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Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

CAPT Stuart R. Blair, Ph.D.

Permanent Military Professor
Assistant Professor
Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042
410 293 5129

    Naval Postgraduate School, 2012
    Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
    Dissertation: "Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction"
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2003
    Nuclear Engineer’s Degree
    Masters of Science, Nuclear Engineering
    Thesis: “Thermal Hydraulic Performance Analysis of a Small Integral
      Pressurized Water Reactor Core”
    United States Naval Academy, 1994
    Bachelors of Science, Naval Architecture

Computational Fluid Dynamics
High Performance Computing
Structural Dynamics
Neutron Transport
Nuclear Reactor Design

Permanent Military Professor, U.S. Naval Academy (Oct 2012 - Present)
Engineering Duty Officer, U.S. Navy, (May 2001 – Sep 2009)
  • COMSUBFOR N430 Budget and Schedule Officer (Jul 2006 – Sep 2009)
  • EDO Qualification tour – Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (Sep 2003 – Jun 2006)
Nuclear Trained Submarine Warfare Officer, U.S. Navy, (May 1994 - Apr 2001)
  • Division Officer Tours: USS GRAYLING (SSN 646) and USS ANNAPOLIS (SSN 760)


  • D. Allen, S. Blair, M. Millett, M. Nelson, "Evaluation of Non-Oxide Fuel for Fission-Based Nuclear Reactors on Spacecraft," Nuclear Technology, 2018, DOI:10.10800/00295450.2018.1524228.
  • S. Pineda, S. Blair, E. Lunasin, C. Brownell, "Simulation of laser-induced equilibrium drop evaporation," American Physics Society, Division of Fluid Dynamics Annual Meeting, November 18-20, 2018.
  • D. Allen, S. Blair, M. Millett, M. Nelson, "Temperature Coefficient of Reactivity Evaluation of a Compact Fast Reactor for Space Applications," Nuclear and Emerging Technologies for Space, Las Vegas, NV, 2018.
  • S. Blair, C. Albing, A. Grund, A. Jocksch, "Accelerating an MPI Lattice Boltzmann code using OpenACC," Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Accelerator Programming using Directives, ACM, DOI:
  • S. Blair, Y. Kwon, “Modelling of Fluid-Structure Interaction Using Lattice Boltzmann and Finite Element Methods,” Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 127(2):021302,2015.
CDR Stuart R. Blair, PhD
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