a: Records of the Academic Board, 1868-1975
Records relating to the activities of the Academic Board for the period 1868-1975.

RG 405.6.3 Records of the Board of Visitors

Entry 209: Reports, Minutes of Proceedings, and Other Records, 1908-2004
This series contains reports, minutes of proceedings, and other records of the Board of Visitors. It includes reports on conditions at the Academy, minutes of meetings, and other records, including printed programs of exercises for the Board, lists of Board members, and reports of committees appointed by the Board.
Entry 209a: Reports of the Board of Visitors, 1851-2007
This series contains reports of the Board of Visitors, as well as occasional reports of special committees of the Board and meeting materials.

RG 405.6.4 Records of Other Boards

Entry 210: Press Copies of Letters Sent and Reports Relating to Boards of Inquiry, 1874-1882
Letters and reports relating to the appointment of boards of inquiry to investigate the conduct of cadet midshipmen, cadet engineers, or faculty and reports of the results of the investigations. Included are copies of statements of students, proceedings of the board, and reports of courts-martial held under the authority of the act approved June 23, 1874, to prevent hazing at the academy. Cadets were investigated on a large number of charges ranging from unauthorized smoking to cheating on examinations.
Entry 211: Proceedings of Courts of Inquiry or Boards Appointed to Investigate Charges Against Midshipmen, 1866-1871, 1877-1878
This entry consists of fair copies of the proceedings of the court or board, including charges, findings, and sentences. Charges against midshipmen commonly included absence from recitation, smoking, and drinking alcohol. Included are proceedings of some courts convened aboard practice ships. Reports of findings were submitted to the Superintendent and to the Navy Department.
Entry 217: Proceedings of the Court of Inquiry Convened at the Academy into Alleged Frauds Committed by Midshipmen in the Annual Examinations of 1915, 1915
Court of inquiry proceeds, including witness testimonies, concerning the 1915 Annual Examination cheating scandal.
Entry 218: Proceedings of Boards Investigating Hazing at the Academy and on Summer Practice Cruise Ships and Related Reports, 1915
Investigative board proceedings originally published as enclosures to a report on hazing to the Secretary of the Navy in 1915.
Entry 220: Proceedings of Boards Appointed to Investigate Incidents at the Academy Involving the Academy Staff, 1921-1923
Proceedings, and supporting documents, pertaining to investigations of incidents involving Naval Academy staff and departments.


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