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Mechanical Engineering

Ralph J. Volino

Mechanical Engineering Department
United States Naval Academy
590 Holloway Road
Annapolis, MD 21402-5042
410 293 6520

    University of Minnesota, (1995)
    Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Doctor of Philosophy, Mechanical Engineering
    Dissertation: "Measurements in Transitional Boundary Layers under High
      Free-Stream Turbulence and Strong Acceleration Conditions"
    University of Minnesota, (1990)
    Masters of Science, Mechanical Engineering
    Michigan State University, (1987)
    Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Gas Turbines
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Pi Tau Sigma Teaching Excellence Award, 2013 
U.S. Naval Academy Research Excellence Award, 2008 
Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award, 2008 


  • Volino, R.J., “Combined Wake and Pulsed Jet Effects on Separation on a Turbine Airfoil,” AIAA Journal of Propulsion and Power, Vol. 28, No. 6, 2012.
  • Volino, R.J., “Effect of Unsteady Wakes on Boundary Layer Separation on a Very High Lift Low Pressure Turbine Airfoil,” ASME Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 134, paper 011011, 2012.
  • Volino, R.J. and Ibrahim, M.B., “Separation control on high lift low-pressure turbine airfoils using pulsed vortex generator jets,” Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 49, pp. 31-40, 2012.
  • Volino, R.J., Schultz, M.P. and K.A. Flack. “Turbulence structure in boundary layers over periodic two- and three-dimensional roughness,” Journal Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 676, pp. 172-190, 2011.
  • Volino, R.J., Kartuzova, O., and Ibrahim, M.B., “Separation Control on a Very High Lift Low Pressure Turbine Airfoil Using Pulsed Vortex Generator Jets,” ASME Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 133, paper 041021, 2011.
Prof. Ralph Volino
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