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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Prof. Peter J. Joyce, PhD

Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042
410 293 6533

The University of Texas at Austin
    Doctor of Philosophy, Materials Science and Engineering
    Dissertation: "Experimental Investigation of Defect Criticality in Laminate Composites."

The University of Texas at Austin
    Masters of Science, Materials Science and Engineering

University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign
    Bachelors of Science, Engineering Mechanics


Laser/Materials Interactions
Experimental Mechanics
Mechanical Behavior of Composite Materials
Composite Materials Processing
3D Printing with Multi-functional Materials
Embedded Sensors


Professor, U.S. Naval Academy (August 2017 - Present)
Associate Professor, U.S. Naval Academy (August 2005 – August 2017)
Assistant Professor, U.S. Naval Academy (December 1999 - August 2005)

  • Michael McMahon, Tyler McGill, Dr. Peter Joyce, Brian Jenkins, David P. Durkin, Hau Ngo, John Stevens, Brad Baker, Liz Getto, Deborah Mechtel, Charles Nelson, “Additive Manufacturing of Optical Components Using Commercial Off-the-Shelf 3D Printers: Performance Analysis and Comparison with Commodity Optical Components,” Proc. CAMX 2021, (19 Oct 2021)
  • M. Seymour, S. Yee, C. Nelson, B. Jenkins, H. ElBidweihy, P. Joyce, C. Brownell, D. Mechtel, "Self-powered high energy laser detectors via thermoelectric generators," Proc. SPIE 11722, Energy Harvesting and Storage: Materials, Devices, and Applications XI, 117220K (6 May 2021);
  • Peter J. Joyce, Brad Baker, and Marshall Millett, “Additive Manufacturing of a Scintillator for Radiation Detection,” Prof. CAMX 2020, (21 Sep 2020).
  • R. Brian Jenkins, Peter Joyce, Adam Kong, Charles Nelson, “Discerning Localized Thermal Heating from Mechanical Strain Using an Embedded Distributed Optical Fiber Sensor Network,” Sensors 2020, 20(9): 2583.
  • Jorge, D. Garcia, Peter J. Joyce, Cody J. Brownell, “Thermal Damage behind HEL-Irradiated carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Skin,” Journal of Directed Energy, Vol. 6, No. 2, Spring 2017, pp. 119-136.
  • Deborah Mechtel, Brian Jenkins, Peter Joyce, Samara Firebaugh, and Adam Goetz, “Apparatus and Method for the Detection of Electromagnetic Radiation using Optical Switches in an RF Network,” US Patent 9,550,522, B2 issued 22 November 2016.  


  • Aubin AM Case Study Award, Runner-Up (2021, SME)
  • Ferdinand P. Beer and E. Russell Johnson Jr. Outstanding New Mechanics Educator Award (2005, ASEE Mechanics Division)

Professional Membership

  • Society for the Advancement of Materials and Processing (SAMPE)
  • Directed Energy Professional Society (DEPS)
  • American Association of Engineering Educators (ASEE)
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