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Leadership Conference
Group picture Leadership Conference
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
Leadership Conference Mahan Hall
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Leadership Conference

Conference Overview

Since 1984, the Naval Academy has hosted an annual leadership conference for senior cadets and midshipmen from each of the service academies. In 2002, the conference expanded to include students from civilian universities and broadened its scope to include leadership topics relevant to government, business, and academia, as well as the military. Made possible through the generous support of the Class of ’38, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, and Mitch and Linda Hart, the USNA Leadership Conference now includes more than 400 participants from over 45 military and civilian colleges. In 2006, the Leadership Conference incorporated a student generated and professionally published conference report that addressed key issues related to the conference theme. In recent years, the Leadership Conference has varied presentation formats and increased the amount of small group interaction and discussion in order to foster learning experiences among attendees.
The United States Naval Academy, the Department of Leadership, Ethics and Law, along with the Hart Foundation, Senator Margaret Chase Smith, and the USNA Class of ’38, are proud to sponsor the 2021 Leadership Conference at the United States Naval Academy.
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