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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Keith W. Lindler, Ph.D.

Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042
(410) 293-6510

     University of Maryland, College Park, 1984
     Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
     Dissertation “Thermochemical Hydrogen Production Using Solar Energy”

     University of Maryland, College Park, 1978
     Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering

     University of Maryland, College Park, 1975
     Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas:
Hydrogen Energy Storage
Fuel Cells
Thermophotovoltaic Energy Conversion
Absorption Cooling
Solar Energy

Professional Experience:
USNA Faculty, (Aug. 84 – present)
Forensic Engineer, (Jan. 89 – Aug. 92)
Engineering Consultant/Energy Analyst, TPI Inc., (May 81 – Dec. 89)
Instructor, University of Maryland, (Jan. 76 – May 84)
Design Engineer, Radiation Systems Inc., (May 75 – Dec 75)

Recent Publications:

  • Lindler, K.W., “Compact Hydrogen Fuel Storage for a Diver Heater,” Proceedings of the Underwater Intervention 2005 Conference, New Orleans, LA, 14-16 February 2005.
  • Lindler, K.W., Nuckols, M.L., “Hydrogen Fuel Storage/Delivery for a Diver Heater Using Hydrogen Catalytic Reactions,” Proceedings of the Oceans ’02 MTS/IEEE Conference, Biloxi Mississippi, 28-31 October, 2002, pp 919-924.
  • Cerza, M. R., Boughey, B., Lindler, K.W., “A Flat Heat Pipe for Use as a Cold Side Heat Sink,” Proceedings of the 35th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Las Vegas, NV, July 24-28, 2000.
  • Lindler, K. W., “Use of Multi-Stage Cascades to Improve Performance of Thermoelectric Heat Pumps,” Energy Conversion and Management International Journal, Volume 39, No. 10, pp. 1009-1014, July 1998.
  • Lindler, K. W., Harper, M. J., “Combustor/Emitter Design Tool for a Thermophotovoltaic Energy Converter,” Energy Conversion and Management International Journal, Volume 39, No. 5/6, pp. 391-398, March/April 1998.


  • Hawley, G. J., Vining, P.G., Wiggins, P. F., Lindler, K. W., Thermodynamics of Marine Engineering Systems, 3rd Edition, Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, Iowa, July 2000.
Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award 1999
USNA NAOME Department “Outstanding Researcher of the Year” AY 1998
USNA NAOME Department “Outstanding Researcher of the Year” AY 1997
USNA NAOME Department “Outstanding Researcher of the Year” AY 1996
Graduated Summa Cum Laude, University of Maryland, December 1975
Maryland Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma “Outstanding Sophomore Award,” 1974
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