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Human Resources

Suitability Requirements and Background Investigations

At some point before appointment, an individual must complete the Declaration for Federal Employment (OF-306). Some positions, such as Naval Academy police officers and firefighters, will require that the OF-306 be completed and submitted with an application for employment. For these positions, certain types of conduct could be found to be disqualifying under the Office of Personnel Management's suitability criteria and this information must be ascertained prior to an individual's selection for a position. For example, convictions for certain firearms offenses might be disqualifying for a police officer position.

When the vacancy announcement requires submission of the Declaration for Federal Employment at the time of application, and the applicant fails to do so, the applicant may not receive full consideration for the position.

Appointees will be required to complete a background investigation and certain types of conduct could be found to merit removal from the federal government.
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